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  1. Xanthros

    Hue Trageting Ray Horton For Dc Lol!

    Except our defense was ranked 9th in the NFL under Ray Horton.
  2. Xanthros

    Cleveland vs. "Golden State"

    This is on a Cleveland Browns forum why??
  3. Xanthros

    Tramon Williams is a Brown

    Seems to me like Farmer and co. aren't "dropping the ball" like the entire nation is trying to allude to after all!!!! To those that keep saying players don't want to come to cleveland, maybe the shoe is on the other foot and our front office is only targeting the right players for their scheme... Of course they aren't going to get every player they want, but playing it smart and not over budgeting will allow them to lock down the players they truly want...ala Mack and Thomas.
  4. Xanthros

    Randy Starks is a Brown

    This Miami/Cleveland thing is crazy....
  5. Xanthros


    What i'm smoking is basically that Cameron wanted out and was just as much of a risk to hang on to as JG. Just injury prone not 420. Seems to me the staff is trying to build a cohesive locker room of players that "play like a Brown". Means offensive coordinators as well I guess. If i'm wrong so be it. It's not like they rang me up and asked what I thought, right? Cameron was a shitty blocker and they seem to like multi-taskers... We're talking year two.
  6. Xanthros


    Maybe just a smokescreen to get Miami to pay more money so that they have to let Clay go...? Let's be real, Cameron wanted out. Period. Why not use the leverage to your gain? This is the Hollywood time of year right? coulda been staged....
  7. Gotta say i'm feeling pretty positive seeing as how the majority of the fans aren't panicking, especially since the media is all "woe is me the sky is falling" both local and national. Thank you for shedding light on the fact that our two signings don't count against the compensatory picks. That was the only piece of the puzzle I didn't get and that makes perfect sense. I'm glad the league is looking the other way right now because while everyone is crying wolf, we may actually start seeing some real growth around here. The QB position is still concerning but I myself have faith that they can turn it around whether its Manziel or QB "b" from such and such college... Too many times the old adage "Defense Wins Championships" comes true. Wouldn't it be nice to see the Dawgs feared once again?
  8. Xanthros

    Bruce Drennan's challenge to Browns fans

    MIke Tomlin gets to take that rare cred of getting a stacked team that took HIM to the SB and gave him an undeserved ring... Not that I don't like Pettine, because I actually believe he is the best coach we have had since the return, but MAN I really wish Cowher would have came to Cleveland...
  9. Xanthros

    Fuck yeah the Clowns are back!

    Could be that Greco had his first start at center in his entire career?
  10. Xanthros

    ***Official Browns @ Titans Game Day Thread***

    At this point the season is blown apparently anyways, might as well put in Johnny for excitement value...
  11. Xanthros

    ***Official Browns @ Titans Game Day Thread***

    Obviously they don't know how to coach/play until its 27-3 sooooo just one more score for them to go...
  12. Xanthros

    ***Official Browns @ Titans Game Day Thread***

    Whitehurst looking like Peyton against the worst D in the league....
  13. Xanthros

    Stats so far

    It's scheme I guarantee it. They are all over playing their parts. Trying to do too much outside of the scheme. Question is will they adjust the scheme or try and adjust the players...? The offense had a complete buy-in it seems, the defense...not so much.
  14. Xanthros

    RB Glenn Winston in a Browns uniform

    Johnny is smarter than Tebow. He just wants to get on the field any way he can...
  15. Xanthros

    Hoyers Disallowed TD

    i definitely see what you are saying but regardless he needs to be better aware than that.