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    Cleveland Indians Looking Into Changing Name

    Would renaming the Cleveland Indians to the Cleveland Tribe be an option? They are already called the Tribe as a nickname quite often. Not entirely sure if this would be considered less offensive. At a minimum, it sounds better than Indians.
  2. browns23

    Browns sign safety Andrew Sandejo

    Yeah the A’s notorious for this. They can’t afford to be locked down to underperforming contracts because they are a small market team. Like this for the Browns. Gives them the opportunity to not overreach for need in the draft and take BPA. Also, they can possibly strike gold on a player or two. It seems this off-season they have been taking underperforming former high round picks.
  3. browns23

    Get Back JoJo

    Guessing the Browns FO doesn’t want Landry lining up fielding punts this coming season.
  4. browns23

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    I believe this is the gesture Cowherd was referring.
  5. Nowhere was I saying Kizer was good. Just saying Hogan has just as much potential to turn the ball over (if not more), and you always are adamant about how Kizers turnovers are such an issue like in the quote below. ”How about his season turnovers? What about his inaccuracy or his lack of touch? Is it any surprise Coleman dropped that pass, probably never in a million years did he expect it to go where it was supposed to, hell- I bet Kizer was even surprised. A blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. Sorry but 1 accurate pass out of 8 attempts does not scream QBOTF. Kizer blows and I can't wait until we're done with his entitled butt.“ They all blow POG. Love your enthusiasm but Hogan, nor Kessler nor Kizer are the QBOTF. On a side note I’m sure there was a pick or two of Kizers that went bouncing off one of our dumbass receivers hands straight into the DB’s hands (not that it matters). So the argument that his picks didn’t matter is ludicrous.
  6. Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill is pretty solid if you get a chance to go there. He’s got a hell of a burger.
  7. Just to put in perspective Hogan has 7 career interceptions in 101 attempts and Kizer has 14 in 313 attempts. Meaning Hogan would have 21 picks if he had as many horrific attempts as Kizer....
  8. To me the most disappointing part of game 7 was the last at bat because you knew it was over when Martinez stepped in. He is a lifer minor leaguer and you could tell we had no shot. I understand why he was put in the game, but it would have been interesting to see Crisp get that AB.
  9. browns23

    Well Boys.....

    Well looks like Almonte is out of lineup consideration. http://www.cleveland.com/tribe/index.ssf/2016/02/cleveland_indians_abraham_almo.html
  10. browns23

    Well Boys.....

    I'd say Almonte will most likely be the starter, just hoping Naquin lights it up because he has a better bat. Brantley has been pretty much guaranteed to not be there for opening day. I prefer he doesn't suit up until he is actually ready or he'll look like Kipnis from 2 years ago.
  11. browns23

    Well Boys.....

    Well Brantley being out to start the season will hurt. I'd say the order will look like: Ramirez 3B Lindor SS Kipnis 2B Santana DH Gomes C Napoli 1B Chisenhall RF Rajai Davis LF Naquin CF My wild cards in the lineup are Ramirez and Naquin. With Brantley out, Naquin has a chance to crack the lineup as the center fielder. These two have had productive minor league careers as hitters (average pretty much no power), but are huge ifs at the major league level.
  12. The rookie will more than likely get the McCoy treatment where he has to wait for the guys in front of him to go down with injuries.
  13. browns23

    Offseason Moves for 2016 Season

    No just unlikely more than anything. My big issue with the lineup is that anytime a lefty throws against us, it's going to be a long game with our lefty heavy lineup.
  14. browns23

    Browns skill players....best ever?

    Not to mention they signed former 1000 yard receivers in Hartline and Bowe ?
  15. browns23

    We Missed

    In my opinion, Tom Heckert was the best guy we've had drafting (that isn't saying much). His drafts includes Haden, Ward, Sheard, Cameron, Skrine, Schwartz, Skrine, Benjamin, Hughes, Taylor, and Winn. Not all of these players were pro bowlers, but his drafts produced a number of contributors at least. What killed him was the Hardesty, Little, Weeden, and Richardson picks. We cannot afford to miss those early picks. The Lombardi and Mangini drafts were the clear worst in the past 8 seasons.