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  1. Neo

    You're the GM...

    Jimmy Graham isn't 6'6 326 pounds and isn't pushing against one or two guys that weight over 300 pounds each. I get that Graham runs and blocks too but it's not his primary job.
  2. Neo

    Best Game of the Season

    Dude, you should be ecstatic. I don't know what the fuck I just watched, the odds the game ends in a tie for it to come down to almost actually happening, and the game ends the way it does. Sounds like the Steelers already have their name engraved on the Lombardi trophy or at least someone somewhere really really really wanted Ben to get one last chance at one. Between watching the Browns screw themselves out of at least 3 wins this year then watching the end of Chargers vs Raiders. I don't know what the fuck is going on anymore.
  3. Neo

    Best Game of the Season

    Did I just watch the Chargers screw themselves out a playoff appearance?? WHAT!!???
  4. One of the Steelers players took a swing at a Baltimore player on the sidelines, no call. I guess the the football gods have decided the universe hasn't had enough of Big Jen's face in the playoffs. They aren't even hiding it anymore😟
  5. The loss of Jack Conklin was huge. The guy they had in a RT in the Steelers game was a turnstile but you could hardly blame him, he was going against TJ Watt.
  6. Neo

    You're the GM...

    We owe it to him to give him at least one more year healthy and with his full compliment of weapons back healthy. What they did to him this year was fucked up whether you think he is good or not. There is a reason you have coaches, to throw in the towel for you even though you may be too proud or stubborn to do it yourself. Stefanski letting it go on was a major fail. It will give us time to properly evaluate him and also search for a potential replacemant. I agree with many that there aren't better options out there.
  7. Neo

    Kevin Stefanski

    Coach of the year and the announcers on MNF saying they really like Stefanski. Really? I don't see it. There are at least three games including last night's game that we should have won but didn't because of horrible playcalling/game plan. I guess when you have a coach who was basically like a brain dead coma patient in Hue Jackson, it's easy to fall in love with a guy like Stefanski.
  8. Neo

    Mayfield out Sunday. Surgery ASAP

    He was set up to fail as soon as he got injured and this circus was allowed to continue. I mean what the fuck is going on??? Think about it. This time last year, Baker Mayfield and his Browns sent the Steelers packing in the playoffs. Now the whole circus on let's see how long Mayfield lasts until he crumbles. And not one peep from anyone not even the owner, while his franchise quarterback is beat to a pulp. I am in no way saying Baker doesn't have his flaws because he does and is beside the point.
  9. But really, who's fault is it? When is there a point where the coach steps in a benches his QB if he knows he is hurt and hurting the team. I don't think Stefanski is that great of a coach AT ALL. How many wins did they leave on the field due to bad playcalling?
  10. I have concepts for clean renewable energy that does not require lithium ion batteries or windmills or solar panels. But do not have the resources to make it happen. Even if I did, I would probably disappear if you know what I mean.
  11. As someone who worked in the auto industry I can say that electric cars aren't a bad thing IF you have a renewable source of energy. Gas/electric hybrids SHOULD be the way to go UNTIL they can upgrade our electrical grid and come up with a renewable source of energy. Switching over from gas straight to electric is not very smart, until they improve battery technology. There is some good news though for us people who love traditional internal combustion engines as there are companies out there developing engines that run on hydrogen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dgzKW8EKMc But from what I can gather, there are some drawbacks but I think hydrogen is worth developing further to make it better than developing battery tech. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IPR50-soNA
  12. Neo

    Baker Mayfield

    Did anyone else notice DPJ was wide open on that play?
  13. Neo

    Baker Mayfield

    I know the resident football geniuses will blast me for this, but it seems like Landry was supposed to come back to the ball or at least Baker thought his was going to come back to the ball. Troy Aikman even Landry wasn't looking for the ball or didn't appear to be. I even acknowledged Baker played like trash. But I stand firm this was not on Baker.
  14. Neo

    Baker Mayfield

    One int was on Landry not looking for the ball, the other was obvious DPI. I have been one of Baker's best supporters, but he was not very good today, injured or not.
  15. Neo

    Official Browns at Packers Game Thread

    Just a thought, it's commendable to play injured, but it is stupid. Especially if you are actually hurting your team overall. I really wish they would stop letting them play injured.