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    Kind of odd...

    ...but I've noticed that if you look at any YouTube vid from FoxNews that has to do with Ghislaine Maxwell, the comments section on those videos are disabled. Not just one or two vids, but all of them are disabled. Other Fox news YouTube vids on different subjects still have comments enabled. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Reuters: U.S. Supreme Court deems half of Oklahoma a Native American reservation Man, 2020 is 🔥🔥LIT🔥🔥
  3. jbluhm86

    A good breakdown of the Electoral College

    Technically, Ohio has more electoral votes (18) than Massachusetts (11), but I understand the point you're making. I'm actually in favor of keeping an Electoral College, because it helps to equalize the power between the larger and smaller states. The EC isn't bad, in my opinion, it's just functionality obsolete in its l current form. As mentioned in the video above, the idea of a "winner take all system" is foolish because it disenfranchises large swaths of the American electorate. In California, for example, it's almost pointless for Republicans to vote because Democrat voters outnumber them to such a degree that pretty much every presidential election goes for the Democratic candidate in California; vice versa for Democrats in heavily red states. Plus, presidential candidates currently only have to campaign in maybe a dozen states, because those states carry the most electoral votes. That is why I'm in favour of a proportional electoral college system, in which each state's electoral votes are divided up based upon the proportion of votes in each state. That way, even if a Democratic candidate still carries most of the electoral votes in states like California or New York, Republicans and third party candidates can still get electoral votes in those states, and it'll be a better representation of the American electorate. The idea I support is a modified proportional vote system, in which the candidate who wins the most votes in a given state is automatically awarded a guaranteed number of electors (2, for example; just like each state gets 2 US senators), and the rest of the votes are awarded among the top two or three candidates proportional to the amount of total votes they received in that state.
  4. jbluhm86

    Thucydides' Trap

    Thucydides' Trap: "when one great power threatens to displace another, war is almost always the result"
  5. Glad to see we're both polishing brass on the Titanic. If there was a viable 3rd party candidate available, I'd vote for them, but there isn't at the moment. I'm at the point right now of debating on whether to vote for Trump in November, or just vote on down ballot issues without voting for a Presidential candidate.
  6. jbluhm86

    Thucydides' Trap

    Kind of sounds like America today, to be honest.
  7. Stay safe and enjoy your Independence Day. We're all still Americans at the the end of the day.
  8. Our annual 4th of July celebration that my friends and I put on almost every year went off without a hitch this year. The benefits of having relatives living out in the country is that as long as you don't get out of control and burn shit down, the local constabulary doesn't give two shits if you shoot off fireworks. We had to scale it back last year due to the surrounding fields growing wheat, but it's corn for miles this year, so we went big. Launched off nearly $3000 worth of fireworks and got sunburned into oblivion spending the day wiring all that shit up, but we managed to pull off our biggest display yet, and my friend's dad made a nice smoked brisket too boot. All in all, it was a good day to be an American.
  9. jbluhm86

    Covid deaths decline

    Hopefully this means the virus is nearing the saturation point in the population to where herd immunity is getting near.
  10. So we can invent a breath test for a virus in less than half a year, but we can't invent a breathalyzer for weed? It's a goddamn conspiracy, I say! The swamp runs deep!
  11. jbluhm86

    Cleveland Indians Looking Into Changing Name

    Nah, I think Florida State and Atlanta will be fine. FSU works alot with the native Seminole tribe and donates money to them regularly, while the Braves are actually using a positive moniker.
  12. ...but the world is getting a bit too crazy out there to not be prepared, just in case. Si vis pacem, para bellum
  13. jbluhm86

    I hope I never have to use this

    I had similar reservations about Taurus due to their poor quality in the past, but from everything I've seen online, they got new ownership several years ago and the focus on quality has gone up. As for the G3, I chose it because it's very similar to the G2C; one of my gun-savy friends owns the G2C and let me test fire it at the range the other day and it felt good in my hand. The G3 is basically just a slightly upscaled version of the G2C, and for the price the gun shop was selling it for, it was almost a no brainer to pick it up. I'm taking it to the range later this week, and if I don't like it as much as the G2C, my buddy offered to swap me for the G2C plus a little cash, so it's a win-win for me.
  14. jbluhm86

    I hope I never have to use this

    Brought this thread back for the update. After looking around for a bit, I finally settled on the Taurus G3 9mm. Picked it up today at my local gunship. With two magazines, background check, taxes and fees it came out to around $270. CCW class is later this month.
  15. jbluhm86

    Time Travel is real

    6 years ago: 2020: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/looney-tunes-elmer-fudd-gun-controversy-174631976.html
  16. jbluhm86

    Florida Woman Exposes DEEP STATE

    As a biologist, I'll try to clear up some misconceptions you may have. You are correct about the average size of typical viruses. However, viruses do not exist in a vacuum; on their own, they cannot travel very far, and can be quite vulnerable to outside influences, such as temperature, relative humidity of the air and UV light from the sun. As such, viruses need a transmission vector in order to spread. In most cases, that is usually droplets coming from sneezing or coughing. Those droplets are much bigger than the viruses they carry; usually around 0.6-1000 micrometers (um). Most people have the misconception that masks stop the viruses themselves; that's not quite accurate. Even the higher rated masks such as the N95, which block out 95% of particles above a few um, are not 100% effective at filtering out viruses. However, what masks are best at is stopping aerosolised particles that come from sneezing and coughing. These droplets, which are the transmission vectors for viruses, are large enough to be stopped for the most part by the pore sizes that make up the mask. While they aren't 100% effective, they greatly reduced the amount of droplets expelled into the air after a cough or a sneeze. One major factor in contracting an illness from bacteria and viruses is what is called the bioloading. In a non-immuno compromised individual, the body's natural immune response is usually strong enough to fight off bacterial and viral infections, so long as the amount contagion bioload is low. So, in the case of facemasks, they greatly reduce the potential bioload by stopping and trapping varying amounts of cough or sneeze droplets. To use your mosquito/virus-fencing/mask pore size analogy, mosquitoes on their own would only travel a few centimetres or inches on their own before they'd be destroyed by sunlight or fall harmlessly to the ground due to gravity. However, if they were encompassed in a larger vector - let's say a golf ball would be analogous to a sneeze droplet, they could travel much farther and could hit the fence. But, depending on how small the gap size in the fence is, some of the golf balls would be deflected and others would be stopped completely. Some would still get through, but the overall number that could get through to release the mosquitos to sting you would be much less than if the fence wasn't there at all. Hope this helps.
  17. jbluhm86

    Florida Woman Exposes DEEP STATE

    I have to disagree with you on this one. There is increasing evidence to show that, at the very least, COVID-19 is a result of a loss of containment incident from a biolab. None of the animals tested at the Wuhan wet market have tested positive for the virus, effectively ruling out potential natural species to species transmission. The Wuhan Institute of Virology has been studying bat coronaviruses for nearly two decades, and scientists in the recent past had raised concerns about lax standards and haphazard genetic engineering of novel coronaviruses going on at the lab. Couple these things with the emerging evidence that shows COVID-19 has certain "gain of function" sequences in its genetic code that are absent from other coronaviruses, but are produced by commonly used viral modification techniques in biolabs, I think the evidence is almost overwhelming at this point pointing to a loss of containment incident at the Wuhan biolab. Dr. Bret Weinstein was recently on the JRE podcast and he provided a fairly detailed breakdown of why it appears to be that COVID-19 might be genetically modified. Please listen to it and keep an open mind:
  18. That's pretty much the boat I'm in at the moment. My concern is with the Democratic party caving in to the Leftist extremists, the Republican party will do the same with fanatical alt right types in return, and will leave the majority of the American people without adequate representation. Most of America falls in the moderate middle between the two. Third parties and independent candidates need to sack up and take charge.
  19. Both parties do this shit, and will continue to do so until we pass a constitutional amendment to curtail money in politics.
  20. Similar to what Steve mentioned, if you think about it, having a "fuck you" attitude is American as baseball and Abraham Lincoln. Americans have been flipping the bird to authority since 1776. It's in our cultural DNA
  21. Better vocalist too. Even Bill Clinton is a fan of Ozzy:
  22. Maybe we can compromise and rename the Denver Airport to the John Denver Airport?
  23. White men really can't jump, if we're being 100% honest.