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  1. Must have been on his way to Josh Gordon's house.
  2. So, what point are you trying to make? Everyone handles things differently.
  3. It seemed Diggs was frustrated in those last two playoff games, I think they weren't getting him the ball. All I know is I watched one of those games and he was visibly upset. I guess we will see.
  4. I have never seen something more evil on this planet than the media. Leave it to the media to make a spectacle out the death of Kobe Bryant and the others involved. All up in players faces asking them questions about somebody that they held dearly and just a few hours after they found out he was killed. These media people are some evil motherfuckers.
  5. The only thing that puzzles me is all the little fragments of the helicopter all over the place like a bomb went off or a missile hit it (and no I'm not trying to make this a conspiracy) Somebody mentioned that someone said the engine was cutting out, the thing must have dropped out of the sky and free falled from thousands of feet. Can't imagine there would be any remains left after the fire. Such a terrible way to go out. May god have mercy on all the souls aboard that aircraft.
  6. Neo

    Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter accident

    I was in shock when I found out. I feel bad more for his daughter because Kobe already wrote his story, she was just starting to write hers. I also immediately thought of Lebron since just passed Kobe in scoring last night. It was eerie listening to Lebron talk about Kobe not knowing what was going to happen just a few hours later. Rest in peace to all of those aboard the helicopter.
  7. Neo

    Antonio Brown..off the rails..

    Actual photo of Antonio Brown after his rehabilitation
  8. Neo

    Antonio Brown..off the rails..

    Not related, but I remember when Chad Johnson took that vicious hit from Brian Russell. Can't remember if that was before or after he went looney and started calling himself Ochocinco? In reference to what someone said about Brown taking the hit from Burfict.
  9. Neo

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

    Beat me to it. Many places where I live hire off duty and part time officers to moonlight as security. The video is too blurry, I was trying to read the patch on his uniform. Badge, gun, gun belt, handcuffs, radio, sure looks like a cop to me.
  10. Neo

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

    This is the last thing I am going to say on this topic. For as long as I can remember, you don't put hands on an officer. YOU DON'T PUT HANDS ON AN OFFICER. Every time I've seen it in real life or on TV, nine times out 10 you are going to jail. Odell fucked up plain and simple. I don't want to hear about the circumstances, Odell fucked up.
  11. Neo

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

    You clearly don't get it. It's because I carry a gun. Carrying a gun changes your whole approach to everything. It's called not wanting someone to take my gun off of me and use it against me. Same thing goes for an officer carrying a gun.
  12. Neo

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

    Sometimes I feel I am the only sane person left on earth. It doesn't matter who is wearing the uniform, they expect you to be respectful to them, it's just a fact. I was a security guard only for a couple of months and I understand that you expect people to be respectful to you while you are doing your job. This guy was a cop carrying a gun, it would raise my blood pressure too if somebody came up behind me in a crowded room full of athletes and smacked me on the ass. I have a concealed weapon license and I don't even like people getting close to me in public. Apparently the New Orleans police department didn't think it was nothing. I'm just going to agree to disagree.
  13. Neo

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

    Just a question, if Odell jr was out at some restaurant with his friends or family, would he be ok if some random fan or person he didn't know came up behind him and smacked him on the ass? And before you say it is not the same, yes it is. And it's an even bigger of a deal because the the guy he did it to security guard cop or whatever was in uniform and on official business. I've seen people arrested for merely touching an officer. And those that think this is nothing, the police issued an arrest warrant. Negative press for the Browns who already have everything going against them as a franchise.
  14. Neo

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

    Also lost on many, this kind of shit does not bring a lockr room together. Off season or not, OBJ is bringing unnecessary attention to himself and the organization. If Odell wants to act like a queen, he can do it elsewhere.
  15. Neo

    OBJ Continues to be OBJ

    This is lost on many unfortunately.