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  1. Don't be a moron. No one believes she was actually talking about Gacy, but it just shows how stupid she is mixing those two up. IDK about you, but it's a little more than a hop and skip from an American film icon and a serial killer. But, this isn't the only time she said stupid shit. Remember when she blamed Hurricane Irene as an "act of God" on the American deficit? I'm sure the people who lost their homes and loved ones really enjoyed that one
  2. This, from the same Michelle Bachmann who said she's was launching her presidential campaign in the spirit of John Wayne Gacy.
  3. Ol' HeyZeus has definitely stepped his game up from originally appearing in burnt pieces of toast. Maybe he's going low carb...
  4. The fact that you had a 5 post meltdown trying to square the circle on the bullshit you posted is plenty enough victory for me. And the fact that you mentioned Woody several times in your rantings to the zero mentions of him from me kinda tells everyone of how in your head he is. Kinda sad that you, a 60-something retiree, is that obsessed with a digital rivalry with a 20-30ish year old dude that you've probably never met in person. It seems hilariously queer to me, but, to each their own I suppose...
  5. Then perhaps Cal should've took the time to open his own links, because he was alluding to exactly those things you mentioned. He clarified that he didn't say that the disease in question originated in South America after I pointed out its Asian origins, and I granted him that point. But he DID go hard in the paint on saying that the illegal immigrants coming into the country via our southern border are infected with this disease and are bringing it into our country a la "zombie apocalypse" (his words, not mine). But the available data just doesn't demonstrate that to be true.
  6. I don't know how often myself and others on here have to repeat this to you before it finally sinks in, but, here I am, - yet again - having to remind you: CORRELATION =/= CAUSATION As for the map game, yes, lets play the map game: Centers for Disease Control: Tracking Candida auris - March 29, 2019: Case Count Updated as of February 28, 2019 As you can see, most of the C. auris infection cases are from Asia and Europe. The vast majority of illegal immigration into the US comes from Mexico, Central and South America; yet, strangely enough, what is one of the areas of the world with least amount of C. auris cases/outbreaks? Mexico, Central and South America. Kind of hard to make an "illegal immigrant zombie outbreak" argument when the areas the supposed infectious ones are coming from have shown little to no cases of the disease in question. Lets continue: Journal of Intensive Care: Epidemiology, clinical characteristics, resistance, and treatment of infections by Candida auris Timeline chart of C. auris reported cases in chronological order The figure above shows that C. auris originated and spread throughout Asia and Africa for 8 years before it showed up in the Americas. In fact, as shown in the figure, C. auris showed up in the US at the same time as it appeared in Venezuela; if this illegal immigrant plague theory of yours was correct, it'd stand to figure that the disease would show up first in the Central and South American countries and have time to spread there before being transmitted to the US via illegal immigrants. Yet, that did not happen. It developed in the US and only one South American country, and at the exact same time. None of the countries which are origins for the vast majority of illegal immigration into the US have reported a single case. So, that's another strike for your argument, but lets continue: Migration Policy Institute: Asian Immigrants in the United States The above figure is a map that shows the popular destinations and highest population concentrations of Asian immigrants in the US. Notice anything familiar? The areas with the highest density of Asian immigrants: California (LA, San Diego, San Fran), New York (NYC), Illinois (Chicago), Texas (Dallas/Ft Worth, Houston), Washington DC, Maryland (Baltimore)... ...all match up EXACTLY with the cities you listed in your outbreak map: So, yes, I do get it now, but I don't believe you do: The states with the highest number of reported cases of this particular disease also happen to be the states with some of the highest concentrations of Asian immigrants in the country; legal Asian immigrants who are potential carriers for a disease that originated and proliferated throughout the Asian continent and its population for nearly a decade before it even showed up in either the US or Central/South America. A disease which hasn't even been found in the majority of countries in Central/South America where the overwhelming majority of illegal immigration into the US come from (i.e. Mexico). So, I believe that puts you "Illegal Fungal zombie immigrants" theory to bed, so lets move on to your measles scheme: W.H.O: Measles: Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals The above map shows the global rate of immunization by country. Notice anything interesting? Strangely enough, the countries that host the species of "illegal immigrant Measles-Zombies" that you've hypothesized show the same rate of measles immunization AS THE UNITED STATES. Countries in North, Central and South America have the highest rate of measles immunization vaccinations IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Kind of hard to create a horde of measles zombies in countries that are among the most well-vaccinated countries in the world. A mystery indeed. "But", you may be asking yourself, "what can possibly be the cause of measles outbreaks in the US, then, if its not plague-ridden illegal immigrants"? Not to worry, padawan, I may have the answer for you. And it even comes in your favorite medium - maps: Nation Conference of State Legislatures: STATES WITH RELIGIOUS AND PHILOSOPHICAL EXEMPTIONS FROM SCHOOL IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS (2019) From the article: "All 50 states have legislation requiring specified vaccines for students. Although exemptions vary from state to state, all school immunization laws grant exemptions to children for medical reasons. Almost all states grant religious exemptions for people who have religious beliefs against immunizations. Currently, 17 states allow philosophical exemptions for those who object to immunizations because of personal, moral or other beliefs." You see, the funny thing about vaccines and immunizations is, that you have to actually be vaccinated before immunization to a particular disease can be obtained. To simplify it to your terms: "No vaccine = get sick". Now, here in this country, we have numerous freedoms. One such freedom, unfortunately, is that people can refuse to get vaccines for themselves and their children for numerous reasons. Do you believe that the Jeebus/SkyWizard/Big 'Mo in the sky doesn't want you to get a vaccine? BAM! You don't have to get one. Do you think, on little to no evidence, that little Timmy will get autism or develop a third testicle if you get him immunized? BAM! No measles vaccine for young Timmy. Sure, Timmy might contract the measles and become a measles-plague-filled zombie that can help spread the disease around, but at least he'll be an AMERICAN measles-ridden plague zombie. MAGA!!! So, in conclusion: Thank you for playing, though. Better luck next time.
  7. Well, here you go, brah. I gave you an upvote too, so that way you don't feel left out.
  8. Conversely, I do recall numerous threads and comments from the more right-leaning members on the board having conniption fits over the debt accumulated during Obama's "reign", yet those same voices have mysteriously fallen silent about almost the same rate and amount of debt accumulated during Trump's "reign". Biased much? Sure, to an extent. Most people are. But bias is a two way street, it seems.
  9. "All of this" would be disingenuous. However, since you guys on the right put the blame for the debt growth during Obama's presidential tenure on him, then it logically follows that debt accumulated under Trump's watch be placed on him. And the debt under Trump is on pace to match Obama's; which is interesting since, as you and other's mentioned, Obama's debt was accrued during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression while Trump is accumulating debt at nearly the same rate during a time when the markets are booming. Yet, while there was much gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes about the debt during Obama's term, the Right has been oddly sanguine about the same pace of debt accumulation under Trump. 🤔 *Daniel Horowitz is the Senior Editor at Conservative Review.
  10. Candida auris, the infectious agent mentioned in the article, originated in Japan and spread throughout SE Asia before making its way to Europe and, finally, the US. It didn't originate south of our border...
  11. Washington Examiner: Deficit rises $94 billion to $693 billion for first half of the year, budget office estimates
  12. If she does, then it's even more embarrassing for her ideas about the GND, since she should know the economic implications of her plan. I, too, went to college, and met some of the dumbest people I've ever known there. A college degree isn't necessarily the marker of intelligence that it once was.
  13. I don't think she was being purposely misleading. I just think she's mentally as dull as a butter knife.
  14. Yet you still have respect for Trump, who's divorced two of his three wives and cheated on all of them while married, including cheating on one - with a pornstar - while his wife was pregnant. But, yeah, go ahead and keep standing on your pillar of morality. I just wouldn't look down if I were you.