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  1. TypicalBrowns

    The '86 Browns

    Amazing video.
  2. TypicalBrowns

    Davis Webb

    Anything else at 12 means depth for the team and they plan to build around the loch ness Kessler and not draft a qb til rounds 3-4 which Means Mahomes or Webb
  3. TypicalBrowns

    Davis Webb

    Trubisky or Watson at 12
  4. TypicalBrowns

    Pryor to Redskins

    LOL Pryors a tool. Watch how his body language was in the sideline this year speaking to Hue. I don't think the Browns were ever interested in this guy long term
  5. TypicalBrowns


    Brick are you just pointing at things in the office and saying that you love them?
  6. TypicalBrowns

    OK, just announce we're taking Garrett....

    Didn't know you can actually sign the player before the draft even starts if you have the number one pick. Just sign Garret and not waste 1 minute of time on the clock please
  7. TypicalBrowns

    I need HELP! :( :( :(

    The NBA is filled with overpaid wimps and cry babies. Lebron is the best and most talented wimp/crybaby of them all. That still doesn't change the fact he's a wimp and crybaby
  8. TypicalBrowns

    New QB coach

    Certainly a possibility they are looking at Taylor.
  9. TypicalBrowns

    ***Official Super Bowl LI (51) NFL Championship Game Thread***

    The NFL is one entity. It is not 32 teams. I understand that these claims are always turned away as crazy and worthless conspiracy bullshit but the truth is like poetry and most people FUCKING hate poetry. The truth is 90% of the time never what people want to hear lol. This is just a fact of life. Not saying I'm right or wrong, but sometimes it's good to think differently about things once in a while from a more grand perspective than what our already pre shaped and packaged reality forms it to look like to the average consumer. I'll take my tin foil hat off, I'm pretty drunk. But this stuff is interesting to think about. It is in the end, a business running the most viewed and consistently profitable television spectacle in the world
  10. TypicalBrowns

    ***Official Super Bowl LI (51) NFL Championship Game Thread***

    I will, and you keep watching the product. That's what they want, and they succeeded tonight by providing a good product to you. Glad you were entertained and enjoyed the game
  11. TypicalBrowns

    ***Official Super Bowl LI (51) NFL Championship Game Thread***

    Or it's rigged all for money and ratings. Just saying, I saw a completely different game the first half, complete domination from the Falcons. Idk why ATL stopped running the ball. Sometimes this stuff just is too good to be true, especially a super bowl (the biggest sports event In The world) that was 21-3 at half. Idk maybe I'm a crazy conspiracy theorist, but I've watched the NFL a long time and sometimes it just seems wonky and fake. The falcons showed no emotion or fight the second half. It was pretty noticeable. Idk. Maybe I'm just an insane browns fan that's devolved from sanity cuz of so much awful football I've watched.
  12. TypicalBrowns

    ***Official Super Bowl LI (51) NFL Championship Game Thread***

    So does offense win championships like Ghoolie the Foolie says or is Defense truly how you win in football games? 0-0 after the first with Matt Ryan and Tom Brady on the same fuckin field
  13. TypicalBrowns

    Taking a step by step look at the Browns draft

    Trubisky is the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now
  14. TypicalBrowns

    Can't stay mad for long

    What's nice about last year is when your 1-15 the only place to go is up.
  15. TypicalBrowns

    Trade for Kirk Cousins?

    I'm always in the group of thought deeming Terminator 1 the best film. It's like a horror movie and is much more sustained and raw than the 2nd film. T2 still is a great flick, and a great action movie. I just think the tone and atmosphere of T1 is much more effective and engaging. T2 is still a hell of a ride though. The ending when Arnold sinks into the lava, with the music playing, its epic cinema.