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  1. cuwoohio

    ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    Same old, same old.
  2. cuwoohio

    Sashi fired

    That may be, but his mom is HOTTT!!!
  3. cuwoohio

    Sashi fired

    That may be, but his mom is HOTTT!!!
  4. cuwoohio

    ***Official Browns Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread***

    Ready for the boo fest
  5. cuwoohio


    I like the Kizer pick. Just take some time with him please.
  6. cuwoohio

    Garrett Peppers and 1st rounder

    ]What's so hard to understand? They did pretty much what I thought they would do. They took the best pass rusher in the draft, a safety that fits Gregg Williams' scheme as a box safety and fills our returner needs as well, and a tight end with tremendous upside for an offensive scheme that led to Tyler Eiffert catching 13 TD's in Hue Jacksons last season in Cincinnati. And they had to make all of those deals to do that? What they're doing is trying to show the rest of the NFL is that they are the smartest ones in the room.
  7. cuwoohio

    Garrett Peppers and 1st rounder

    I just don't get what they're plan is.
  8. cuwoohio

    On The Record: Make your QB predictions

    The best is KIzer. Has all of the tools, and will quickly loose the millennial facade. The bust will be Watson. Good attitude, but the tools are not as sharp. With the right team I guess anything would be possible for either.
  9. cuwoohio

    Roll Call

    Dover, Ohio
  10. cuwoohio

    Draft Day 1 Thoughts

    Afraid the Browns will trade up?
  11. cuwoohio

    Draft Day 1 Thoughts

    The guy's got speed, and is a play maker. It's not a bad pick at 15.
  12. cuwoohio

    Brady deflated again

    The Patriots usually overlook the Browns and Brady isn't super human. If it is indeed Brady's first game back, Browns win.
  13. cuwoohio

    Eagles Trade Confirmed

    Why now. The only reason I can come up with is they're going to deal some more before or during the draft.
  14. cuwoohio

    Eagles Trade Confirmed

    It ain't worth a damn thing..........
  15. cuwoohio

    Eagles Trade Confirmed

    It's Bleacher report guys.....take it for what it's worth.