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  1. PoeticG

    Kelvin Benjamin

    Just released by the Bills. We should have first dibs. Get him in here and try him out, maybe he'd buy in like the rest of the guys. Jarvis, Callaway, Benjamin, Higgins, Perriman... nice Funny that we play Carolina next...
  2. PoeticG

    Dalton out for the Year

    That is a little payback for all the games Cincy laughed in our faces while we were down... Didn't Ocho Cinco used to send the DBs tissues before the game? Didn't Dalton throw a TD to Green while we were still in the huddle? That last game was for a couple of years ago in Manziel's first start in relief of Hoyer when they shit all over his money sign on National Television and allowed the bald guy at work to strut around all day long saying "Browns' Suck". They better find a backup for their backup cause we're about to have round 2.
  3. Whatever it takes to win... it's well known that there are powers that be. Those powers wanted Patriotism and the Patriots spear headed their way into a dynasty. All that aside, we have to do what we have to do out there on the field and declare- That we are the masters of our own destines. We are not some puppet to be used as a background side prop. Cleveland needs to best the refs by playing clean, then beat the opponent by playing hard and smart... and together. When we're playing 11 guys working as one, in sync and determined- no team can stand against that. Know what you're up against. Beat them soundly and leave no wiggle room. Now is the time... go seize it.
  4. PoeticG

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Thanks Stan. Appreciate ya. Bless em.
  5. PoeticG

    The Browns Path to the Playoffs

    We are just behind Baltimore and Cincy. Baltimore is sending out Jackson and he won't last long as a full time QB. Cincy is still missing AJ Green if I believe and maybe both Baltimore and Cincy lose this week. Then next week we beat Cincy that knocks them down two spots. That would put us 1/2 a game behind the Bengals and closer to having the edge if beat them. I believe we would also pass the Ravens since we beat them as well. One step at a time. This team seems to be coming together at the right time despite the slew of injuries and have embraced the next man up mentality.
  6. PoeticG

    Did you See His Handoff Though?

    Thank you so very much. So far, so good on the Otto front. We'll know what's going on inside once we got back to the eye doctor and then even more in January when he gets his follow up MRI. On the outside, he's looking much better. Quick story. After his follow up appointment with the neurosurgeon she suggested to quit washing his incision on his head 3 times a day with the baby soap and to start just cleaning it once a day and afterwards apply some Neosporin to help the stitches and scab start to come off... So we did that, a few days into this routine the area around the half moon incision started to raise up and the incision itself started to look infected. It almost looked like a there was a walnut under the skin. We started to think that the pressure was building back up and the surgery wasn't working. We were debating whether to take him to the emergency room, or at least call the hospital, we were thinking he might have to go back into another surgery and he was just doing so good too... We finally called and sent the doctor a few pictures of area and mentioned it started a few days after applying the Neosporin. She said go back to washing 3 times a day with baby soap and to quit putting on the Neosporin. Almost immediately after, the redness and swelling went away and he started doing better than ever. He went straight to walking around. He started baby talking, signing, singing, walking and even doing baby Elvis dance moves- it's amazing! He puts his little hands together when we sit down for dinner and says, "Pay", for pray. He's so sweet.
  7. PoeticG

    Did you See His Handoff Though?

    I watched that entire video with the biggest smile on my face... I could get used to this!
  8. PoeticG

    If the Playoffs started today 11/13

    Browns are coming back... one game at a time. We can catch them if we don't look back.
  9. I want to say "thank you" to Stan and give my condolences to his family. This board is more than just a forum, it's become a family. For me it's the first and last stop on the web. I'm sure that Stan put a word in for us long suffering Browns fans on the other side and just maybe this last game vs. the Falcons that saw us flying high was a shout out for the one who gave us all a voice... Mitch Trubisky got the memo and balled out for you boss dawg. 👑Stan, rest in peace brother.
  10. PoeticG

    Hueless to join Bungles

    That snake. I hope this whips our boys into a frenzy. Loyalty? This bitch was never a dawg. POS.
  11. PoeticG

    This is just crazy. . .

    He's been doing wonderfully. He's even started walking now. He's a bulldozer
  12. PoeticG

    This is just crazy. . .

    Sympathy awards?
  13. PoeticG

    If the Playoffs started today 11/6/18

    We're only 3 game outside of winning the division with 3 more division games to go. Whole lotta football, let's win this Sheet.
  14. PoeticG

    Gregg Williams interim head coach

    Corbett, Bitonio, Tretter, Zeitler, Robinson - Put your best five monsters out there on the Oline and play to their strength. Run Chubb. Play action fake. Duke in space. When will we get a press conference from Coach?
  15. PoeticG

    Gregg Williams interim head coach

    It seems to me that Dorsey and Haslam want Gregg to elevate the team to embody his intensity. The Defensive side of the ball has done that, mostly. The offense is just too soft. Pittsburgh's offense was mean and nasty yesterday and the difference in intensity was easy to see... "You've got to claw by your fingernails, for that inch...". I believe that Haslam's hope is for Gregg to assume the Head Coaching job and retain it through next year. If Gregg wins 6 games, he's in for a hefty pay raise.