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  1. Browns Board All Time NFL Draft

    Those are good picks. Thanks for making them for me. This was fun I wouldn't mind seeing how it would play out if were to do more rounds.
  2. Well when your Supreme Court Circuit has a 93% overturn rate from SCOTUS...these are the kinds of things that happen.
  3. Marcus' Fishing Thread

    I'll be back home for a little while. My dad just passed away yesterday evening. After the funeral I plan to hit Mosquito Lake in Courtland. It was one my Dad's favorite places to fish. I plan to go throw a few lines in and reminisce. Might go to Lake Milton as well, we had some memories there too. He was my original fishing buddy. ThIs has been a tough weekend.
  4. Browns Board All Time NFL Draft

    I pick Joe Montana SF 49ers.
  5. Browns Board All Time NFL Draft

    Can I make mine since I'm next?
  6. Marcus' Fishing Thread

    I absolutely love walleye fishing in Erie.
  7. The mission is jeopardized by a stigma on the gay community that is clearly still existent. The fact that gay community and those that advocate it believe that they are stigmatized and unaccepted and MSM pushes the narrative that they're stigmatized this leads me to believe the pillars of teamwork and trust in one another are on a shaky ground. The two most important elements to any military operation.
  8. Oh ok. Wasn't aware the words were links. Anyway seems like some people won't be satisfied until we have total anarchy.
  9. When you can discuss this like an adult then I'll take you serious enough to respond in detail. Until then.....
  10. I agree with this for the mission's sake. I think it'll be a distraction that may cost lives. I don't hate gay people but the notion that everyone must accept their lifestyle isn't realistic. Because of this lack of acceptance, the mission will suffer.
  11. I'm not following...why do they want the professor fired? I guess the protest is supposed to be relative to free speech some how?
  12. Interesting

    I watched a documentary that offered information that an opposite perspective. One that's more in line with the current liberal thought process. Similar information but presented with a liberal slant. So I believe the whole truth can only be found in the middle with both sides being asked where their information came from.
  13. Unarmed woman shot by idiot cop

    Every officer involved shooting is investigated as a homicide. Because in truth that what it is be it justified or unjustified. Once it's ruled a murder or justified homicide then you'll see things such as the shooting officer's statement. Witness statements are generally what you see first anyway. The shooting officer generally gets time to make a statement due to it being a traumatic event per department policy and/or union rules.
  14. Interesting

    I got a long list of people that need to register for one of her classes.
  15. Marcus' Fishing Thread

    Two of most recent catches. Had fun Saturday morning. Wished I had bigger catches to brag about but there's always the next trip.