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  1. PoeticG

    Bengals fans taking OBJ trade well...

    ...In other news, Bengals first round selection Jonah Williams, who was selected #11 overall is lost for the season. When it rains, it pours. 😪😂🤣 All joking aside, I hope he recovers well, never wish players outside of Pittsburgh to get hurt.
  2. PoeticG

    Jags trade theorhetical

    Yeah, that's right, I almost forgot. Still. Ramsey would be a nice addition.
  3. PoeticG

    Jags trade theorhetical

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/jaguars-cb-jalen-ramsey-says-he-wont-be-getting-contract-extension/ar-AACIRXJ?ocid=spartanntp They should just trade us him. We'll give them Duke and a 3rd rounder in next years draft. We could even sweeten the deal if need be. But there is no sense in keeping him if they are already saying he won't receive a contract extension... he still has 2 years left on his rookie deal.
  4. PoeticG

    Gerald McCoy signs with Panthers

    Eh, don't need him anyway.
  5. PoeticG

    Who is your choice?

    Otto Graham no matter what.
  6. PoeticG

    Gerald McCoy signs with Panthers

    If he signs with any team other than us... he's not really into winning a championship. Playoffs, maybe. But let it be known that we are winning it all.
  7. PoeticG

    Right Guard - it’s not just deodorant

    Corbett was a very high, nearly first round pick. He learned under the Pros for a year and now it's his time to step in and contribute. Corbett as a rookie was not going to replace Zeitler in his first season. Z was a quality starter and a monster. I think that Corbett will eventually take over for Tretter when the time comes. Tretter is very good, he's only 28 years old. Corbett is 5 years younger than Tretter is... call it a contingency plan. Corbett for now is the swing man, and that's okay. He is the backup center and can also pop in and around the line and contribute. Can he pull off full time starter on the right side of the line somewhere? We will see soon enough.
  8. PoeticG

    Cut Browns Find New Home Thread

    I said Derek Carr, they drafted JFF. I said Kevin Hogan should be the guy over Kizer… was I wrong? I said Baker Mayfield. Even during the season I said that should Hogan start, Mayfield may well be better than him and was all for drafting Baker. I said Saquon, he was rookie of the year, but I digress.
  9. PoeticG

    Cut Browns Find New Home Thread

    You just gotta trust on this one...
  10. PoeticG


    Certainly need a good guy to step up in a pinch. Can't have enough of these guys.
  11. PoeticG

    Greedy Williams

    The Steelers will finish 2nd if not 3rd. Bengals in the basement. Pittsburgh and Ravens can scrap over a wildcard.
  12. PoeticG


    Corbett, Forbes, Bitonio, Tretter and Robinson will be able to buy Baker enough time to find his guy. Baker won't hold on to the ball, get it out and to the playmakers, or take off, quick. They will be a solid line for us.
  13. PoeticG

    Any Holes left to Fill?

    This team has no holes now. For the first time is a long, long time, our ship is not leaking. They have reinforced the hull and added new sails as well. FULL SPEED AHEAD, WE'VE A LOMBARDI TO CATCH!
  14. PoeticG

    The Scottish Hammer

    On March 21, 2019, Hogan re-signed with the Broncos. Broncos have Flacco, Lock and Hogan. That's a pretty good QB room.