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  1. You just don't get it, people like you and your minions on here just won't listen to reason. You're always right, and if you can't understand someone else's point of view, you just belittle them.
  2. Soooo, the swiss army knife is just as dangerous as the AR-15, or the AR-15 just as harmless as a swiss army knife? Either way, it's an idiotic statement. Oh what the hell, forget the tanks and flamethrowers, let's just go right to thermonuclear weapons.
  3. If they want to compare an AR-15 to a swiss army knife then why is there no waiting period for the swiss army knife? Asking for a friend.
  4. Rodgers is in the twilight of his career and he has taken a beating over the years. Nobody knows how many years he has left or how long it will take him to get acclimated to our team, the clock is ticking. Brady is an exception of the rule, NOT the rule. Baker is nowhere near as good as Rodgers but he has more value, more potential. Having a Super Bowl would be nice but something that means more to me is culture change, not having to deal with a decade or more of perpetual losing. Baker just gave us a win against our mortal rivals in the playoffs, I'm pretty happy with that.
  5. Baker may not be the best QB, but he has the drive to become the best. And that is as an important trait for a player as any. He has shown he can improve. I think he has earned it at the very least.
  6. He should get the death penalty.
  7. Yea, know fucking shit, but the plant in question IS union. There is no fucking way an illegal is walking into any of the big 3 and getting a union job. Hell, they probably wouldn't even hire them as a summer temp.
  8. Well, I think that pretty much says you have no idea what it takes to get hired in the auto industry. You don't just walk in to one of those union jobs.🙄
  9. Neo

    People Should Hang For This

    You know how I know everything you right-wing Trumpster assholes say is utter bullshit, when I was watching the Capitol insurrection I was saying to myself "They are going to say that these people are Antifa/BLM and not Trump supporters." And sure enough 😁 So predictable. ALL you people are full of shit.
  10. At least they they're not domestic terrorists like you.
  11. My vote for Biden was my middle finger in your face. 🖕🖕
  12. Neo

    Biden's proposed policy for assault rifles

    Since when did they sell assault rifles to civilians? And if you own a class 3 weapon, you already have a tax stamp for it.
  13. I just want to put things into perspective, with the game close they lost probably the best player in all of football and left the door wide open for the Browns. They didn't get it done. This is just the start of things to come. I think it is abundantly clear the impact of not having a weapon like Beckham had the bad luck of losing Wills, but I think if we had another threat on offense it would have been easier to run the ball.
  14. We win as team and lose as a team. This is as much of a team loss as I have ever seen. The Baker INT, dropped passes, not being able to contain their best players, not being able to capitalize on Mahomes getting knocked out of the game, not being able to stop their backup quarterback from scrambling for 15 yards. But yeah, let's look at this hit.