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  1. The Process Poll

    Just take a look at Zane Gonzales, dude was shanking the kicks left and right, missing extra points and everything. He worked his way through it. He's been doing better now though, and think about it, he's just a kicker, Hogan had a fired up Texans Defense and an explosive Offense to try and overcome as well as the nerves... everyone is entitled to a bad game.
  2. The Process Poll

    Crazy Kevin? lol Here let me try it this way: It's crazy that Kevin is the leader on this team and he's the guy that guys will follow and fight for, but coach has him behind Kessler and Kizer, both of his boys.
  3. The Process Poll

    He played college for 4-5 years and won a lot of games plus this is his second year on the team, that is a lot of experience. Most of the players on our team are young and looking for leadership. Hogan can LEAD this team. Kizer finally passes Hogan in TD passes last game. Go back and watch the Texans game. Watch it. Hogan through that out flat to Duke, Duke turned and slowed then stopped on the pick 6. If Duke continues the route to where Hogan thought he was gonna be then it's a catch. The other int was to Duke as well, Duke gets pushed out of bounds by the LB and it should have been Defensive pass interference but turned into a pick. The last int was just downfield heave to try and get some chunk yardage before the half to close the gap, turned out to be a bad comeback by the WR, didn't comeback to the ball or stop the DB from jumping him. All in all, Hogan tried to keep pace with the Texans when they had just scored like 80 points the past 3 weeks and we were already struggling on offense, part of the reason Kevin started that game. We had the 2 best WRs already not playing because of injury and actually got sent home. Hostile environment. Too much pressure all at once. Our defense gave up some huge plays and a lot of points, that's not all on Hogan. That game sucked top to bottom. But don't exaggerate and try to pin it all on Hogan. Hogan has been the only positive player at the QB position this year. Check the stats.
  4. The Process Poll

    Hue Jackson say's he looking for leaders to step up on Offense. It's hard when the player's champion is sitting at 3rd string at QB. Play Kevin Hogan MAN. Crazy Kevin is the leader on this team, he's almost the elder statesman on the team and an excellent leader for a young football team. They players will follow Kevin to victories if Hue would just stop trying to cram Kizer down their throat. It's pretty simple bud, it's not rocket science as much as you guys would like to make it out to be. Kevin had ONE chance to make an impression and the pressure got to him that Texans game. It happens. But wake up to reality, the buzzer has been going off for weeks.
  5. The Process Poll

    What we should do is demote Hue Jackson to OC. He can do okay if that's all he has to worry about and doesn't get the say on who plays. The HC should give him the players and say, make THIS work, period. That is his only chance at this point. He doesn't make the right decisions on who plays and where and when. The Head Coach should have his hand on both the Offense and Defense, hell even some special teams here and there, but Hue doesn't have a clue what is happening on the defensive side of the ball. If Hue won't take the OC job then tell him to take a hike and good luck finding another team willing to give a 1-25 HC another chance after the debacle that follows him from gameday to gameday.
  6. Should we draft a quarterback 1st overall?

    My ideal situation would be to keep the QBs that we have now. Hogan starts, Kizer backup, Kessler reserve Draft the best and biggest WR and RB. Barkley and Ridley Gives us Gordon/Coleman/Ridley at WR with Coates and Company as reserves Barkley and Duke gives us a potent 1-2 punch at RB With the 3 second round picks use them to move up and take the best OL specifically LT. Combine whatever is left to move us back into the first round and take the best CB. Take the best RB/WR/CB/LT We have tons of youth, let it develop and sell out to add 4 blue chip players.
  7. The Hoorta goes Ghoolie...

    Hogan simply had ONE BAD GAME, or depending how you look at it, ONE BAD QUARTER... Kizer has had 8 BAD GAMES and one OKAY game. Hogan is better than both Kizer and Kessler put together.
  8. The Hoorta goes Ghoolie...

    You keep saying this but no matter how many times you say it, it's not going to make it true. Hoorta said, "When Kizer was injured." Not the one game when Kizer was BENCHED. His passes took hours to get to the receivers? How is it that he nailed passes on the Ravens with zip and accuracy but then "because the D had a week to prepare for him" it somehow MAGICALLY weakens his arm. It's just nonsense.
  9. Deshone Kizer

    Hue can go Shmuck himself, both he and Kitanic deserve each other because they both suck. Start Kevin Hogan when you decide you want to win a game. I hope Hue takes Kizer with him when he goes to jump in that frozen lake after the season.
  10. Week 11 - You Decide~

    It was on this weeks Hue Jackson's Show on Clevelandbrowns.com I believe.
  11. Week 11 - You Decide~

    Hue clearly stated that Kevin Hogan is ABSOLUTELY 100% completely healthy by the way. He said he may switch it back later in the season?!!! What the Shmuck for Hue?
  12. Week 11 - You Decide~

    Okay, well despite Kessler failing and possibly costing us the game last week. Despite Hogan performing admirably in relief time and actually OUTPERFORMING the starting QB DeShe Kitanic he's regulated as the 3rd string QB. How do you CHALLENGE for the Start and WIN the start and then go ALL the way back to 3rd string? Is this simply to keep Kizer from looking over his shoulder? Hue giving his "boy" piece of mind? Shmuck that, you play the best QB that you have. Hue needs to go. If he stays on the it should be only as an OC with the stipulation that he works tirelessly to figure out how to execute a proper NFL offensive gameplan, Hue does not have an inspiring or motivating personality, he's not particularly clever or funny. He's a dullard and often repeats the same dullard cowpoop, every practice, every game and especially after every press conference after yet another loss. I've watched every one of them- "These guys "battled"(played football), we need to get better and we will(we suck), we need to do a better job coaching(I suck) and we're gonna keep working at it(Doing the same thing that got us in this situation)~ News flash guys, there really is such a thing as a bad coach and a good coach- I'll let you decide which one Hue is next week on - Week 12 You Decide. smh
  13. Analytics Videos

    You guys can joke and mock all you want. We've all seen the strikes he's thrown. He let a couple sail on him when he was rushed and hit while throwing, however this does not constitute a "noodle arm" as you would say. Hogan has ample arm strength to make ALL the throws required and he has the ability to stretch the field while taking deep shots. He actually has or had the longest completion down field earlier in the season, far surpassing the Kitanic... The cream will rise to the top. Hue can only suppress Hogan for so long. In time it will become self evident, until then carry on.
  14. Analytics Videos

    Hogan doesn't have a noodle arm. He has a cannon arm. I think you're thinking of somebody else.
  15. Analytics Videos

    I don't think so, I think that his production rating ranked Hogan with the potential of him possibly being among PROBOWL QBs.