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  1. jbluhm86

    Bungle Week

    In Mayfield's defense, he's been through 4 head coaches and 3 different offensive systems in 3 years, so that doesn't do him any favours for becoming comfortable in his position. Plus, with the Covy, the Browns in general didn't really have much of an opportunity to get well acquainted with Stephanie's system, so they already started the 2020 season behind the 8 ball. I think Lamar is doing better than Mayfield because he's had much more organizational stability to help support his growth as a QB than Baker has had
  2. In a perfect world? Then yes, Democrats would hold Biden to the same standards that they hold Trump to, and Republicans would do the same with Trump. Unfortunately, we do not live in perfect world, so Democrats most likely will not do so. However, I can also say there is also a high probability that the same conservatives who are making a big deal about Biden's deferments are also glossing over Trump's deferments at the same time, so it's pretty much mental masturbation at this point for either side of the political isle to criticize either candidate's military deferment record.
  3. jbluhm86

    Bungle Week

    More like the Battle of the AFCN Basement, the way we've been playing lately.
  4. I'm not sure Cpl. Bonespurs would have much ground from which to attack Biden on this one, tbh.
  5. Reuters: U.S. court: Mass surveillance program exposed by Snowden was illegal
  6. Be honest with the public with what they knew, and more importantly, what they didn't know. In the case of the masks, say that masks may help at least slow down the spread of the virus, but that due to insufficient supply, that the government is requesting that people do not try to hoard masks in order to allow medical personnel to remain adequately supplied. Of course there'd always be a proportion of the population that would be idiots about things no matter what, but I believe that the majority of the population would recognize the unique situation and would be willing to work together to help. The lack of transparency by this administration and by experts of all categories is, IMO, what has made this pandemic worse than it had to be.
  7. To be fair to both sides of the political argument, Cal, Trump and his administration did fuck up their handling of COVID to a significant degree too. While I can understand the rationale of intentionally downplaying COVID, that doesn't mean I necessarily agree with that action. Trump downplaying this is similar to his administration's flip-flopping on masks early in the pandemic. These things do not help if your goal is to prevent widespread panic.
  8. jbluhm86

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    It's really frustrating, man. I just don't understand how an organization can suck so bad for so long without showing any signs of improvement over decades. It just boggles the mind.
  9. jbluhm86

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    We're in such a deep hole, it pretty much eliminates the running game and now we're depending on Baker's arm. Methinks we're probably fucked at this point.
  10. I'm no Trump fan, but has anyone stopped to consider the Trump administration initially down-played this thing in order to try to prevent a public panic? Look how people flipped the fuck out and cleaned supermarkets out of toilet paper on just the limited information that the government let out?
  11. jbluhm86

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    Well, my optimism for a new Browns season lasted for the first quarter of the first game. I think that's got to be some kind of record.
  12. jbluhm86

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    Lol, fucking brutal man. Just brutal.
  13. jbluhm86

    ***Official Gameday Thread Browns at Ravens

    Gonna be a long season for us if that's the case.