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  1. I live in Savannah, GA so I get to see the Browns on average, about twice a year. I was really excited about 3 of the first 5 of their games being on national television. After all 3 I can’t help but be disappointed. Here’s what I’ve observed. 1. We run the ball far less than we should. - Nick Chubb is extraordinary. Highly under utilized and it’s mainly why we’ve struggled offensively. 2. We press after big plays. - The other team scores, there’s this inexplicable need to get it all back in one play. That mindset leads to injuries and even worse turnovers. 3. Our Offensive Line is God Awful at pass blocking. - For the type of plays being called, Baker has no time to allow the routes to develop. - Reminds me of when Mike Martz was running the Bears offense with Jay Cutler. Too many down the field plays with a line that can’t hold up for as long as needed. 4. We could use an actual fullback. - The Niners demonstrated why that is last night. They help create seals for the running game, help in the pass game as a blocker and/or receiver. If you’re really lucky they can run the ball every now and then. 5. Baker should concentrate more on the game itself vs. what everyone else has to say. - Cool it with all facets of the media - Put in extra time on technique & film study - Enough endorsements already, winning should always be the priority. 6. The defense found out what it’s like against a coach that knows how to hurt you. They’ll be fine but they were due for bad game. 7. Higgins needs to get back on the field fast. These are what come to my mind the most. Would love for you guys to add what your observations are.
  2. I would think penalties affect the grades too. If not, that grade is surprising.
  3. I’m with you. Besides I think Metcalf should be considered before Josh. Josh was awesome but Metcalf did more as a runner and receiver.
  4. marcus

    More Tolerance from the Left

    Good morning. We’re a lot closer on this than you think. I have not suggested condoning or excepting this lifestyle. Nor have I suggested that people of this lifestyle hold positions in a church. I understand that those positions are for those of spiritual authority. Authority not achieved by leading a sinful lifestyle. Telling brethren they cannot hold positions in the church while leading this lifestyle is a layup because it’s in such contrast to our fundamental beliefs. That sort of rejection is justified because it’s based on inalienable truth. My concern is for the ones completely shut out from the study of the word and spiritual guidance. Anytime that happens, we miss an opportunity to save a lost soul. With the end of days coming, we cannot afford to squander those opportunities. I’ll close with, thanks for this stimulating fellowship and discussion. I pray you got as much out of this as I have.
  5. marcus

    More Tolerance from the Left

    I’m just saying there are people claiming to be Christians that are acting in a manner that is the direct opposite of Christ’s teachings. They are modern day Pharisees and Sadducees. I never once said their lifestyle was acceptable because we all know it is not. On the other side of that coin they should not be hated for it. I’m saying minister to them with same level of conviction as any other lost soul. I see and hear very little of that going on. In a general sense not talking to anyone in particular. I reiterate wasn’t speaking to anyone in particular. However, I’ve seen people of that lifestyle treated unfairly and been subject to cruelty by people claiming to be Christians. They are regularly kept out of churches or if even if they’re allowed in, they’re not welcome. I’ve witnessed this, in not just one church but many. About the militants you spoke of. Yes, they go too far. The wedding cake thing was just insanity. As it is with Chic fil A. Those aren’t the persons, or entities I’m talking about. I’m talking about the people that blatantly mistreat these people in the Lord’s name. While I recognize the Old Testament is a driving force against homosexuality. The New Testament’s central theme is about Salvation through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We have to teach them that. Then we must have faith that Jesus will take care of the rest however that may happen. Rather it’s through his guidance of us or by their own study of the word and prayer. If we do our part and do as Solomon did, ask God for wisdom and discernment we can turn this around. Throwing scripture at them is not enough especially since the word is already foreign to them. We must ask God for his guidance to put the word into context they can understand. So that they see what they are doing is wrong through lenses they’ve never used before. I do feel that Christianity is under attack. I also feel as if Christians have failed to do Christ justice in some ways. Until we accept that the shortcomings of our approach to people of this lifestyle, we will continue to fail to reach them on a grand scale.
  6. marcus

    More Tolerance from the Left

    I understand what they want, approval shouldn’t happen because it’s contrary to our beliefs. However accepting them isn’t too much of a stretch. Acceptance as followers of Christ or (potential) followers of Christ. We are to hate the sin and not the person. Teach them the story of Jesus Christ and share our personal journey with him all in effort to lead them to Christ. The rest is between them and God. Rejecting that community, is counter intuitive and counter productive. It’s similar behavior to that of the Pharisees and Sadducees. We tell people to confess their sins to Jesus and God and normally under any other circumstances welcome them. Yet with the LGBTQ Community, we stand at the door of the temple, do not not allow them to enter; and because of our blind rejection we sin and we ourselves do not enter. I know this is a touchy and uncomfortable topic. I’m simply saying driving them from God by rejecting them is not the way.
  7. marcus

    More from Bernie

    😆😂🤣 For a brief moment I forgot this was the political board. Duh!!! 😂
  8. marcus

    Abortions to combat climate change

    There it is again, human nature. Working is not the path of least resistance. Basic survival instinct dictates the safest path is the one the with the least resistance and least risk. Certain occupations, even back in the times of the Apostle Paul were not only hard but were dangerous too. Suffice to say, Christ knew that the hardest fight for us in life was against our own nature. He knew our own nature is what Satan exploits the most. This thing called life is a fascinating venture.
  9. marcus

    More Tolerance from the Left

    Trouble is, the problem isn’t the ministers (in most cases) it’s the congregation. Without the congregation, it very difficult for a ministry to be successful.
  10. marcus

    More Tolerance from the Left

    As much as I agree with you. I feel that some of us, the so called “faithful” have missed the mark when it comes to certain topics. We often take a less than Christlike approach and that hurts us too. In a way, we make our battles hard to fight because we try to counter worldliness with worldly responses. Sometimes finesse beats blunt force trauma (figuratively speaking of course).
  11. marcus

    Abortions to combat climate change

    Been busy with work and being a dad and husband. But I’m going pop in more often.
  12. marcus

    Abortions to combat climate change

    You would be wrong sir. I got an A as I did mostly through school. It was back when going to college taught you things like independent thought, reading people, and open mindedness. You know those days you were probably 🤒
  13. marcus

    Prepare for a stinker...

  14. marcus

    Abortions to combat climate change

    You got it stud. We as human beings are inherently selfish. Call it basic survival instinct, but is much more difficult to be selfless than it is to be selfish.