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  1. Latest Pluto

    You yourself just posted 3 different Qbs that you would consider a perfect draft. Darnold, Rosen and Mayfield. You are going to get one at 4 and Camp Barkley is going to get our guy at #1. This isn't a Sock-measuring competition, both the RB pick and the QB pick are going to be pivot able for our future. Barkley is useful now, and he'll be even more valuable(stronger, faster and smarter)when your guy is ready to step in. It's going to be a win/win for the Browns... don't get caught up in semantics. We can't gift Barkley to the Giants. He's going to be the talk of the NFL all season, and our offense is going to the top!
  2. Latest Pluto

    Hmmm... What would be the perfect draft? There are multiple ways about accomplishing this- however, every one of them include picking Saquon Barkley #1 Overall. Just as you all agreed last year, you can't pass on talent like Garrett- you now can't pass on what I believe is an even greater IMPACT player in Saquon Barkley. So here's my shot at a perfect draft Option 1- 1- Barkley 4- Mayfield -then take the best players at the top of the 2nd that fall out of the first round because teams drafted for NEED instead of BPA. We'll go into the season with the best WRs and RBs the NFL has to offer. An intriguing veteran QB and an up and comer in the wings. BPA in the 2nd should give us someftr impact players at other key areas and we should expect no less than playoff contention next year. Option 2 - Saquon Barkley #1 Bradley Chubb #4 -Trade our 2nd round and possibly more to get back into the the top 10 to get one of the other Qbs that we like. Mainly one of the top 4 guys if they fall a little. - If the Browns don't take a QB at 1 or 4, there should be one left for us to trade back up to get. Option 3- #1 Barkley #4 Chubb #33 Lamar Jackson or Mason Rudolph - OT/OG/CB best available the rest of the way
  3. Barkley at 4 Dorsey don’t play that game

    He'll be trading that blue in for orange in about a week- don't you worry about that Hearing it was a gift from the Giants, looks like a little false hope that he'll fall all the way to #2
  4. Landry to sign extension

    Two things- 1- Landry was on a one year trial and then we would have to try and resign him. We basically are signing him to a 4 year extension for 10 million a year. Not bad for a guy that you won't have to question his hands or if the QB threw a catchable ball. If Landry don't catch it, it's on the QB. 2- Duke Johnson may or may not be here after this year. With Barkley starting Duke may not even see the field that much. Gordon, Landry, Njoku, Barkley and Coleman with Taylor's scrambling threat will be a nightmare to try and stop- but it'll be fun to watch them try anyway

    The Oakland Raiders Select- Florida State Seminoles defensive back Tarvarus McFadden.
  6. Pluto this week

    I thought the same thing about McGlitchey - standing next to Quenton Nelson- McC looks a little taller but narrowly built. Just an observation. I still believe Barkley is the guy #1 and then you add the QB. Whichever one you draft @ 4 turns into a combo upgrade on offense, and if that's the goal- improving the offense- that does it. Not only improving the offensive firepower while Taylor is here but Barkley becomes a Veteran player when the rook is ready to take the reigns. Flame me all you want for Hogan but this philosophy is solid.
  7. Kevin Hogan Traded

    Good Luck Hogan! I think Washington has a great QB room now. Alex Smith, Colt McCoy and Kevin Hogan. That is a really good room. I think that Hogan is the perfect blend of Smith and McCoy. I'll always be a big Colt McCoy fan. Damn, we could have had that room. I'd be happy with Hogan/Colt/Draftpick - We could have won some games if we built up the team around them.
  8. Kevin Hogan Traded

    Oh no- You are stuck with me for the long haul, sorry about your luck. BTW- Who's your pick at #1?
  9. These Helmets were spotted in Berea today

    Maybe we can get Carson Dalton, I mean Wentz, no- Ronald Palmer, wait- what's his face? Sam DARNold to run some awesome Ronald MacDonald commercials like Charlie Frye did! Hell, they'll save a ton of money on the clown suit.
  10. Kevin Hogan Traded

    I get the Tyrod Taylor signing. He's won more games but that's because he's actually been allowed to play. Hogan said last season that he saw things during the Texan's game that he hadn't seen before. He just has to get some real game experience and have somebody to throw to that would actually start for any other team in the league outside of David Njoku as a rookie. But, it's cool. If Cleveland is blind enough to overlook Hogan's potential, given the QB hellhole we've been in for the last 20 years... Good for him- let him leave, they deserve every last punchline they'll inevitably receive.
  11. Kevin Hogan Traded

    Who the Shmuck is Stanton... an old nobody. Great sign.
  12. Kevin Hogan Traded

    Kevin Hogan Saquon Barkley Josh Gordon David Njoku Jarvis Landry Corey Coleman I could coach that team to 8+ wins. The only guy on this list that Hogan got to play with was Njoku. With another offseason of development and the pieces around him... You are stupid if you don't think Hogan could win with a supporting cast like that.
  13. Kevin Hogan Traded

    That's not the case AT ALL. Clearly, Hogan demonstrated all season that he was better than both Kizer and Kessler and they sank him on the depth chart anyway. Cleveland is clueless. Why would you put up with that? I wouldn't- and I wouldn't expect you to either. He'll go somewhere else to a team that can evaluate and develop talent. And when he's starting and winning games and we've another bust at QB- I'll have the last laugh.
  14. Kevin Hogan Traded

    Hogan will be a starter, he's as good as Joe Flacco- only younger.
  15. Kevin Hogan Traded

    Hogan is a young QB and he's ready to play now. He's sat for 2 years and he's continued to develop to the point where now he needs gametime experience. It's Hogan time... somewhere. It's typical for the Browns to develop talent and then just let it leave only to keep the trash only to rinse and repeat the cycle over and over and over and over and over and .....
  16. I don't know if Ray Farmer could pass a white board test...
  17. It's no wonder Pettine had beef with him.
  18. All Saquon, all the Time...

    Cysko, you get the award for dumbest answer!!! Congrats... why would you want the Browns #1 selection to bust? Are you not a Browns fan?
  19. All Saquon, all the Time...

    I don't know what stats you guys are going to try and base your opinion on but it really doesn't matter. Watch the film. Not highlight videos- Game tape. Full games. Then come back and give your opinion. If you are just looking at stats you don't have a full understanding in order to form a proper opinion. Barkley may have ranked 28th in rushing yards, maybe- I don't know. But then what about his receptions as well, does that not factor in by your account? Barkley is the BEST ALL AROUND running back to come out of the draft in the last 20 years. You can't just look at what he did in college, look at what he is capable of doing and what he will be in the NFL. The scheme that Penn State ran was a big part of the reason his numbers look the way they do. If Barkley switched places with Chubb, Sony Michel, Penny or whatever other RB you want to trot out there- Barkley would have destroyed whatever number they put up. Saquon was met in the backfield on over 40% of his carries, it's amazing the guy was able to get positive yardage at all. So, if you don't want to watch the tape, can't wrap your head around the different type of scheme/playbook/offense he was used in, admit that the lack of quality on the Penn State Offensive Line(are there any OL from Penn State projected to go in the first/second/third rounds?) was paramount in his negative plays, won't accept that a running back that doubles as a WR has extra value and merit in it's own right- you'll simply never understand until whatever "talking head" that you worship decides to give you your opinion.
  20. All Saquon, all the Time...

    Taking Barkley in the first round gives us 5 years- 4 years with a team option 5th year. That will put us just after the 2022 NFL season. Saquon will then be 26 years old. If he is everything that everyone thinks he can be, myself included- I could easily seen us resigning him to another 5 year contract. Getting Penny would just help to disperse some of the mileage that runningbacks can endure. Late in games, resting for the playoffs, getting a breather or a blow here or there. Plus, you would have two really solid guys to return Kicks and Punts... well, 3 really- Peppers, Penny and Barkley. Imagine formation sets where you have Peppers joining these guys or whatever Haley can come up with. I'm just saying that Penny would help to lessen the load on Barkley... not saying that he'd need it, but it would help for Barkley to have a loooong and healthy career for the Browns. ... It would take away some of his carries and hurt his totals a little, especially late in games if put him on ice for the next week- once the other team is demoralized and the Browns have pulled away, running the ball is going to become much easier for a guy like Saquon to really rack up the yardage. And, I'm sure I'll hear about how Penny is tearing up the stat column... but we'll all know why.
  21. All Saquon, all the Time...

    Give this one a view, it's pretty good. Has interviews with Barkley's high school coach, his college coach and his college positional coach. The broadcasters say that Barkley would be DYNAMITE in the Browns Offense with Haley as OC and the weapons on the perimeter.
  22. All Saquon, all the Time...

    Here is the Penny video breakdown for comparison. Love Penny and I'm supporting taking Penny with that last second rounder if he's still available. That would set up our running back position for the next 10 years.
  23. All Saquon, all the Time...

    Are you afraid you'll learn something?
  24. All Saquon, all the Time...

    The above video covers a wide range of points. Such as 3 down back, athleticism, Barkley's arsenal, ball security, one on one matchups, the ability to help the QB determine whether he's facing man or zone coverage really easily. Just take a few minutes and get a better idea of what you're getting with Saquon.