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  1. Speedyd900rr

    Blackmon Busted - Suspended 4 Games.

    Im not trying to rationalize anything. There has been times where I stopped smoking for months on end just to make sure I would pass a drug test and I felt great the entire time. When I stopped I didn't go through withdrawal, I wasn't up all night thinking about smoking and I sure as hell wasn't sick from not doing it. All im saying is that if your going to rag on it at least get the facts right and don't lie to support your own moral values. It's physically impossible to become dependent on weed. It doesn't change the chemical make up of your brain like alcohol, opiates, benzos, meth, crack, or cocaine does. I'm betting that 95% of the people on here that are against it drink alcohol. If you drink every day or even every other day for one year you will become dependent on it and if you don't have it you will start shaking, get cold sweats, and have severe withdrawal symptoms and you could even die from not having it. Pot doesn't do that. If you don't have it the worst that might happen is you lose a little weight because you don't have the munchies anymore. In all honesty it's safer then any drug out there including alcohol. I know plenty of drunks that get violent or act like the world is about to end when they drink not to mention all the accidents and deaths it causes. Im willing to bet nobody here has ever heard of someone getting into an accident just because they smoked a bowl. I just don't understand how people that never tried it can act like they know what it does to you. It's total bs. He's describing a physical addiction which it's physically impossible to become dependent on pot. Now you might mentally want to get high but physically nothing will happen to you if you don't get high unlike alcohol, crack, heroin, vicodin, etc... If he cant mentally control it then he has some serious issues that run deeper then wanting to burn a j and chances are he was using any other drug he could find if he couldn't get his hands on pot.
  2. How can you say that they had better draft picks then us when nobody even stepped onto the field yet? For all we know everyone they picked could be busts. Wait until midway through the season then let us know what you think. It will make more sense.
  3. Im sorry but NY blows. It's just like every other big city just 10 times more expensive. I guess that's why New Yorkers think that its so cool because it costs more or some crap. Id rather live in bfe then have to go back to that place again.
  4. Speedyd900rr

    Blackmon Busted - Suspended 4 Games.

    I hate to say it but your lying. It sounds to me like you were addicted to heroin rather then pot. Pot is dirt cheap and $100 bucks a month gets me high just about every other day. I been smoking it for about 15 years now and I have never once wrecked a car or one of my motorcycles. Since pot isn't addictive I never had the urge to go out and steal or write bad checks to get high. You don't get sick when you run out of pot so why steal to get it? I think you read up on opiate addiction and just traded the word heroin for pot to be honest. I know people that do it and they will steal, write bad checks and do what ever they have to do to get they're fix otherwise they will be sick and end up puking everywhere if they don't. I know someone that totaled 2 cars in a 3 week time period because they shot up and fell out while driving but I never once heard of anyone wrecking a car or going to jail to support they're weed habbit. Did you ever think that maybe your just using pot as an excuse to be lazy? I know a lot of people that smoke and none of them complain about a woman being to much work or begging for money to get a joint. None of them ever wrecked a car, or said going to work is to hard. Hell when im high it makes sex and work a whole lot better. Sex is more intense and the time goes by really fast when im working. It's the total opposite of what you said. Now heroin or any opiates for that matter describe what you said perfect so be honest, were you shooting up or did you just replace the word heroin with pot from the wiki article you stole your description from?
  5. Speedyd900rr

    Dickheads On Parade

    Im pretty sure its part of his pants that he tucked into his socks.
  6. Speedyd900rr

    Homo Stuff

    What pisses me off is when some African American comedian or anyone for that matter gets on tv and starts calling white people crackers and stuff like that. Ive heard it on the big screen and on cable channels. It's not right and honestly if they want to keep it up then it should open season for both black and whites to use racial slurs against one another. If you can dish it out you sure as heck better be able to take it right back. Since were talking about the term cracker does anyone know how it originated? I heard it was either A. Because were white like saltine crackers or B. It's what the slaves to used to call the white man in the field who would crack the whip on the backs of the slaves if they didnt work. Sort of like "Hey, Get to work here comes the cracker"
  7. Speedyd900rr

    Dumb Goon Kills Teammate

    Im sorry but your father did a piss poor job teaching you social skills. I cant even begin to imagine what your father must of been like if he taught his boy that talking about people behind they're back is ok. Well son, getting your ass kicked is no fun so if your going to pick on someone to get attention make sure you do it when they're not there ot
  8. Speedyd900rr

    Bernie Wrecked On Knr?

    Its a show about a bunch of hillbillys that need hair cuts who started making there own duck calls and became rich. Typical American crap thats on tv.
  9. Speedyd900rr

    Browns Waving The White Flag Sunday

    Why even bother responding to these trolls? You have the 2 steeler fans who spend all they're time on a Browns board doing nothing but ragging on the team and then you have ghoolie who one week claims to be a die hard steeler fan and then the next week he claims to be a die hard Browns fan. If it were up to me I would just ban them but it's not so maybe if we stop giving them the attention they so desperatly crave they will just go away. It's just a game but these 3 act like it's more then just entertainment. We get it. The Browns are full of rookies that suck but are still learning while the steelers are full of has beens who are riding on a wave of hope from they're former glory days. If you ask me neither team is putting anything on the field on be proud of.
  10. Speedyd900rr

    Browns Waving The White Flag Sunday

    God thats a stupid idea. My guess is that the new owner came up with this idea since he used to be part owners of the stoolers and we just happen to be handing these out when we play them.
  11. Speedyd900rr

    Andrew Luck

    Your just pissed off that nobody cares what you think because your just an average overweight middle aged man who has more insecurity issues then a group of high school cheerleaders. Think about this for a second. You spend hours upon hours of your life getting on the internet everyday just to call people vagina mouths and tell everyone your right and they're wrong. I actually feel bad for you. It's pretty obvious that something happened in your past that caused you to create this fictional internet world where your a hard ass who will stand up to anyone when the truth is in real life you act like a scared dog with its tail tucked between its legs. Maybe you should put the flute down and seek theropy or something.
  12. Speedyd900rr

    Weeden Looking Dreadful.....

    You must be one sad sad sad sad sad individual. Seriously this thread is weeks old and you still took time out of your day to dig it up just to post that. Go get a job or a girlfriend so you can finally have something better to do with your life.
  13. Speedyd900rr

    I Called It And I Am Playing The Lotto

    I have a feeling my predictions are going to be right to. Ill tell you what they are when the season is over lol.
  14. Speedyd900rr

    Andrew Luck

    Ghoolie feeds off of any kind of attention so why bother making a post dedicated to him? The internet is the best thing to ever happen to him cause now he can talk smack without getting his ass kicked.
  15. Speedyd900rr

    Home From Browns Game

    The first video had like 3 people screaming for the Bills and they all sounded like chicks so that's hardly taking over the stadium. The second video looks to me like the Browns fan was kicking the Bills fans ass up until the point where 3 or 4 more Bills fans grabbed him and then started to punch him. Only in Buffalo would they consider 5 guys barely getting a few hits in on one guy by himself an ass whipping. If anything that video just proved how big of pussies you Bills fans really are. I mean come on the Browns fan was owning the Bills fan up until the point where 5 more of you Bills fans jumped on him. Seriously it took 5 Bills fan to take on one Browns fan and even then he still managed to land a hit on every one of you Bills fans. The title for that second video should read 1 Browns fan takes on 5 Bills fans and comes out on top. No wonder you chose the name stampede. You guys cant fight one on one so you stampede the guy whos all by himself to have a better chance at kicking his ass which you still failed to do. Then, you go online and brag about how you guys will only fight if its 5 on 1. Talk about pathetic.