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  1. Taco918

    straight up comedy

    Yup, thems the rules.
  2. Taco918

    UDFA Signing Tracker

    You're probably weirding him out.
  3. Taco918

    Vincent Jackson

    Missing the days of Dwayne Bowe are we?
  4. Taco918

    Most Overrated "Star" In Football

    Trolling? Not on our wholesome, Christian forum.
  5. I'm going to take this as a soft second for D-Line.
  6. Taco918

    Most Overrated "Star" In Football

    Sherman and Norman are seemingly good picks although I consider Norman as more of a one year wonder type. With Sherman, I get more of a system CB feel. I wouldn't bet on him killing it elsewhere if he is traded but he's good in Seattle's system. I'm not sure if that makes him overrated or not. I guess it depends on how highly you rank him to begin with. You could make a solid case for Haden as well unfortunately. Obviously injuries have hurt him but I think this year will be important in terms of figuring out if can regain his form or if he just had a short career peak. I don't think Flacco really qualifies. Well at least not to me. I never viewed him as a star to begin with. A more apt QB would be Eli in my opinion. At WR, I'd have to go with Sammy Watkins. I wasn't a big fan of him coming out of college so I might be a tad biased but I think still think he's overrated. I really can't think of any RB's or TE's who fit the bill. I guess you could throw in Jimmy Graham but I still think he's solid. Maybe not other worldly as he was in NO but you still have to account for him. I still don't quite understand how Luck has made this list. He has T.Y and a bunch of other small-ish receivers, a shitty line, a shitty D, and little to no run game. The fact that, when healthy, he's been able to get the Colts to the playoffs is rather impressive. For those calling him a overrated, I highly doubt you'd pass up the opportunity to see him in a Brown's uniform. Dak, in my view, is in the Russell Wilson, is he really that good conundrum after Wilson's first year. Wilson has proved he belongs but Dak still has some work to do. Zeke still has work to do as well. If he has a slow start this year, the questions will start popping up. Granted, throwing a first year player into this topic isn't necessarily fair either. JJ is overrated as a spokesman but not as a football player. His biggest sin is that he's just fucking annoying. We get it, you work out.
  7. Taco918

    Perfect Nickname for the Browns Defensive Line

    I'm going to roll with "the d-line." Crazy, I know.
  8. Taco918

    Myles Garrett

    I AM OUTRAGED!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!! I would've done that in pink but I don't want to get on my computer.
  9. Taco918

    Requesting username change

    So would VagiDicklie work? Or would you prefer Ghootertron?
  10. Taco918

    Caleb Brantley

    I saw how it turned and don't have an issue with it. It's just not how I expected it to turn. I mean, were you expecting a thread about a prospect with a potential assault on a woman to turn into a thread about posters touting their marriages?
  11. Taco918

    Caleb Brantley

    This thread took an unexpected turn.
  12. Hey, I'm not complaining. I'm just happy we didn't pull a Tampa Bay
  13. Taco918

    Kamp Kizer