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  1. jbluhm86

    So Omicron is no longer the end of the world?

    I'd be interested to see the ratio of those 292 deaths compared to the total number of patients seen with COVID at that hospital last year. COVIDs global total death rate is around 1% per WHO, which is comparable to the death rate of the common flu. I'd also be curious to see what comorbidities that each of the COVID deaths had. For example: my aunt recently passed away a few weeks ago. She was 70 years old, had emphysema from smoking for 60+ years, and had cancer as well. She contracted COVID a few months before her death and recovered, but they still classified her death as complications from COVID.
  2. jbluhm86

    So Omicron is no longer the end of the world?

    "Voluntarily" is the operative word. The government doesn't mandate you to get the flu shot or threatens you with losing your job if you don't get it. People still get the flu even if they've had the flu shot, and a very small percentage of them unfortunately die from the flu as well. It doesn't mean we have to shut down civilization and abdicate our freedoms to the government because of it.
  3. jbluhm86

    Australia revokes tennis star Visa

    Don't go to a country if you're not willing to abide by their rules.
  4. If these leaked documents are correct, then Fauci lied under oath about funding Gain of Function research:
  5. jbluhm86

    We missed the playoffs Because of...

    Because of Kevin Stefanski.
  6. jbluhm86

    Official Browns at Steelers MNF Game Thread

    4th & 31 now.
  7. jbluhm86

    Official Browns at Steelers MNF Game Thread

    Can't wait to read Emily Mayfield's incoming social media tirade on why her husband's shit playing isn't his fault.
  8. jbluhm86

    Playing for Pickett

    I agree that there isn't many blue chip locks in the QB class this upcoming year as there has been in years past, but I still think would could find value in the 2nd or 3rd rounds this year that could work out after a year of practicing studying on the bench.
  9. jbluhm86

    Playing for Pickett

    Being able to win those games on paper and winning them in practice are two different things. Yes, we have the talent to win those final two games, but if it comes to to putting our chances of winning on Baker, then I'm not confident at all, based on Baker's body of work. I mentioned in another thread that I believe the Browns' best course of action is to draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round in the upcoming draft and let him sit and learn the system during the final year on Baker's contract. If Baker pans out and gets an extension, then we'd have a probable solid back-up on the team behind him that would cost less than an veteran back-up. And if Baker doesn't work out and the Browns cut him after next year, then we have a young QB who already has a year in the Browns system there to replace him.
  10. jbluhm86

    The Student Debt "Crisis" solved

    I agree, but living at home with the folks definitely takes a hit on the dating life. Trying to arrange an adult evening with someone in your bedroom at your parents place just doesn't have the same appeal as one at your own home, 😂
  11. One thing that people might not be taking into consideration is that the assault was committed against the Capitol Police, who are federal employees and are under federal jurisdiction. Federal charges usually carry stiffer punishments over similar state or local ones. That could be one of the determining factors in the sentence lengths in these cases.
  12. jbluhm86

    Just the beginning?

    I'm not denying that political affiliation may have some correlation to whether or not someone has been vaccinated. But we have to delve into it more than just a single, superficial layer. I don't necessarily think that conservatives, in general, don't believe in vaccination, because the data doesn't play out that way. I think we can agree that population over the age of 50 in the US are majority conservative, which means that they would probably not be for mandated vaccinations. Yet this same age group is the one who has the highest percentage of that group who have had at least one dose of the vaccine. It makes sense, since people over the age of 60 have the highest risk of death from COVID, and indeed are the majority of COVID deaths. My question is, if the 60+ demographic, who are the ones who have the overwhelming majority of COVID fatalities, are also the ones who have the highest rate of vaccination against said disease, then why are we continuing with such polarizing measures such as mandatory vaccinations for all age groups, lockdowns and mask mandates? The government sold the people the lie that we needed to have over 60% of our population vaccinated to stop the spread. We have over 70% vaccination rate and the spread continues. We were told that the initial two week lockdown would stop the spread. We've had cities and countries all over the world who had multiple lockdowns for months - some even taking the extreme measure of violating their citizens rights by locking them down in quarantine camps - yet the spread continued. Masks are inefficient at slowing the spread at best, and completely ineffective at worst, yet here we are with more mask mandates. We've shut down the world and abdicated our rights to self determination in fear of a disease who's fatality rate is less than the common flu and are wanting people to get vaccinated against their will with an experimental vaccine who's long term side effects are poorly understood and that doesn't stop the virus from spreading anyway. It's lunacy. I'm all for people wanting to get the vaccine, as I do believe it helps mitigate the more severe symptoms of COVID, just like a normal flu shot does. But it's madness that we should let the world be held hostage by governments cashing in on people's fear over an illness which isn't even much of a threat anymore.
  13. jbluhm86

    Baker Mayfield

    Browns already picked up Baker's 5th year option, so he's locked in as starting QB next year, whether we like it or not Berry and co. have the philosophy of building through the draft, so unless the Browns get an amazing sweetheart deal from another team, picking up an established QB like Rodgers or Wilson is highly unlikely due to the cost. Best course of action would be to draft a QB in this year's draft and let him sit for a year to assimilate the system. Then, if Baker doesn't improve next year, the Browns can cut bait cleanly and have a QB who's firmly established in their system. There really isn't a blue-chipper in this year's QB class, but I could see the Browns using a 2nd rounder on a QB like Riddle from UC.
  14. jbluhm86

    The world economy

    That's the beauty of a highly interconnected global economy: if one of the big players go down, everyone else does too.
  15. jbluhm86

    The Student Debt "Crisis" solved

    I'm in a similar boat. Around $68k for my B.A, but luckily I chose a hard science Biology major and minored in Chemistry, so I'm doing pretty good; I'm currently making around $50k/year on straight time. My folks were gracious enough to let me move back in rent-free while I pay down my student loan and save up for a decent down payment on a house. It's not great to be living at home in my 30s, but it's the most prudent, financially. I was able to pay off all the interest on my student loan last year during the repayment pause and I've got around $10k saved up so far for a down payment, so I haven't exactly been idle. Plus, both of my parents are physically disabled, so I get to help them out at the same time.