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    # 12 and # 19

    I think it's time for you to stop hittin' the blue there, Heisenberg, and come back to fucking reality.
  2. jbluhm86

    # 12 and # 19

    Probably because our defense ranked dead last out of all teams this year in run defense, allowing an average of over 140 yards rushing per game. Or maybe the fact that the teams we play next year have some of the best running backs in the game, including Le'Veon Bell (twice), Marshawn Lynch, Jeremy Hill (twice), Jamaal Charles, Frank Gore, etc, that will fucking CRUCIFY us unless we get some serious additions to the D-Line. Take your pick.
  3. Idk. I may be in the minority here, but I think Mangini was a pretty decent coach. He was just sunk by a lack of talented players and by a shitty FO.
  4. Girls are like a lake, you know? Like, you can jump right in, get in there, and then you're all used to it and everything's great. But come winter time, that shit's fuckin' frozen. Then you're fucked. That's why I know the difference: I always pull out of it.
  5. jbluhm86

    ***Official Browns @ Panthers Game Day Thread***

    Well with the Chargers win last night, the Browns are officially out of the playoffs now; I will be curious to see how this affects the team's performance. They only have pride and a possibility of a non-losing record season to play for, so I'll be looking to see if the players have decided to pack it in for the year or not. I think it'd really define this team if they played all out the final two games and took some positive momentum into the off-season.
  6. jbluhm86

    ***Official Browns Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread***

    Lol, I think that's valid for politics as well as football. ..
  7. To be honest, if Farmer uses the two #1s in the upcoming draft on linemen for either side of the ball, I wouldn't be upset. No sense in reaching for playmakers if you don't have it locked down in the trenches first.
  8. jbluhm86

    ***Official Browns Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread***

    Yes, but at the same time, you can't use JF2s bad game to mask the defense getting destroyed, especially at the LOS.
  9. jbluhm86

    ***Official Browns Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread***

    Just announced that Haden is not returning. We're getting fucking estimated by injuries this year...
  10. jbluhm86

    ***Official Browns Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread***

    Yeah, because Pettine threw JF2 in as a D-Lineman in order to let Jeremy Hill put a Benjamin on us in the first half. Use your fucking brain before your mouth there turd blossom.
  11. jbluhm86

    ***Official Browns Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread***

    On a side note, can we please never wear brown on brown uniforms ever again? Nothing good ever comes from us wearing that; we might as well be the Cowboys wearing blue home jerseys.
  12. jbluhm86

    This Team Is Worse Than 1999

    Its only week one, but I'm feeling like Bill Murray in Groundhogs Day. I keep re living the same fucking shitty season over and over again.
  13. jbluhm86

    Crazy idea for Greg Little for 2014

    I think the craziest idea for Greg Little next year is to actually hold on to the fucking ball after its thrown to him.
  14. jbluhm86

    All Talk

    Ok, well your point is fucking moot, because we got the ball back with 0:40 left and 3 timeouts, and yet the offense failed to score a winning TD, so even if the D let that last TD by, it was still the O's job to go down the field and score, which they didn't.
  15. jbluhm86

    All Talk

    Ok, that's like saying I'm going to put you in a boxing ring against another person, but I'm going to handcuff one of your hands to the turnbuckle and spot your opponent 3-4 free haymakers to your dome before your allowed to swing back. By your logic, you'd get your ass kicked, not because you were unable to muster an effective offensive, but because you did too shitty of a job defending yourself, right? Our defense is not the problem. The D can only do so much when the offense spots the opposing team 3-4 turnovers a game.
  16. jbluhm86

    All Talk

    Agreed. Why fans on this board bash the defense boggles my mind. The D is in the top 10 in the league, and is the only reason why we're even able to stay in most games. True, Haden had that one bad play, but that happens in this game. Dude is lights out pretty much all year, and is fuckin' money. Definitely qualifies for an All Pro. And surprisingly, this loss wasn't on the offense today either. Gordon had another 200+ yard game today, our receivers got good separation, and McGhee and Obi were strong on the run game. This loss boils down to one person alone: Brandon Weeden. 2 INTs, a fumble, and a safety. 15 points handed to the Jags on a silver platter personally by Weeden.
  17. jbluhm86

    Week 10 Game Impressions: Browns @ Bengals

    Man, wtf is up with some of the fans on this board throwing in the towel already? Are you kidding me? We still have another half of game left to play and some of these "fans" are already packing it in. Fuckin' embarrassing.
  18. jbluhm86

    Bungle Fans

    I'm about a 5 min drive from Hamilton, and it does have the proud nickname of "Hamiltucky". Aside from a sporadic few areas, that place is a fucking ghetto wasteland.
  19. jbluhm86

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    If I was the Browns GM, I'd pick Mccarron over Manziel or Bridgewater. He comes from a winning program that plays in the toughest division in CFB and excels in high pressure games, he is well versed in an NFL-level offense, has great presence in the pocket, and is a highly accurate thrower.
  20. jbluhm86

    Dawson To 49Ers

    To paraphrase one of my favorite movies of all time... Poetic Ghoolie, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this board is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
  21. jbluhm86

    Colt Mccoy

    I am starting to believe that the "G" in his user name should stand for Ghoolie, Poetic Ghoolie, because his obsession with one player is getting to be almost Ghoolian proportions. At least his diatribes against Kosar was semi-entertaining. Poetic Ghoolie's zealousness in defending his man crush is kinda sad, borderline creepy.
  22. jbluhm86


    16: Columbus Blue Jackets
  23. jbluhm86

    Biggest Pussy Move Ever

    That was not a pussy move. Not at all. It was smart football strategy. If they didn't take the safety, and instead punted from the end zone, there was a very good chance that either: - SF returns the punt for a TD on a shortened field - SF catches the ball around midfield, and runs a play or two to get into Akers' FG range and he boots the winning score. Ravens would lose, and then they'd be having a discussion on why they didn't take the safety. By taking the safety, the Ravens got to tack on extra yardage away from their endzone by punting from the 20 yard line. More distance between the football and the endzone = less chance of the opposition scoring. This is the Superbowl. You play to win the game. Guess they didn't teach you that in Madden '13