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  1. Any US business that was forced to be shuttered due to government quarantine/stay at home orders should be compensated for complying. That should be the only qualifier.
  2. There's one thing you both are possibly forgetting. In 2008, most companies went out of business due to their own ineptitude. In 2020, businesses are being closed and losing money, not by their own actions, but because of massive, mandatory quarantine orders from the government. Businesses absolutely deserve some sort of financial windfall from the government, in this case.
  3. I know it's frustrating, but they have to make sure that the cure isn't deadlier than the virus. On a related note, it does seem that the hydrochloroquine that we discussed the other day seems to be having a therapeutic effect on COVID-19 patients. As long as there's enough to treat people with other diseases and as long as people aren't hoarding it, then it should be used.
  4. jbluhm86

    Just got put under quarantine

    I think I might be in the minority of the minorities in that I wash my hands both before and after I use the restroom. My logic is that if the prevailing wisdom is to wash hands after using the bathroom in order to kill germs, why wouldn't I wash my hands before I pull the hammer out to take a leak?
  5. jbluhm86

    Just got put under quarantine

    That is the icing on the proverbial cake. We've already talked to numerous lawyers, and they've all said pretty much the same thing: If this had happened to my mother in Indiana, Kentucky, or almost any other state, we would have a case. However, we do not have a case in Ohio. Due to medical malpractice reforms that John Kasich signed into law before he left office, in order to successfully sue someone for malpractice in Ohio, a lawyer must prove that the surgeon intentionally intended harm. It's utterly ridiculous. So, in Ohio, my parents have no case.
  6. jbluhm86

    Just got put under quarantine

    Original knee replacement was done two years ago. Original surgeon really botched the surgery; mom went through 3 different operations in the span of a week. Her original ortho has since stopped his practice, although not due to my mom's surgery. Knee ended up developing staph infection and she had to have the knee removed and replaced with a spacer for almost a year while she was on intensive antibiotics and in a nursing home from April to Oct of last year. Her second ortho, who is a more skilled surgeon in his field (he was described as the surgeon that other surgeons send their more difficult cases to) put a knee in back in December and all seemed ok. However, the joint ended up dislocating late last month, which the doctor said could happen, so Mom went in earlier this week to get it corrected. During the surgery, the doctor noticed that her hip had somehow fractured inside the bone and immediately stopped surgery. He told my mom she had two options at this point. Option 1 would include extending the post of her knee replacement further up her hip bone and securing it with a metal plate. However, if this joint failed or the bone broke any further, she wouldn't have enough bone left to do another replacement and he'd have no choice but to amputate all the way up to her groin, which would make a prosthetic impossible. Option 2 would still consist of an amputation above the knee, but she'd be able to be fitted for a prosthetic leg and would eventually be able to walk again after therapy and rehabilitation. She's decided to go with the second option, since it gives her the best chance at having a better quality of life.
  7. jbluhm86

    Just got put under quarantine

    On my front, i'm doing good. Put in 60 hours at work this week. Parents aren't as lucky. Mom's knee-replacement surgery has turned south, and the ortho just dropped the bad news on her that the leg has to go. She'll be having the procedure done in a few weeks. Worst part is, she'll be there alone; quarantine procedures at the hospital don't allow anyone in the hospital unless the patient is dying.
  8. The Chinese government lies as the day is long; there's videos circulating today where citizens of Wuhan beginning to riot over Chinese quarantine measures. As for treatment, I think the only effective one at this point is just like every other pandemic before this one: enough of the population has to get sick, survive and build immunity to the the virus to stop it's spread. Unfortunately, that also has the higher body count in the end. I feel we're in for a long year this year.
  9. jbluhm86

    Can't wait

    I work a few miles away from Blue Ash, which is one of the nicer (richer) suburbs of Cincy. Riverfront was a dump, but I think you'd enjoy catching a game at GABP. I know the Indians come down here for Interleague play every year; i've been to several Reds-Indians games. I've also been to a couple Reds-Astros games, but that was before the Astros switched to the AL. Haven't been to a Reds-Rangers game at all.
  10. jbluhm86

    Can't wait

    I think the odds are even more grim than that. Even if the virus slows down over the summer, attendence to all major sports will still be down because people won't want to run the risk of catching that second wave of COVID-19.
  11. jbluhm86

    Can't wait

    I feel your pain, bro. I've lived in the Cincinnati area and been a Reds fan all my life. I think Opening Day is more important and celebrated by the Reds than any other MLB franchise; it's pretty much a holiday akin to Easter down here. Baseball just isn't going to be the same without it this year, but the circumstances didn't give us much of a choice. However, if this thing stretches out into the late summer and they cancel Riverfest as well, I'll be majorly disappointed.
  12. "Donald Kitchens" running that 4th and 9 draw against China....
  13. Ah, much more clear, thanks. I don't think the problem is as simple as the governor playing politics and intentionally screwing doctors out of medicine. The primary focus of doctors is to save lives. They aren't as concerned about the medical supplies, or lack thereof, to do their job. People like pharmacists, on the other hand, are medical and scientific individuals just like doctors, but they are more acutely aware of the finite resources when it comes to medical supplies. Political officials have to factor in these people's assessments as well as the doctors when making judgement calls. It sucks, and it really highlights the stupidity of globalization of the US's overseas production of essential medicines, but unfortunately, resources are finite so you have to be more vigilant in their usage in order to achieve the most benefit for the most people.
  14. We absolutely know it's the case, because it's already happening.
  15. I'm unsure of the point you're trying to make. Can you clarify?