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  1. MDDawg

    AFC Playoff Picture

    I wouldn't say highly unlikely as we have a favourable schedule and the health of the team is improving.
  2. 10-6 for the season, I had a prediction thread that was closed where I had them 4-4 by the Bye week.
  3. That pass was right on the numbers to Njoku, inexcusable.
  4. MDDawg

    Predictions eight games in? (2020)

    Still sticking to my 10 wins prediction.
  5. Not shocked at the result, any team that can beat the Chiefs is pretty good. They had a pretty simple game plan for a team on the road, executed it to perfection and won the game. Our linebackers are terrible so it's easy for the opposing team to make easy and short completions. Combine that with a putrid run defense and bingo. OBJ was missed and combined with Hooper's absence our offense was nonexistent as they could stack the box. Hopefully Chubb's return will allow us to use Hunt as a receiving threat and stretch the field horizontally. Not panicking as they're still a game ahead of my preseason predictions.
  6. MDDawg

    OBJ has torn ACL

    Excellent film review on why our offense will suffer after OBJ's injury. https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2020/10/brighter-days-await-odell-beckham-jr-but-the-browns-offense-will-look-different-without-him-film-review.html
  7. MDDawg

    OBJ has torn ACL

    People tend to forget why OBJ was brought here, in 2018 Baker didn't have a deep threat which was particularly evident in the final Baltimore game where they sat on all the short routes. Kitchens was a dolt but Stefanski has utilized him well. We're going to miss him in tight games and the playoffs if we make it.
  8. MDDawg

    ***Browns Vs Bengals OFFICIAL Gameday Thread***

    Great game, Baker exonerated himself with a great performance after that horrible start. Great adjustments by coaching and remaining patient with Baker. We're a good team, not great yet but on that path.
  9. MDDawg

    ***Browns Vs Bengals OFFICIAL Gameday Thread***

    Baker can’t convert 3rd and 5? This will be a long game.
  10. MDDawg

    Baker Mayfield

    I meant long term extension ala Mahomes not 5th year option
  11. MDDawg

    Baker Mayfield

    Baker can't read defensive coverages, he made the same pick against the Ravens and Steelers. He's also become quite inaccurate and evolving into an average QB, I'll predict that he won't be offered an extension this offseason unless he significantly turns things around.
  12. MDDawg

    Baker Mayfield

    Baker still can't read coverages, he's made nearly identical interceptions three times in the four games he's thrown them in this season. He should've accounted for Minkah before staring down the receiver and throwing over the middle, that's a rookie mistake in his 3rd year. Repeated similar mistakes infuriate coaches and get players benched, Stefanski said Baker will start "if he's healthy" which is a caveat to start Case if he decides so.
  13. MDDawg


    This was one of my predicted losses before the season (see my predictions thread) however I didn't expect a blowout. Mayfield's played atrociously against our top AFC rivals.
  14. MDDawg

    ***Browns VS Colts GAMEDAY Thread***

    Great and quality win. Stefanski's the real deal, Go Browns!