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    I like playing football. Coaching my kids. Training and working hard. Sweating and getting dirty. Relaxing and playing videogames. Barbequeing and camping. Writing poems and Freestyling for hours. Creating inventions, products and franchises. Watching documentaries about ancient times and civilizations. Talking with strangers and posting about The Cleveland Browns.

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  1. PoeticG

    Football and coronavirus

    I think I've come up with a solution so that we can have football... I'm working on a prototype tomorrow after work.
  2. PoeticG

    Njoku Back In

    Fuck that agent Drew. I hate that fuck. He's always making our players think that they can get more elsewhere. He's a fucking leach.
  3. PoeticG

    Njoku Back In

    Nope, Njoku. You ain't getting traded. We're running your balls off now...
  4. PoeticG

    Manziel happy to be done with football

    Should have drafted Derek Carr...
  5. PoeticG

    Career Assessment Time

    BR Sucks. Fuck him and his cheap ass team.
  6. It was 15-13 when they handed the game to Tenn by allowing them to get away with that crap. After that the writing was on the wall and it was clear they weren't going to be doing us any favors. The air was sucked out the stadium.
  7. This IS the year. And btw that Tenn game while maybe not fixed it certainly was bullshit. There was clearly a block in the back that allowed Henry to run off that screen for a TD...
  8. PoeticG

    NFL / Covid Updates

    So it's good to challenge the facts?
  9. PoeticG

    NFL / Covid Updates

    So what you're saying is that a fact has never been proven wrong?
  10. PoeticG

    NFL / Covid Updates

    Look guys, if we were talking Ebola or Bubonic Plague or something crazy like that, I'd be right there with ya. But we're talking about the flu. Not Ebola, the flu... I feel like Iverson- and ya'll in here talkin about practice?...
  11. Combine that with teams going to be forced to reckon with a hungry and healed up Njoku! I still feel the sky is the limit for the Chief!
  12. PoeticG

    NFL / Covid Updates

    Besides that... I gave you the facts straight according to the CDC when in fact they have identical symptoms. And the fact that "Chills" and "shaking from chills" are a common "common flu" symptom that was left out. Those were the facts. Now if we're interpreting them, I say its the same thing. You say it's not. It's down to belief again.
  13. PoeticG

    NFL / Covid Updates

    Well, depending on your interpretation of the facts you certainly can have two different sides to facts. Say that analogy for instance about the Browns being defending Super Bowl Champions... Being as each season is reset and no team is greater than another, as long as Cleveland never loses they are essentially the Superbowl Champions... they are defending their title each time they take the field. I know it's not quite the same but a cool thought none-the-less...
  14. PoeticG

    NFL / Covid Updates

    Then there again it's what FACTS do you believe in. I say it's a FACT that Jesus is a real and living God. Someone who does not believe would say it's a FACT that he's not real. So, it's what YOU choose to believe in and from what side you get your FACTS from... because there's always at least two sides, sometimes more. Bottom line, if I was you and you were me, we'd both agree that each other were right. Live and let live, do you YOU think is right, but respect others because maybe you're wrong...
  15. PoeticG

    NFL / Covid Updates

    Everyone has the freedom to think freely and believe what they want. That is your right as well as anybody else for that matter. So those who belittle other for having differing beliefs, should listen twice as much as they speak. Those who think I'm insensitive or think that I believe that any loss of life is okay have me sorely mistaken, it's quite the contrary. When I say that the "common flu" kills 60,000 Americans and over 600,000 HUMAN BEINGS across the face of the Earth each year; I don't mean it dismissively or to minimize those deaths or to say that some death is worse than another. The bottom line is I care and hope the best for each and everyone, life is precious. It's just to offer another perspective.