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  1. PoeticG

    Landry / William's

    It's time for it to start spilling into the fanbase... BELIEVE!!!!
  2. PoeticG

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    This may have been why Coleman was cut/traded. There WAS a reason for it. I just don't know what it was exactly. You don't cut a 1st rounder going into is 3rd year when he's finally healthy enough to get a gauge on. So far as Hue has always said, Corey was a playmaker and he just needed to be healthy. Something happened. Between the OC Haley bringing that up in the meeting and Landry's rant- maybe they were directed towards Coleman and a message was sent before that Sheet becomes contagious. ??? I don't know, but you could have gotten a 7th rounder outta nearly any team AFTER the Pre-Season. Money is NOT an issue so it has to be something else. 1-31 Teams turn over EVERY STONE. *- The Haley discussion I believe was regarding Duke Johnson and his susceptibility to hamstring pulls is what the reference I was getting from Hue. It could also related to Coleman I guess, and maybe Duke gets the message indirectly from Haley that it's time to pick it up, maybe it's to multiple players. That Sheet's contagious as Shmuck. - It's weird to hear the players curse. We're all just people, tryna make some paper just to pay for dinner later.
  3. PoeticG

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    I've got a confession... Bless'em then~
  4. PoeticG

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    I feel good about where Gordon is after watching the episode. Landry speech was great- that Sheet IS contagious! Carl and Taylor Swift... lol QB RV... Hard Knocks goes where it wants.... run a hose to the woods- SICK! lol Kirksey on the drums was dope. Damn Hue, who knew?! Time to rally for our coach. Culture change isn't just for the players. It's time to step up as fans. Wash away the old, bring in a new attitude. We're all part of the problem. Can't wait until Thursday. And next episode. Coleman looks pissed in the teaser.
  5. PoeticG

    Cory Coleman Traded

    I was hoping Jarvis Landry could get young Coleman up to speed... With Louis' injury and surgery I would have liked to keep him around for another year or two to see if he could turn the page. If I remember Coleman was really young coming into the league, wasn't he? Maybe something happened behind the scene that caused this trade, maybe we'll find out on hard-knocks...
  6. PoeticG

    Tom Heckert

    Aww, damn. I liked Tom Heckert. Reinforces that this life is only temporary, we've got to move past all the pettiness and hate. We only have a short time here...
  7. PoeticG

    This new helmet rule

    Your head is in between both of your shoulders that you've been taught to hit with... what the Shmuck are you supposed to do? If a ball carrier dives through a hole, if I'm a defender I'm making his helmet hit me and calling foul- it's a 15 yard penalty and loss of down... this may be the straw that breaks the camels back. Football is dead.
  8. PoeticG

    This new helmet rule

    Football is football. Football is not basketball. Boxing is not basketball... so, imagine if they did to boxing what they are trying to do to football... it would not be boxing, it would be dancing. Football is violent, football is sometimes nasty- despite what you've heard, football is not for everybody. It's natural to want to protect the player's health, but if you're going to call it football- you actually need to play football. I can't watch subjective penalties or whatnot being called on a whim. Penalties must have the ability to be challenged by a coach if they are going to impact a game in the magnitude that they are. It's too easy for refs to fix games or at least give off the vibe that they could be fixing the games to help Vegas lines.
  9. Debuts Tuesday August 7th at 10pm … with hour long episodes each Tuesday(with an encore play on Wednesday at the same time) culminating for the season finale on September 4th. I don't know if that's how long they'll be in town or that's just when it airs.
  10. As an aside- I'd take a chance on a fallible Josh "flash" Gordon over 10 Kenny Britts, Dwane Bowes and Donte Stallworths...
  11. No offense my brother, it's just that I've heard this so many times, not just from you but a lot of places- I felt it needed addressed. I'm actually okay with him not being here. 1) Hard Knocks is a drama, and drama is the last thing Gordon needs. 2) Gordon is in amazing shape. He's actually one of the most physically gifted WRs in the game. The last thing we need is for him to tear an ACL or something before we unleash him on PIT. 3) Gordon may not have the games logged but he's been in the league nearly 6 years now and is still on his rookie contract. He's making peanuts compared to other WRs that couldn't hold his jock strap. He knows he has no legs to stand on for holding out for a new contract but I believe minimizing the risk for both parties is the best thing for all of us right now. If Gordon keeps his head on straight and has a monster year, helps us make the playoffs and end the drought, he could be in for a sizeable raise next year.
  12. Can you please... for the love of everything holy... quit saying this! It makes you sound like you don't know what you are talking about. Literally 20 seconds of research will show you that the entire WR room and coaches were part of this. You got them for scoring a TD.
  13. PoeticG

    Dez on his way ?

    Britt was a cancer. He whined and cried the whole time. He groaned about playing in London. He stayed out all night with Coleman partying the night before Hogan got his one and only start. Shmuck him and his 500,000 dollars per catch salary...
  14. PoeticG

    Dez on his way ?

    Church is an umbrella - for the "goodies" and the "baddies" alike...
  15. PoeticG

    So, What's up with this?

    Can we still post videos from YouTube? I mean some of the highlight vids have music in the background playing...