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  1. Josh Gordon

    His NFL career hasn't even started yet.
  2. Josh Gordon

    Dude. What are you watching? You have to be kidding. Hogan doesn't rocket the ball at the turf or at a WR like Kizer does- not because he can't but because he's throwing a CATCHABLE BALL for the WR to make a play on it and get YAC. It's not because he can't.
  3. Josh Gordon

    What did or has Kizer done? He's an inch taller than Hogan and can throw hard... Hogan is egregiously underrated as a runner- he's quick, and he can throw on the run very well. So when people seem to think that Kizer is on a different level than Hogan physically... I've gotta chuckle.
  4. Josh Gordon

    Besides that though, he's smart too- much like Carr. Hogan called his protections and gave his lineman the assignments in college. He's called the plays and the audibles in the big games and under pressure. He's put in more time than Kizer has and he's therefor the better QB. He was the starter for 4 years after Andrew Luck went to the NFL. He had big shoes to fill and nobody would have blamed him if he wasn't able to fill them, he not filled those shoes but he left an even bigger footprint when he left.
  5. Josh Gordon

    I don't know where you get off saying that Hogan has physical limitations. He's nearly 6'4" and 225 lbs. He's actually got a very strong arm. They said he had a big arm in college and I don't think it shrinks once you're in the NFL, it's only going to get stronger.
  6. Josh Gordon

    Yeah, we had the chance. Blew it. I got the same vibes from Hogan as I did from Carr. Start that man. He's gonna be good. We should have just paid Terrell Pryor to stay here too. I would have liked to see Carr(or Hogan) as the QB. WRs- Gordon, Pryor and Coleman in the slot with Higgins/Ricardo bringing up the #4/5 spots It would be nice to get a Blue chip RB, I liked both Fournette and McCafferey. Thought that it would be interesting reuniting McC and Hogan in the NFL, they had some good offense in college. Crow and Duke will work for now.
  7. Josh Gordon

    Should have drafted Tyrann Mathieu, Karl Joseph and Khalil Mack but what do I know? You're much smarter than I am. Should have kept Haden. We need to start Kevin Hogan. Jimmy Haslam needs to get Goodell on the phone and give him an earful about getting Gordon reinstated. We also need to go pluck Scooby Wright off the Cardinals practice squad. I don't even wanna know what Greg Williams could do with that beast.
  8. Josh Gordon

    Derek Carr should have been our first pick.
  9. Josh Gordon

    What did Jim Brown say about the way they talked to him? That he would have stayed and played another year at least if they would have treated him differently... The way Hue left it out there when he was asked about Gordon was wrong. He could have simply said that he understood and he would have Gordon's back and that when he was better he would love to have him be able to be a part of the team. I think that we embrace Josh and let him know that we care about HIM and we want him to play here for us would go a long way. Back the Flash.
  10. Josh Gordon

    #FreeJoshGordon #PLAYtheMAN #12FlashBackers
  11. Josh Gordon

    Josh Gordon has served his time, to continue to sit him out sends the wrong message to players that are working on bettering themselves and getting help. I hope that upon release from rehabilitation and clearing Josh Gordon's name of Drugs and Alcohol that Roger Goodell can stamp his reinstatement tomorrow. We have, as Browns Fans, found ourselves in need of WR help and Gordon is a valuable member of our team and community. Gordon seems to be working hard and keeping in shape ready to redeem himself in the eyes of the NFL and society.
  12. Josh Gordon

    It's Christmas Eve Dawgpound! Josh Gordon is to be released from rehab tomorrow~ Let's welcome him back with open arms for a hopefully VERY BRIGHT future in Cleveland! Let's go Flash, where have you been? We've missed you!
  13. Corey Coleman placed on IR

    WRs will be: #1- Josh Gordon #2- Ricardo Lewis #3- Hollywood Higgins #4-7- Britt/Coates/Williams/Leslie
  14. Kevin Hogan

    We are wasting our time playing with Kizer. The Browns could be 2-0 if Hogan was starting... and winning the division.
  15. Kevin Hogan

    Keep dreaming on what Kizer "might" turn into one day instead of what he actually is - a turnover machine.