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  1. jbluhm86

    Baker Mayfield

    I'm actually pretty impressed by how Joe Burrow is doing with the Bengals this year. He's getting the most out of a limited team. Imagine where the Browns would be with a QB like Burrow under center.
  2. jbluhm86

    The debate

    Biden got brained in that debate. Unfortunately, he was the one taking the proverbial club to his own head.
  3. To be fair, Woody, the MSM's coverage of the Biden controversy has been sparse to non existent.
  4. jbluhm86

    Baker Mayfield

    Height isn't the issue. Drew Brees and Russell Wilson are both under 6 feet tall and both are Superbowl champions and are leaders of perennial playoff teams, so short QBs can succeed in this league. So far, Baker has shown that when you take the run game away from him, he cannot seem to step up and lead this team. It really sucks to say that because he is a good person, but it's looking like what we're seeing now is the upper limit of his abilities. What excuses does he have left? We're fucking stacked in the WR, RB and TE positions, the O-Line's play is better than it's ever been, and we finally have a decent HC. He has no one else left to blame for his shit play than himself.
  5. jbluhm86

    Biden had 5 draft deferments

    Yet, here we are with this thread.
  6. jbluhm86

    Biden had 5 draft deferments

    I think this statement applies to both Democrats and Republicans.
  7. jbluhm86

    ***Browns VS Steelers GAMEDAY Thread***

    Time to go do yard work; this game is done. We shit the bed against one of our biggest rivals. Fucking embarrassing.
  8. jbluhm86

    Baker Mayfield

    I really like the kid, but if this is the peak of his abilities as a QB, then he's gotta go. Our team is way too talented to be hobbled by mediocre QB play.
  9. jbluhm86


    Steelers are doing a great job at shutting down the run at the moment. If we have to rely on Baker for most of this game, it's unlikely we'll win.
  10. Those articles are about the COVID-19 vaccine. The original was about Regeneron's ebola treatment, which has been in development since late 2014. The COVID vaccine is a unique case, but most vaccines take 6-10 years to reach the market from initial development.
  11. Tex, I'm not a conservative, but this Burisma stuff looks very bad for the Bidens. At the very least, Hunter Biden was trying to peddle his father's influence while his was in office without his knowledge; at the very worst, Joe Biden knew what his son was doing, was in on it, and purposely lied about it when questioned. And the fact that the news media and social media appear to be actively suppressing the story on this is pretty disturbing to me. If definitely needs to be addressed by both sides of the political argument.
  12. How exactly is this an achievement of the Trump administration? If anything, it's an accomplishment of the pharmaceutical company that created it.
  13. jbluhm86

    I can't wait...

    ...to hear the spin job the sports pundits are going to be spewing out tomorrow on why the Browns beating the Colts still doesn't mean they're a good team. All week I've been listening to people shit on this team because "oh, who have they beaten", or "Colts have the #1 defense in the league", etc. Guaranteed they'll make the excuse of the colts having injuries on defense or some bullshit, but fuck'em all. The Browns are 4-1, and life is looking good. This one was for Browns nation. On to Steelers week.
  14. jbluhm86

    Any of You Trumpettes In On this?

    Interesting update. Alleged kidnapping plotters attended BLM rallies, called Trump "tyrant": Coming from someone who's not one, this seems to throw a monkey wrench in the whole Alt right angle in this narrative.
  15. jbluhm86

    Doubling down on ridiculous

  16. jbluhm86

    Week 4: Browns @ da "Boyz Thread...

    We won this game by the skin of our teeth.
  17. I like Baker Mayfield, man, but I don't think he's our QB of the future.
  18. jbluhm86

    This sucks

    There is a drive-in near where I live that's been around since the 50s, and it's pretty great https://www.holidayautotheatre.com/
  19. jbluhm86

    Hey!!! Have You Noticed?

    I can see the point of your argument, by I don't necessarily agree with it. If shit really does hit the fan after November, there will be an even bigger rush on guns and ammunition. Better to be well prepared and never need it than to really need it and not have it.
  20. jbluhm86

    Boomers' Last Ride?

    Bush Jr. and both Clinton's are as well. Kind of drives home the point that the Boomers need to hang it up and let the younger generations take a crack at it, because the Boomers are pretty bad at governance.
  21. jbluhm86

    Stand Back and Stand By

    I would think that any form of discrimination based on race would be bad, regardless of the race in question.
  22. jbluhm86

    Stand Back and Stand By

    That's a good question, actually. Their leader is a Cuban-American, so if they're trying to be white supremacists, they are sucking bad at it.
  23. Democrats fucked up by not giving her a fare shake for the nomination.