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  1. lambdo

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    RE: Todd Haley arrival . It is on another level better for the team .He is a guy you can go to war with. Love his approach and how he comes across in Hard Knocks.. This is his offense and it is a huge reason why there will be success on that side of the ball. Hue will let his guys manage and i think Todd will go a great job.
  2. lambdo

    Barkley at #1?

    When there is a generational talent at a position of need, you take him at #1. Not only that, An identity is so needed on this team and it finally arrives in the form of Saquon Barkley. Very, very excited. Also, we should be thanking Chubb for his excellent combine showing. That should lock him up at 3. Leaving only NYG selecting the first QB. Man oh, man which QB to throw to J.Gordon and crew??
  3. lambdo

    Kizer to start third preseason game

    Disagree with you Clevfan4life....Def with the Zomboni here... Get him in there, get a gameplan around him, shove all in and go.
  4. lambdo

    ***Official Browns Vs Ravens Game Day Thread***

    Shelton has been standing out. Keep up it D
  5. lambdo

    Fantasy Football 2015

    Would anyone be interested in taking a league #1 spot??? I am unable to make draft now and don't cheer for auto picking...Mon Sep 7 6:30pm CDT. If there's a yes, i'll leave but wont bail until it can be filled Cheers, Lambdo
  6. lambdo

    Kathy Hutchins (1950-2014)

    Aww sad news. Many prayers your way! I loved taking a run at Oreo's team in fantasy football. You would try to go for the spaying, but she was feisty with claws. Always fun. Much love!
  7. lambdo

    I'll hand it to Weeden

    Very very tough on a short week with no reps to come into a situation like that and be forced to lead the comeback. Anything but props to Weeden is unwarranted.
  8. Bridgewater is just awesome. Mariota, Boyd and Manziel are next in line. (my preference is that order) Anyone that hates on Johnny football has to rewatch the Bama game. He played better the second time he faced them. He is really really sharp. Mariota and Boyd too. Great (maybe greatest on paper?) year to be in the hunt for a QB. Never seen anything like it, and likely has more to do with evolution of college FB more than anything. I can't see Mariota not declaring. He looks great. WIth the rookie wage scales in place, it makes more economic sense to get in as fast as you can now that you cant get a sam bradford bonus.
  9. lambdo

    New Coach Discussion

    Cannot believe so many people are hating on this potential gold mine of a hire. Do you want to keep perma losing??? This guy plays to win! YOu won't see us punting 4th and inches from their 35 anymore. Creative Innovator on Offense which we so need so badly to go with Jaurons rock solid defence. Open the chequebook and make an offer he can't refuse Haslem. Get these Brownies instantly into contention. This is perfect fit for him. We have the youngest team in ball to implement his system and an absolute great RB in Richardson who is such a good interior runner. This is such a fit. Runs the most efficient practices which also fits so perfect for our young team. Ya'll are crazy. Hire this guy. LAMBDO
  10. lambdo


    mine too, and i am not in love with it, but we'll see.
  11. lambdo


    Good Luck D Bone...don't go down looking!
  12. lambdo

    Impressed With Weeden

    That was a phenomenal 4th Q. That's a very aggressive ravens d who wanted to rush and make him throw and Weeden moved around in the pocket and threw darts. Don't throw it in on Little yet it takes time to catch those Favre like heaters. He was getting open against a very good cb in Webb. Two 300 yard games in 4 outings? We have ourselves a player here. New skies are on the horizon. That game fired me up. We're going to have an excellent team in very short order. Get us Haden back.
  13. draft is at 1:00pm central time ( 5 hours 50min from this post) still one spot open... yahoo league id 11781 password : beer There is an odd # of teams at the moment, so let's sneak a team in there!!
  14. lambdo

    Josh Gordon

    Interesting comment from a CFL scout . They had Josh Gordon rated over Stephen Hill. I hate the idea of tossing 2's around, but if he was rated anywhere near Stephen Hill it doesnt sound too bad. Welcome aboard Josh! lambdo
  15. I would go Claiborne with #6. Another stud to start opposite numero uno stud Haden. It's a passing league and we need DB's. He is a gem of an athlete. How rare are good cb's you ask? eric wright just got his jeans filled...that's how rare. I would sign Laron Landry..what the hell? we have the cap space, get him in Jauron's defence as a hybrid nickel LB. rubin and taylor and D'qwell can stop run. he can rush too. More athletes to our strength! I sign me up a duck and get Lamicheal James at #22. Athlete in space..if i'm Heckert and we're going to west coast it around like Philly did, i'm thinking we need our own brian westbrook. I like the idea scooping up a guy like Peter Konz from Wisconsin early second. Wisky beat up people this year in college and i dont care about the combine. He could hop over to guard, and shore up a leak for us. i dont know the rest of the OL class very well, but the thought of an addition here considering steinbach and pashos are gone makes it a team need. It's not a great year for WR's...laurent freakin robinson is getting paid huge dough...unreal. Gotta hope that G Little decides he's going beast and uses his offseason fine tuning them skills. I dont know how we get one of real value in this draft, i think it's Blackmon and then nothing too special. sign me up some T.O perhaps...we browns fans need a bone, even if its cancerous. QB? it's gotta be McCoy now. lets go Colt!