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    And what matters to the left

    Actually, looking at the background and track record of Harris, I think she taints the ideal of being potentially the first woman President.
  2. jbluhm86

    Just for you Cal...

    Medice, cura te ipsum. If I was still a Democrat, I'd be very wary of rubbing this election in people's faces. Trump and Trump voters have been doing that since 2016 and it probably cost them this election. But, you also have to remember that a Trump presidency came about from a flippant and dismissive attitude perpetrated by Democrats and those on the left in the 8 years of the Obama administration.
  3. Interesting side note: My job is being pretty cool and are paying for their employees to get routine Covid-19 screenings, free of charge. On a lark, I took the COVID antibody test that they're offering: Looks like I had COVID-19 sometime within the past 4 months and recovered from it without knowing it. I never got sick and never showed any symptoms, so I'm incredibly lucky on that end. I'm still going to wear my mask when out in public and still follow reasonable social distancing practices, but it's nice to know that I got lucky in this first wave of Covid-19 and that I possibly have some amount of immunological protection going forward.
  4. jbluhm86

    Looks like it's over.

    Actually, I think that this election isn't as huge a loss for Republicans as it appears on the surface. Trump has probably lost the presidency, but Democrats have definitely lost huge across the board: - Big losses for Democrats in the House of Representatives and minimal gains at best in the Senate. Biden may have won the Presidency, but he'll have a harder time jamming through woke Leftist agenda with the GOP checking him in Congress. -Big losses in state gubernatorial and legislatures across the country. -Traditionally blue areas flipping red for the first time in decades. While Democratic strongholds in urban areas remained strong, the Democrats lost alot of ground in quasi-urban suburbs. -Largest percentage of minority votes for GOP in over 60 years; 18% of the national black vote and up to 36% of the national Latino vote went to Trump and the GOP. -Movements founded by disaffected liberals such as the #Walkawy movement and the #Blexit movement will only get stronger due to the tainted aura of this election and the inevitable crackdown by MSM and Big Tech of dissenting opinions not towing the woke leftist ideology. Trump didn't lose this election so much due to his policies as much as his shitty personality. I'd wager many Biden votes were due to simply not liking Trump rather than supporting Democrats' policies. Going forward, the Republicans need to cultivate candidates with similar policy positions as Trump, but also have personalities easier to digest as well. 2022 and 2024 are just around the corner, and with Democrats seeming to solidify their support of woke leftism, I'd say there's plenty of opportunity for the GOP to gain ground for the future. Woke leftism is by it's very nature a reductionist ideology: the woke members of today are the disaffected voters of tomorrow as the the leftist ideology eats its own and more and more people are shunned for not supporting whatever "inclusive" ideology is the the flavor of the day. If Republicans operate under a "big tent platform", they'll grow by leaps and bounds in the next few years.
  5. So the results last night were showing Trump leading in Michigan. Then, overnight, 138k+ mail in ballots were counted: ALL for Joe Biden. Not a single one of those votes were for Trump or even a 3rd party candidate. Seems legit.
  6. jbluhm86

    Stop The Count

    So did I come from some Mandela effect alternative universe where Gore spent over a month contesting the results of the 2000 election in courts all the way up to the Supreme Court, and didn't get nearly the grief that Trump is for doing the same thing now, or is this a different reality?
  7. jbluhm86

    Baker Mayfield

    That's because our schedule has been softer than mammie's titties so far. The only two elite teams we've played so far - the Ravens and the Steelers - have blown us out of the fucking water. I can give Baker a pass for being saddled with clueless hue and freddie his first few years, and the 'rona this year, but the dude definitely needs to step it up against the good teams in this league if he wants to keep his job.
  8. jbluhm86

    So now that Biden/Harris have won....

    Excellent points. I'm in my mid 30s now, and I've voted Democrat in almost every election since I turned 18 (voted Gary Johnson in 2016). This election, I voted Trump and a straight Republican ticket. I didn't vote for Trump because I like the man; he's actually kind of a scumbag. I voted Republican because of how far the liberals have been consumed by woke leftist ideology. The riots and the Democrats non-response to them played a big part in my decision, as well as MSM carrying water for the Democrats and Big Tech censorship. It's a shame Tulsi got screwed out of the Democratic debates, because I definitely would've voted for her in the general election.
  9. jbluhm86

    So now that Biden/Harris have won....

    Actually, I think the fact that this election is this close (projected to be the closest vote in US history) means that Trump isn't the second coming of Hitler than many people are making him out to be. I think the more interesting side of this story emerges when you look at who voted for Trump and other races besides the presidential one have played out so far. Republicans have made significant gains across the board: from gaining seats in the House, flipping or nearly flipping former heavily Democratic areas, gaining significant portions of the black, latino and other minorities vote, etc. Biden may very well end up winning this election, but Democrats would be fools to think that this election wasn't a referendum on their courting of woke/progressive/Leftist ideology.
  10. jbluhm86

    The polls

    2020 Election "pollsters":
  11. Different state, similar circumstances: https://twitter.com/FiveThirtyEight/status/1324093784452403202 Over 23,000 votes. All for Biden; ZERO votes for Trump or 3rd party candidates. Maybe I should ask Biden for the Powerball numbers; he's having an amazing run of luck.
  12. Doesn't it seem a little odd to you that this big spike would happen for one candidate only, though? Biden gains 138k+ votes all in one go at 6am and not a single one of those votes is for the other candidates?
  13. So you're saying out of all those 138k votes, not a SINGLE vote for Trump or a 3rd party candidate? Out of a city and metro area of 3.7 million people? I guess it's not a statistical impossibility for me to hit the Powerball and simultaneously get struck by lightning while getting sucked off by a Playboy playmate either, but...
  14. jbluhm86

    Cheer up TEX, Hoorta.

    My vote is for Robert the Bruce, of the 3 Floyds Brewery party.
  15. jbluhm86

    Cheer up TEX, Hoorta.

    I'm pretty ambivalent about the whole election. Then again, I'm also quite drunk at the moment so 🤷‍♂️
  16. I was getting flashbacks to Greg Little and Braylon Edwards watching all these dropped passes. Not a good day.
  17. Getting to the playoffs and advancing in the playoffs are two different things. We can get to the playoffs without beating "good" teams like the Steelers and the Ravens. But once we make it, you know they're going to be there too, and we have to be able to get through them in order to advance. Whether or not we can do that remains to be seen.
  18. I disagree. Woke liberals have pushed the democrats so far left that anything moderate is considered right wing to them now.
  19. I saw them live down here in Cincinnati late last year. Really glad that I got to see them before Covid happened. Their stage show is pretty awesome
  20. jbluhm86

    Baker Mayfield

    Thanks, I guess? If you read my earlier posts in this thread, I've made it pretty clear that I like Baker Mayfield as a person, and I want him to succeed for this team. But, the critics do have a point: he plays well enough against middle of the road teams and crap teams, but he's horrible playing against good teams. He's also prone to make stupid throwing decisions at a concerning rate. Am I glad he balled out on Sunday? Absolutely; a win is a win. But if we're going to make a deep run in the playoffs, we'll have to go through some great teams to do that, and I'm concerned about Baker's decision making in those types of games.
  21. jbluhm86

    A yard display in Rocky River

    Welcome to America, where people have the freedom to put whatever they want on their property. Unless, I suppose, you live in a HOA community.
  22. jbluhm86

    Baker Mayfield

    This game is a great example of why Baker is such a frustrating player to watch. One minute he's making head-scratching throws and horrible picks. The next play, he's threading the needle on some laser passes for huge yards. I honestly don't know what to make of him at this point.