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  1. Crow

    Holmgren better win at least 6 games

    Most football fans know little about football.
  2. Crow

    New Format?

    Go to Options on the top right of the first post And select standard Easy fix
  3. Crow

    Quarterbacks for 2011 draft

    I'm still interest in that young Derek Anderson fellow, he appears to be a dapper free agent.
  4. Crow

    Big Ben Accused of Rape... again

    Duke is of the devil.
  5. Crow

    Thanks Derek Anderson

    We are hosting the Gay Olympics in 2010.
  6. Crow

    Derek Anderson Apologizes

    Go play for Buffalo
  7. Crow

    Thanks Derek Anderson

    Anderson is much more efficient. Those would have been interceptions instead.
  8. Crow

    Thanks Derek Anderson

    This is basically what we have DA to thank for.
  9. Crow

    Derek Anderson Blasts YOU

    Wrong thread.
  10. Crow

    Derek Anderson Blasts YOU

    I hope he goes to the Lions.
  11. Crow

    Thanks Derek Anderson

    I can understand his frustration. I can't understand why he'd be so stupid to act out on it.
  12. Crow

    Thanks Derek Anderson

    Even so, not ALL Browns fans did that. And complaining about it just going to make him look stupid.
  13. Crow

    Thanks Derek Anderson

    Derek Anderson says "ruthless" Browns fans "don't deserve a winner" DA can go to Hell. So can moronic, bullshit homophobia.
  14. Crow

    DA has been cut!!!!

    Lumbergh has slit his wrists as we type.
  15. Crow

    Javon Walker...hmm?

    Actually he just pissed off Old Man Al. It wasn't that he sucked, just that he wasn't cool with the "old schemes' bit. EDIT: He might actually suck I mean, but he didn't not get to play in Oakland for that reason.