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  1. MAGA!

    Hey there Cal. It might based on supply and demand but inflation, deflation, intrerest rates are all monitored,measured, and managed by the Federal Reserve (the private bank controlling our national worth). The problem could be that because this is a plan to end the Federal Reserve sabatoge is a possibility. If rates and prices are driven up high enough public outcry would demand legislation change.
  2. MAGA!

    It obviously works best if state income taxes are done away with too. I’m unfamiliar with township, city, or county income taxes. However, this concept works best with as few taxes as possible. As far as the Dems and their crusade against the rich; I don’t see how they can argue that the wealthy don’t pay more when they purchase more expensive things (cars, clothes, houses, food etc) obviously the more expensive the good or service the more revenue is generated.
  3. MAGA!

    Well they do with an already high income tax. Besides, this settles the rich not paying their “fair share” (whatever that’s supposed to mean) the wealthy in all likelihood should still be able to maintain their lifestyle in most respects and the middle class and below would conceivably be able to afford necessary goods and services as they would have a reduced income tax and eventually no income tax. I know that you understand this concept just putting it out there for everyone else.
  4. MAGA!

    I don’t see any more of an equatable way of managing our Nation’s finances. A fair or flat tax also all but guarantees everyone in this country for whatever reason pays taxes in some way shape or form.
  5. MAGA!

    Well sure it would. However, I am concerned without some specific regulations or any regulations at all what’s to stop the next crisis at the hands of the fiscally irresponsible?
  6. MAGA!

    Obviously there is specific numbers needed and a timeline but that’s the basic concept
  7. MAGA!

    Implement a fair tax on all goods and services and over time reduce the income tax until it’s phased out. A percentage of monies gathered from the fair tax would go towards paying down our National Debt to the World Bank. The pay down and remainder of funds would be exclusively managed by the U.S. Treasury. Once we have little to no debt the Federal Reserve will no longer be necessary and we would have the freedom to deal with the rest of the world on a case by case basis.
  8. MAGA!

    For me personally I’ll be overjoyed if it works out and will give credit where credit is due. I do however remain cautiously optimistic and it has zero to do with who’s President.
  9. MAGA!

    I don’t know about all this Wall Street business. I get the sense it’s the calm before the storm. Especially since our National wealth is managed by a private bank and that same bank doesn’t have to tell us through our representatives in the Congress or Senate how they are managing said funds.
  10. Browns Board All Time NFL Draft

    Those are good picks. Thanks for making them for me. This was fun I wouldn't mind seeing how it would play out if were to do more rounds.
  11. Well when your Supreme Court Circuit has a 93% overturn rate from SCOTUS...these are the kinds of things that happen.
  12. Marcus' Fishing Thread

    I'll be back home for a little while. My dad just passed away yesterday evening. After the funeral I plan to hit Mosquito Lake in Courtland. It was one my Dad's favorite places to fish. I plan to go throw a few lines in and reminisce. Might go to Lake Milton as well, we had some memories there too. He was my original fishing buddy. ThIs has been a tough weekend.
  13. Browns Board All Time NFL Draft

    I pick Joe Montana SF 49ers.
  14. Browns Board All Time NFL Draft

    Can I make mine since I'm next?
  15. Marcus' Fishing Thread

    I absolutely love walleye fishing in Erie.