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  1. Ben Shapiro (Daily WIre): Was President Trump right about wiretapping of his campaign? (audio from 09-19-2017):
  2. ***Official Browns @ Ravens Game Day Thread***

    Yep, I can't wait to see how the "continuous improvement" sunshine-pumper contingent on this board spin today's debacle.
  3. ***Official Browns @ Ravens Game Day Thread***

    Because using a RB on a 2nd and Goal situation is not the Browns way.
  4. On a side note, good to see you back, Axe. Hope you and yours weathered Irma without too much damage.
  5. Yeah, Ed went to the paint pretty hard for Trump leading up to the election, and now he's pretty much a ghost here in the Political Forum
  6. ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    Superfan? I've been on TBB since 2009 - and became a Browns fan a decade before that - during which time, the Browns have had exactly 2 winning seasons, and yet, here I am, still here on TBB, still a fan of the Browns. That's a long time to hang around in the hopes of jumping on the Browns "bandwagon" as a "superfan" when they finally turn the corner, is it not? Look, I love the Browns, but i'm not fucking blind at the same time. Why congratulate and pat ourselves on the back when we lose? We lost the game, my friend; to the Steelers no less, so, no, I don't see why I have to hop on the moral victory bandwagon that many people are doing. You play the game to win, not to lose and feel good about it.
  7. ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    Yeah, and this attitude is why we continue to lose to them year after year. Being ok with a loss to a division rival? Jesus Christ...
  8. ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    Honestly, this attitude of "well, we lost, but the team is improving" horseshit is what's driving the failure of this team and its fanbase. I'm sorry, but moral victories don't put points in the fucking win column, gentlemen, ACTUAL victories do. Look at successful teams like the Patriots; do you see them patting themselves on the back for some moral victory after a loss? No. Idk what game you were all watching, but the Browns game I was watching showed a disorganized offense, a porous O-line that we spent bank on to improve in the offseason allowing over 7 sacks on their rookie QB, WR's who couldn't catch the clap while rubbing nuts with Ghoolie, a QB who's probably not going to make it for a full season because he'd rather run outside of the pocket and get continuously sacked for losses instead of throwing the fucking ball away, and a middling D who gives up chunks of yards at a time while failing to wrap up tackles. This shit isn't good, people. And since when did we start patting ourselves on the back from a loss to one of our biggest perceived rivals in the NFL. I'm sorry, but i'm not going to look on the bright side when we lose to the fucking NY Jets, much less the goddamn Steelers. So, yeah, you fellas can keep your moral victories; i'll wait to celebrate until we actually get a "W". Peace out. At least i'm not the only one with his eyes wide open on this board...
  9. ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    Steelers recovered a blocked punt attempt in the endzone
  10. ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    We have to be living in a reality simulation like "The Sims". There's no way a team could be this bad for this long and have such continued bad luck just randomly.
  11. The Apocalypse has started

    You'll know the apocalypse is really here when DH finally gives up the bottle and quits drunk posting. They'll even bust out the ice skates in Hell.
  12. Prediction

    Everybody gets one. Besides, I think we can all agree that we'd rather have had your prediction be right than the current situation on the ground.
  13. It looks like it might get worse; there's two more hurricanes - Jose and Katia, forming behind Irma, and they have potential to be massive: