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  1. PoeticG

    The Schedule Game

    Exactly, we should not admit defeat before the season even starts. That is a loser's mentality. We shall not lose, we shall destroy any and every team that crosses our path.
  2. PoeticG

    The Pick At 49

    Trade it for a first rounder next year. That way we'll have 2 firsts next draft. Trade it with a struggling team so it'll be a high first. We are set, this year. trade the draft away and stockpile for next year. Time to reload.
  3. PoeticG

    Safety Arriving ....Berry, Boston ?

    Eric Berry is a beast. Make it happen Superbowl bound Browns.
  4. PoeticG

    Browns Shopping Duke and Ogbah

    Don't trade Kong. Keep Ogbah and let him earn a new contract here. He's good.
  5. PoeticG

    Tyrod to The Chargers

    Kevin Hogan!
  6. PoeticG

    Changing of the Guard?

    Envy is a sin.
  7. PoeticG

    Changing of the Guard?

    Don't use the Lord's Name in vain. I'm okay with Chubb and Hunt, they'll be nice. But Barkley would be better. Just saying. The Rookie of the Year would agree with me.
  8. PoeticG

    Changing of the Guard?

    Now, imagine if we had Barkley. Now, he's the missing piece. The Giants are now where we were a while ago when many were saying that the runningback is the final piece- mostly because of length of years they function at their prime. But wouldn't now be the opportune time for us to have a back like Barkley? Man, Baker, OBJ, Landry, Njoku and Barkley would have a 5 year run the likes the NFL has never seen. I read an article on the Giants could waste the prime years of Barkley's career trying to rebuild. Throw the house at the Giants, Give em Duke Johnson, 2nd, 3rd rounders this year and a 1, 2, 3 next year and lets run this. Hahaha, wishful thinking but maaaan, that would be fun.
  9. PoeticG

    Perriman headed to Tampa Bay

    Njoku is gonna crush em now for real - for real.
  10. PoeticG


    Dorsey is a DAWG@@
  11. PoeticG

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    Just gonna leave this here too... lol It's a good day to be a dawg.
  12. PoeticG


    Ya'll ready? Been waiting a long time for this. The damn world better not end.
  13. PoeticG

    OBJ is a BROWN!!!!!

    Baker it the king with 2 queens. Checkmate.
  14. PoeticG


  15. PoeticG


    Bark and the Bite!!!