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  1. next2nothing

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    I'm pretty sure this report is fake. Jeff Howe, who is a New England beat writer, said on Twitter that the numerical draft grade on the report is not how the Patriots present it. Jeff Howe ‏@jeffphowe May 9 Fake. Not how Patriots numerical draft grades are presented RT @Nick_Underhill: http://www.brobible.com/sports/article/johnny-manziel-scouting-report-new-england-patriots/ … RT @Raycribs: care to enlighten us? Jeff Howe ‏@jeffphowe May 9 From Nick Caserio's meeting w/ media in 2011, here's a photo of a Patriots draft grade. Not nearly as simple as "6.5" http://atp.patsfans.com/2011/04/14/nick-caserio-gives-glimpse-of-pats-draft-process/#.U20ZoFfhAmE … He also said in his Twitter that the site BroBible.com REACHED out to the Pats to ask if it was real or not. If it was legit why would they even need to ask? Jeff Howe ‏@jeffphowe May 9 @stoolpresidente And if Brobible "knew" it was real, why would they reach out to the Patriots for comment to ask if it's real, right? It's either more media fodder or some guy making a quick buck off suckers or both.
  2. next2nothing

    Mack stays with Browns

    Thank the Panthers for opening the door on centers getting huge contracts. I am glad they matched the offer though. I think the core of the team needs to stay intact as best as possible.
  3. next2nothing

    Jerry Jones has Lost his Mind.....

    Cowboy fans better be prepared for complete suckage because that team has imploded. Gonna be even funnier in a couple years when all the BS moves they've done regarding their cap $ catches up to them.
  4. next2nothing

    Lombardi and Banner gone, Farmer new GM

    True. But remember that the NFL paired Haslam up with Banner, who then brought in Lombardi.
  5. next2nothing

    Homo Things

    Then carry on good sir.
  6. next2nothing

    Homo Things

    I find this unfair. I bought the jersey before I realized how average he was and before they traded him.
  7. next2nothing

    Coordinator Hirings news

    Would we really want him? I mean he got relieved of his duties and the Ravens then went on to win the Super Bowl. I don't know if that screams "OC you want to hire". But there may be more to that story than I know.
  8. next2nothing

    Is Tom Brady the greatest of all time?

    I'd take BB over all the jokes we've hired since '99.
  9. next2nothing

    My Official Decision

    Hahaha, that movie never gets old. I was let in by some drunk asshole?
  10. next2nothing

    My Official Decision

    If the outcome of the Browns gets to you that much, I'd recommend taking a break from it all man. As much as we all like discussing our favorite team, it's only a game dude.
  11. next2nothing

    Coach Chud Fired

    We shouldn't have to rely on the AFC North having a down year to compete in it.
  12. next2nothing

    Coach Chud Fired

    The Browns cannot move. They are contracted to the city till 2022 or somewhere around that year.
  13. next2nothing

    Another 1st Year Coach Heading To The Playoffs

    Hilarious but also very telling.
  14. next2nothing

    Coach Chud Fired

    I don't think they are going to search long. You don't make a move like this if you're planning on a coaching search. They have their guy in waiting. Trust me on that one.