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  1. jbluhm86

    US military hangs their heads in shame

    I'm not a war hawk, nor am I a fan of military intervention and putting US troops in danger, but I'm also a pragmatist. Turkey and Syria would not be making these aggressive actions if they didn't have assurances and backing from Russia. Russia's recent moves in the middle East are pretty alarming, since they seem to be goading the likes of Iran, Turkey and Syria in order to increase their sphere of influence in the Middle East. Turkey already has nuclear weapons of their own, plus the nuclear weapons NATO has over there. Iran has nuclear ambitions of their own, and are being bankrolled by Russia. Once nuclear weapons proliferate into the likes of Iran and Syria, it'll be game over, because the Islamist elements of those governments have no qualms about using nukes in their religious jihad bullshit. As for the Kurds, they're were one of the few allies the US had in the middle East, and were vital in the US curbing ISIS. The fact that we're essentially abandoning them to be slaughtered by the Turks means that we'll have one less ally in the Middle East to prevent the ambitions of Russia and the containment of Islamic jihad.
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/JenGriffinFNC/status/1184160164758327298
  3. jbluhm86

    So whats wrong with Baker?

    That too. It's like we have a bunch of Greg Little's out there as receivers.
  4. jbluhm86

    Odell = Braylon

    Nah bruh, just...nah.
  5. jbluhm86

    So whats wrong with Baker?

    Absolutely. Excessive penalties is a discipline problem, and the buck stops at the coaching on that one. For all of the great moves Dorsey and Co. have made so far here in Cleveland, the hiring of Kitchens as HC might be a huge enough blunder to cancel out those earlier good moves
  6. jbluhm86

    So whats wrong with Baker?

    You can't be a shitty QB and set the rookie TD record in less than a full season, though. Kitchens and Monken are really doing Mayfield a huge disservice with their horrible play calling.
  7. jbluhm86

    So whats wrong with Baker?

    QB School on YouTube did an excellent breakdown on Baker's troubles. Pretty much put most of the blame on Kitchens and poor offensive scheming:
  8. jbluhm86

    Browns at 49ers - Official MNF thread

    If anything, this game is prime example of how much of an idiot Ghoolie was when it came to critiquing football. Had to listen to him bitch for years about the O-line being "dime-a-dozen fatasses" and how having weapons were more of a priority.
  9. jbluhm86

    Browns at 49ers - Official MNF thread

    In his defense, he has been running Chubb, but the 49ers defensive front are playing pretty solid in shutting Chubb down. Plus, it's hard to stick with the run when you're down by 17.
  10. jbluhm86

    Browns at 49ers - Official MNF thread

    Where the fuck is our O-line, man? Dorsey is a good GM on the whole, but he really gutted our O-line this off-season with seemingly no plan to fix it.
  11. jbluhm86

    Browns at 49ers - Official MNF thread

    I mean, it hit Callaway right in the numbers, so idk how Baker could've made that a more catchable ball. Callaway should've held on to that shit.
  12. jbluhm86

    Browns at 49ers - Official MNF thread

    Let's not get crazy and compare ourselves to Miami, but the Browns are definitely not playing their best football right now.