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  1. Please note that I never said that the TDs in the KSU and Tennessee game would have been disallowed by penalties (which the KSU kid didn't deserve but got, but Bray did but didn't)--I said that the officials who made those inconsistent calls would have the right to take scores off the board based on their own judgments, which is wrong in my book. Even on the Black play--do we really want to trust the refs to not only watch the play on the field, but also check the stands to make sure that there are Florida fans where he pointed? And does it have to be a section of (mostly) Florida fans to count as acknowledging them? 50/50? His parents? Three more objections to the rule: 1. Player Intent--Any rule that allows the refs to decide what the player meant by a celebration is already in trouble. I want rules that address what actually happened on a play, not what happened plus what the referee figures the player was thinking at the time of what happened. 2. Individual referee's reactions--There's always going to be a degree of subjectivity in officiating, but as we saw in the KSU-Tennessee-Florida-insert any other NCAA game, one man's excessive celebration is another man's giddiness and acknowledging his team's fans (becaus that could clearly not happen after the play on the sidelines). Two examples from this year's games come to mind on this one. The first happened at Tennessee (forget the opponent; maybe Alabama). The opponent runs a play, Tennessee makes a good defensive stop. About three seconds after the play, one of UT's defensive linemen takes his helmet off to adjust something on it (maybe one of the straps or something)--not sure exactly what happened, but the hints were that it was several seconds after the play, he was five yards away from the players celebrating the play, and he immediately started adjusting something on the helmet. This was right in front of the referee. No problem. It was about five yards away from the umpire. Again, no problem. It was about thirty yards from the side judge, who came running in and threw a flag because he clearly took his helmet off to call attention to himself. After about a five second huddle (which, one would hope, involved the referee using the phrase "Go screw yourself"), the flag was waved off. A second example, from an ESPN game--I can't remember who was playing. The receiver caught the ball and was being pursued. When he got to the goal line, he dove in. He didn't do a backflip, he didn't dive in sideways, he dove at the goal line the way players do. Flag--excessive celebration, drawing attention to yourself, fifteen yards. Next year, the touchdown would have been disallowed. There were two defenders pursuing, both within five yards of him. Could they have caught him? No, but how was he supposed to know exactly where they were? Should he have turned around and run in backwards? That would have gotten a flag. Is the NCAA going to bring in extra officials to hold up signs when players need to/are allowed to dive for the pylon, or should the players go just assume that if they're inside the ten, defenders will stop and let them score? 3. Timing--Let's say that a player does do a flip as a he crosses the goal line. Are the officials going to go to the replay to determine whether or not the ball had crossed the goal line before he started the flip? If one takes a TD off the board and the other is a 15 yard penalty, forget "Well, he shouldn't have done it in the first place"--they'd better make sure to get it right. It's a stupid rule aimed at fixing something that isn't that much of a problem that is already addressed by the rule. Ask Washington a few years ago how much 15 yards on an extra point matters. Ask Kansas State this year. Ask any coach who loses it on the sideline when his team has to kick off from the 15 after a touchdown. It's a bad rule aimed at addressing a non-existent epidemic of touchdown celebrations. If they want to address the issue, then start calling more penalties on players celebrating first downs, sacks, or slightly better-than-average plays. Dennis
  2. Here's why I'm skeptical of the way that excessive celebrations get called right now, and why I'm dead set against the new rule going into effect next year that allows referees to decide when the celebration started and take away touchdowns. Watch the clip above one more time. Now watch this post-TD response by Tyler Bray: Now watch Ahmad Black at the end of today's game against Penn State (at 4:30 of the clip): Now, a pop quiz: 1--Of the three clips, which seems least like an example of the player calling attention to himself or celebrating excessively? 2--Of the three clips, which is the only one that actually ended with a flag? 3--Seriously, how big a tool is the "Wrong choice, buddy" guy? This is why it's so idiotic to allow refs to take away scores next year--it's using a howitzer to kill a gnat because there are only a small handful of plays that are so egregious that they take away from the game (and which merit a 15-yard penalty on the kickoff, and guys can (and probably will) take away scores for much more minor issues. You want proof of why this is a stupid rule? The head of officiating said that the KSU play was called properly, and if asked, would almost certainly say the same about the non-calls on the plays above. Which means two things (either/or/both): first, that he's lying through his teeth to cover for his boys, and second, that it's a judgment call, so (shrug) whatever the ref calls or doesn't is right. Dennis
  3. dencyguy


    I've got no particular hatred for any team's fans. I'm a UT fan, but I'm not a lifelong diehard fan or anything (I moved to Knoxville from Ohio for grad school); I spend a good portion of my time at any game shaking my head in wonder/disgust at the way that people in the student section treat fans of other teams. I'm also pulling for the rest of the SEC this bowl season, but things are certainly off to a bad start--I think anyone who follows the conference knows that it's been a pretty down year for the SEC, but it sucks going 0-for the first-3 (Georgia-UCF was especially embarassing). Hopefully the heavy hitters will come through (proof that it's a down year? Mississippi State counts as a heavy hitter this year). BTW, what's up with the Weis to Florida rumors? Terrible news for everyone else in the SEC, but a great hire if you get him. But I'm still not sure why he would go back to college, which seems like it has to be a pay cut--maybe setting himself up for a second go-round as HC somewhere in college since it's almost certain he's not going to get one in the NFL? Dennis
  4. Okay, in the other thread I made my objections to the end of the Music City Bowl. Still, when compared to the way the Pinstripe Bowl ended, it was a model of great officiating. In case you missed it, Kansas State was losing by eight to Syracuse in the closing moments of the game. Then they got a touchdown to draw them within two. Then this happened: Here's what the K-State player said after the game: >>"Soon as it happened, [the official] said, 'Wrong choice buddy,' and looked at me," Hilburn said. "And I ran off and I'm like, 'Uh, OK.' And then I see a flag, and I'm like, 'Oh really? For that?'"<< On its own, the call it terrible. If that was what the ref actually said to the kid after throwing the flag, it's a disgrace. You can make a bad call, but do you have to be a prick about it? Is Ted Valentine working football games now? And congratulations, fans and players--refs like this tool will be able to decide whether or not a touchdown counts next year. Dennis
  5. dencyguy


    Okay, I'll put aside my UT student/fan homerism for a minute and say that there's no way that we should have let them march down the field with 30 seconds left to be in a position to tie the game. Plus the team went way too conservative down the stretch and Bray threw an inexcusable interception in OT to pretty much seal it. However... I'm almost certain that the NCAA will institute some kind of runoff rule for next year specifically because of games like this. It's an absolute joke that UNC was able to run a play with somewhere between 15-18 players on the field (12 lined up for the play, including a QB with a PK and holder lined up for a kick behind him), with several of them running off the field (in motion) at the snap and not be penalized. That matters because illegal participation (12 or more involved in the play, not just running off the field) is a 15-yarder, not a 5-yarder. And they apparently accepted that the multiple players on the field, multiple players in motion, etc. wasn't pre-snap (like a false start) which, if I understand the rules correctly, would have meant that they started the clock on the ref's "ready to play" signal rather than on the snap of the ball, in which case the clock would have run out. And, as Derek Dooley pointed out, by rule if a team makes substitutions, the umpire is supposed to stand over the ball and not allow it to be snapped until the defense has a chance to make subsitutions. Which obviously didn't happen, as UNC was essentially allowed to run the spike with two units on the field at the same time... Thanks, now my blood pressure is up again. Dennis What's that Jimmy Johnson said about putting yourself in a position to let the refs affect the game?
  6. Okay, missed a couple of weeks fo updates. Here's what's been going on: Big Winner of the Week, Week Eight: Kpolen 4 led the field with 13 points. Big Winner of the Week, Week Nine: Nmills had an impressive 14 points, clearing the field by 3 points. Shameful Dog of the Week, Week Eight: Nmills had 8 points. Shameful Dog of the Week, Week Nine: Ballantyne Boosters and Mark O brought up the rear last week, with 8 points each. Here's the season-to-date leaderboard: 1 Buckeyes Baby 94 94-70 2 The Hammer 92 92-72 3 Pryor 4 Heisman 92 92-72 4 Jax Buckeyes Pimp 91 91-73 5 kpolen4 90 90-74 6 Beanpot 89 89-75 7 ballpeen 89 89-75 8 Dency's Winners 89 89-75 9 stewartcj1 88 88-76 10 Mark O 88 88-76 11 Ballantyne Boosters 87 87-77 12 DaBrowns41 84 84-80 13 DieHardBrownsFan 82 82-82 14 SOLON16 82 82-82 15 HowieDawg 78 78-86 16 ATENEARS 71 71-93 17 nmills 67 67-97 18 Thaak 48 48-116 19 F Michigan's Face 22 22-142 20 jlowe 10 10-154 21 Vegas Lou 8 8-156 Dennis
  7. Okay, a quick update--here's what happened last week: Big Winner of the Week: It was a pretty good week for a number of people, with Buckeyes Baby, Beanpot, Pryor 4 Heisman, Mark O, and The Hammer tying for BWotW honors with 11 points. Shameful Dog of the Week: HowieDawg had but 5 points. The week's leaderboard: Buckeyes Baby--11 Beanpot--11 Pryor 4 Heisman--11 Mark O--11 The Hammer--11 Ballpeen--10 Stewartcj1--10 Atenears--10 Dency's Winners--10 Ballantyne Boosters--8 Solon16--8 DieHardBrownsFan--7 Kpolen--6 DaBrowns41--6 Jax Buckeyes Pimp--6 HowieDawg--5 And season-to-date: 1 Buckeyes Baby 73 2 Pryor 4 Heisman 72 3 The Hammer 72 4 Jax Buckeyes Pimp 72 5 stewartcj1 70 6 Mark O 69 7 ballpeen 69 8 Ballantyne Boosters 69 9 Dency's Winners 68 10 kpolen4 68 11 Beanpot 67 12 HowieDawg 66 13 DaBrowns41 65 14 SOLON16 63 15 DieHardBrownsFan 62 16 ATENEARS 61 17 Thaak 48 18 nmills 45 19 Make Sweet Love to Michigan's Visage 22 20 jlowe 10 21 Vegas Lou 8 Dennis
  8. dencyguy

    Why you must keep up the grades

    This is one of those instances where you go, "Wow, how dumb do you have to be..." While things have gotten better than the days of Dexter Manley getting out of college while still illiterate, schools bend over backwards to keep their players academically eligible (which isn't quite the same as getting them educated, but they're kind of similar). Most D-1 schools (and I would lay money that OSU has these) have a ton of facilities for athletes, from special tutors to academic compliance coordinators who rigorously keep track of players' studies. This isn't just in the revenue sports; I've gotten as many e-mails in the past from the athletic academic advisors for cross-country runners as I have for basketball players. Long story short, a lot of kids have trouble making the academic transition to college, but given all the resources they're given, athletes have to really screw things up not the be academically eligible. Dennis
  9. An up-and-down week in college football. From a purely selfish perspective, it sucked out loud for Tennessee. Losing to Florida and LSU were predictable, if painful--especially the LSU game. But Georgia rebounded from losing to Colorado by pummeling UT. There's no worse pain than getting worked over by a team that just lost to a team coached by Dan Hawkins (if nothing else, it showed just how bad a job Phil Fulmer in his last years and Lane Kiffin did in recruiting, especially when it came to "unsexy" positions like the offensive and defensive lines--at one point, the Vols had three true freshman and a juco transfer on the offensive line; the team is depressingly untalented and it would be a minor miracle if we ended with five wins). On the upside, Nick Saban lost, LSU beat Florida in an entertaining game, and Lane Kiffin lost on a painful last-second field goal for the second week in a row. Here's what happened in the contest this week: Big Winner of the Week: Jax Buckeyes Pimp had an impressive 13 points this week. Shameful Dog of the Week: Mark O had just 6 points. This week's leaderboard: Jax Buckeyes Pimp--13 Pryor 4 Heisman--12 Atenears--12 Ballpeen--11 HowieDawg--11 Ballantyne Boosters--10 Buckeyes Baby--10 The Hammer--10 Stewartcj1--9 DaBrowns41--9 Kpolen4--8 Beanpot--8 Solon16--8 DieHardBrownsFan--8 Dency's Winners--8 Mark O--6 And season-to-date: 1 Jax Buckeyes Pimp 66 2 Buckeyes Baby 62 3 kpolen4 62 4 Pryor 4 Heisman 61 5 HowieDawg 61 6 Ballantyne Boosters 61 7 The Hammer 61 8 stewartcj1 60 9 ballpeen 59 10 DaBrowns41 59 11 Dency's Winners 58 12 Mark O 58 13 Beanpot 56 14 SOLON16 55 15 DieHardBrownsFan 55 16 ATENEARS 51 17 Thaak 48 18 nmills 45 19 Make Sweet Love to Michigan's Visage 22 20 jlowe 10 21 Vegas Lou 8
  10. Okay, things are starting to slow down a little bit, so let's try to get back to normal. Speaking of back to normal with regards to football and football fans, this week featured 1) another Browns loss; and 2) another Browns loss that left Browns fans talking about just how much the loss proves that the Browns are improving. Which means that Eric Mangini has impressively matched his achievement from last year of coaching what is apparently the best 1-4 team in the NFL. Say what you will about the Mangenius, but he's nothing if not consistent. Anyway, to the contest. Here's what happened this week: Big Winner of the Week: Atenears topped the leaderboard this week with 9 points. Shameful Dog of the Week: BrownsFan17 had but 2 points. Here's this week's leaderboard: Atenears--9 The Great Zomboni--8 d531--8 Hogtust--8 Brownsbabe--8 HowieDawg--7 Beanpot--7 Firebiker911--7 Gridiron Mayhem--7 Discoinferno083--7 USCF00tball--6 Ballantyne Bookies--6 Roach--6 Cookie Crush--6 KentStKyle--6 RubesCubes--6 The Hammer--6 Stewartcj1--5 Rickety Cricket--5 DieHardBrownsFan--5 The Real McCoy--5 Rapeslisberger--5 I Believe in Mangini (editor's note: really?)--5 Dency's Winners--5 Karmac 19--4 Browns1968--4 Mark O--4 Bohms27--4 Nmills--4 Mr. Freeze--3 BrownsFan17--2 And season-to-date: 1 The Great Zomboni 37 37-35 2 hogtusk 37 37-35 3 uscf00tball 37 37-35 4 The Hammer 37 37-35 5 RubesCubes 36 36-36 6 Beanpot 35 35-37 7 Firebiker911 35 35-37 8 Mark O 35 35-37 9 ATENEARS 34 34-38 10 d531 34 34-38 11 Ballantyne Bookies 34 34-38 12 roach 34 34-38 13 Rickety Cricket 34 34-38 14 Bohms27 34 34-38 15 stewartcj1 33 33-39 16 DieHardBrownsFan 33 33-39 17 Kamac19 33 33-39 18 Gridiron Mayhem 32 32-40 19 discoinferno083 32 32-40 20 Cookie Crush 32 32-40 21 Rapelisberger 31 31-41 22 I Believe in Mangini 31 31-41 23 BrownsFan17 31 31-41 24 HowieDawg 30 30-42 25 Dency's Winners 30 30-42 26 Browns1968 30 30-42 27 nmills 30 30-42 28 brownsbabe 29 29-43 29 The Real McCoy 29 29-43 30 KentStKyle 28 28-44 31 Mr. Freeze 27 27-45 32 Nw220 20 20-52 33 ukdawg57 19 19-53 34 ahitz3 16 16-56 35 Vegas Lou 6 6-66 36 EmP13 4 4-68 37 Furnier 4 4-68 38 TBF's MoFo's 0 0-72 Dennis
  11. dencyguy

    How bout them Buckeyes

    I wouldn't be shocked to see a rematch of the Rose Bowl in the National Championship game this year. I haven't seen much of Ohio State this year, but I had the chance to see Oregon up close when they came to UT earlier this year. Tennessee is mediocre on its best day this season, but after a slow start they absolutely blew our doors off in the second half. UT threw one pick-six, but Oregon's other 41 points (35 in the second half) came on big plays and lots of them. At the time, I thought that it was possible that I would get to see both participants in the NC game in person this year (Alabama comes to town in a couple of weeks), but at this point, if they win out it'll be UO-OSU. Which should be an entertaining game--Oregon is insanely fast, especially on offense (and fun to watch so long as your team isn't playing them). Dennis
  12. I'm still catching up on things (to say nothing of still getting over Tennessee blowing the chance for a terrific upset over LSU), so no clever weekly update this week--hopefully that wil return next week. Here's the season-to-date: 1 kpolen4 54 54-39 2 Jax Buckeyes Pimp 53 53-40 3 Buckeyes Baby 52 52-41 4 Mark O 52 52-41 5 stewartcj1 51 51-42 6 The Hammer 51 51-42 7 Ballantyne Boosters 51 51-42 8 DaBrowns41 50 50-43 9 HowieDawg 50 50-43 10 Dency's Winners 50 50-43 11 Pryor 4 Heisman 49 49-44 12 Beanpot 48 48-45 13 ballpeen 48 48-45 14 Thaak 48 48-45 15 SOLON16 47 47-46 16 DieHardBrownsFan 47 47-46 17 ATENEARS 39 39-54 18 nmills 33 33-60 19 F Michigan's Face 22 22-71 20 jlowe 10 10-83 21 Vegas Lou 8 8-85 Dennis
  13. Okay, still digging out from the pile of work. In the last two weeks, some people have done well, others haven't. Here's the season-to-date: 1 uscf00tball 31 31-27 2 The Hammer 31 31-27 3 Mark O 31 31-27 4 RubesCubes 30 30-28 5 Bohms27 30 30-28 6 hogtusk 29 29-29 7 Kamac19 29 29-29 8 BrownsFan17 29 29-29 9 Rickety Cricket 29 29-29 10 The Great Zomboni 29 29-29 11 roach 28 28-30 12 Beanpot 28 28-30 13 stewartcj1 28 28-30 14 Firebiker911 28 28-30 15 Ballantyne Bookies 28 28-30 16 DieHardBrownsFan 28 28-30 17 I Believe in Mangini 26 26-32 18 d531 26 26-32 19 nmills 26 26-32 20 Cookie Crush 26 26-32 21 Browns1968 26 26-32 22 Rapelisberger 26 26-32 23 Gridiron Mayhem 25 25-33 24 Dency's Winners 25 25-33 25 discoinferno083 25 25-33 26 ATENEARS 25 25-33 27 The Real McCoy 24 24-34 28 Mr. Freeze 24 24-34 29 HowieDawg 23 23-35 30 KentStKyle 22 22-36 31 brownsbabe 21 21-37 32 Nw220 20 20-38 33 ukdawg57 19 19-39 34 ahitz3 16 16-42 35 Vegas Lou 6 6-52 36 EmP13 4 4-54 37 Furnier 4 4-54 38 TBF's MoFo's 0 0-58 The game plan is to bring back the weekly stuff next week. Dennis
  14. As I posted the college results, I realized that I also didn't do the pro football this week either. For the first time ever, the college and pro posts can be identical (it's like a transit of Venus or something--never seen it before, probably won't see it again): >>No update this week--grad school stuff. The contest continues. Big Winner of the Week: Someone. Congratulations, someone. Shameful Dog of the Week: Someone else. (Mockery of someone else). This week's leaderboard: (available at Yahoo) And, season-to-date: (available on Yahoo) Dennis << Dennis
  15. No update this week--grad school stuff. The contest continues. Big Winner of the Week: Someone. Congratulations, someone. Shameful Dog of the Week: Someone else. (Mockery of someone else). This week's leaderboard: (available at Yahoo) And, season-to-date: (available on Yahoo) Dennis