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  1. Can we just card Opaque for going off-topic and be done with it?
  2. D.libre

    Hoynes - Deep Hole

    The hole isnt too deep. Win games, and people will come back, simple as that. People dont support losing franchises, with football being the exception. That is mostly like because any NFL team only plays 8 home games a year.
  3. D.libre

    Inglorious Bastards

    Would this be the wrong thread to post in if Kill Bill is one of my favorite movies ever and I really didnt think much of Reservoir Dogs at all?
  4. D.libre

    HLH Fundraiser

    So - is there anything we can do for you until September to help pass the time? Timbit
  5. D.libre

    Lebron Staying Past 2010?

    Id believe those are the best first game numbers for a rookie.. but what does that really matter? Lebron looks great, but lets give it some time. And the cavs lost the first two games so far, even with Lebron putting up great numbers.. it doesnt matter if he sets every rookie record in the league if they still cant win over 30 games Btw, I also watched him in high school, the guy really is astounding.
  6. D.libre

    Coaches on the hot seat?

    RobA: Go get some rest... Thanks very much for taking the time to answer what you did...I appreciate it... When you are rested up, please come back and fill me in on the rest if you can.. jdeck: thanks for the reply