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  1. ahitz3

    Nick Chubb

    WOW- he reminds me of leveon bell but with more power. This guy could be special!!!!!!!
  2. ahitz3

    2019 Mock Draft

    Well for the third year in a row the Browns are back on the clock for the first pick of the 2019 draft.....
  3. ahitz3

    Kenny Britt

    I vote for the mod or originator to remove this thread and rid this piece of garbage's name from the Browns Board.
  4. ahitz3

    Kenny Britt - Congrats!

    By our luck- Britt will be active AND score a TD...
  5. ahitz3

    Prediction- Gordon Gone by next year

    I think he is the best player on the team by far and in the league- when his head is on straight. I just don't think his head is on straight yet, lol. Hope he proves me wrong!
  6. ahitz3

    Prediction- Gordon Gone by next year

    Tell that to PoG lol
  7. ahitz3

    Prediction- Gordon Gone by next year

    Master's Degree in Education for me- in fact let me teach you what I just was teaching my 3rd graders this week. It was fact vs opinion, in which my OPINION here is that he will not be around much longer, on this team. He has also taken off plays in the past when he actually was able to get on the field. I don't trust the guy but believe me I'm hoping he makes me look uneducated and flat out wrong!
  8. ahitz3

    Prediction- Gordon Gone by next year

    Yeah- I guess I'm just not putting trust back into a guy that, to me, on Sunday didn't show that he humbled himself much- and then later on twitter.
  9. ahitz3

    Prediction- Gordon Gone by next year

    Dumber than that guy on here that said Hogan is the future even after he started and shi t the bed?
  10. I don't post too often on this board but I read it everyday. Today I am saying what came into my mind after last nights game. It is that I'm hoping none of us get hooked back into the Josh Gordon train. I think he will be shopped. Reason 1- he still takes plays off- especially in the 2nd half yesterday. Hopefully it's because he hasn't played in a while but I'm still sensing immaturity. Reason 2- His immaturity that I sensed came out later on twitter when he posted a comment about the corner not being able to hold his jockstrap. While this may be true- it is not something he should be doing ALREADY. Plus we lost the f ing game. Shows that he is still all about himself ergo the immaturity factor again. I think he either wants out and will do what it takes, or his immaturity factor will have him traded out of this no nonsense GMs game plan. Thoughts?
  11. ahitz3

    ***Official Browns Vs. Packers Game Day Thread***

    Kizer goes from setting rookie browns record to record for dumbest a s s pass ever thrown.
  12. ahitz3


    I'll take a baseball cap please- keep ur head up when it rains it pours but ride the waves the best u can
  13. F Chicago- let's see the article after they are through their 22nd, 23rd, and 24th QBs. No one is in our league of pain.
  14. ahitz3

    Deshone Kizer

    I gotta be honest in saying I wasn't totally disappointed, like usual, today. Finally a game where they were 'full strength' for the most part. Kizer has me believing he might be Jared Goff 2.0. YOUNG TEAM. I dunno- with the remaining (pretty weak) schedule I'm honestly thinking they can get an couple wins and maybe start to turn this thing around....just in time for the season to end of course. Then it prob gets blown up again and we start over lol. Damnit, I was feeling positive there for a minute and totally Browns'd myself 😞
  15. Love the show and would really love to see the browns on it. After all this is the entertainment industry!