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    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    I’m just blessed to say I was there in Tampa with my hands up in the air, signaling TOUCHDOWN for play #2, when Jarvis extended his left hand across the plane WHILE making a diving catch. Absolute baller.

    Nick Chubb highest graded RB...per PFF

    We got lucky with this guy. We’d have the best QB and RB in the class if it wasn’t for Barkley.

    Potential Interior DL thread

    (Continued from page 1 post on DTs) And last, but certainly not least, Ed Oliver. A polarizing prospect. With great feet and explosive strength, not great length(6’3 290). My only concern is the weaker competition that Houston played, you can see the whole O-Line blown up on some these highlights. Around the 3:40 mark, you’ll see an impressive display of athleticism from Oliver, who looks VERY twitchy.

    Potential Interior DL thread

    Jeffrey Simmons, the first prospect on the list from Mississippi State, looks like an athletic force in the middle. Derrick Brown from Auburn, who looks as much like a freak LB as he does a lineman, made some impressive plays for the Tigers: Quinnen Williams, apparently a “the best d-lineman and top 3 draft pick “ Christian Wilkins: this guy can flat out play, and looks similar to Quinnen Williams with his size and athleticism. Dexter Lawrence, at 6’5”, 350, is just a brick wall to insert into the lineup:

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    He’s also more than a “possession” receiver. He’s a solid YAC guy, when given the space. Remember the play against Carolina? I think it was a run, not a catch... oh and the guy can throw the ball, too 😂 Landry has returned plenty of punts in his career and has a tendency to make defenders look silly in space.

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    Were you around for Dwayne Bowe.. How about Kenny Britt? Those guys were a waste of money. Jarvis may not be a true #1 but he belongs on this team.

    Who is the bigger idiot

    We’ll see when that 40 time comes out. I’d say his speed is pretty damn close. RG3 ran a 4.41, Vick a 4.33 and as low as a 4.25. He’s gotta be under 4.5. Speed is not a requirement; especially with the QB position, but it gives the potential for nightmare matchups for opposing defenses. Combine speed with a good arm? Combine that with a good brain?

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    Another thing, I’ve seen Landry WIDE OPEN on several accounts this year and for one reason or another, he didn’t get the ball. You can bank he would’ve had more receptions, if he had a more experienced Baker getting the ball out to him before the coverage can react to him. He has reliable hands, the ball just needs to touch them.

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    Stats aren’t everything. Use your eyes. It’s about the quality of the receptions. try using some “logic”

    Who is the bigger idiot

    What you say is true. What I’m saying is some guys do take a LOT more hits than others... Murray certainly isn’t built to take too many big shots, but he’s so fast and quick that it will be a tall task to do such.

    Freddie's Staff searches

    If he’s a good recruiter, it implies that players want to play for him. Which is very good..

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    Landry doesn’t like losing, with a subpar QB. He is a true competitor, hence why he was unhappy in Miami. Perfect timing for him to get traded and GREAT job by Dorsey and whoever else for recognizing that he is worth the $$$

    Who is the bigger idiot

    Deion wasn’t a QB. If a QB does his job right(gets the ball out quick/slides before contact) and doesn’t have idiots blocking for him, he should be able to limit the blows that everyone loves talking about. Baker didn’t really take many “shots” last year, for example.

    Damarious Randall

    I believe Randall said he wanted to finish his career here, and I am very ok with that..

    Damarious Randall

    I saw him get mossed by Chargers receiver Tyrell Williams(Tyrell I believe) but other than that, great player! Lol