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  1. PoeticG

    ***Official Browns Vs. Chargers Game Day Thread***

    They were on outside runs out in the flat, on punt returns and well into our second level on LBs. They were virtually on EVERY big play, they were holding all over the place, they nearly pulled off one of our DLs jerseys on one play- had half his belly out. The Chargers cheated and got away with it...
  2. PoeticG

    ***Official Browns Vs. Chargers Game Day Thread***

    I've counted OVER 13 BLOCKS in the back that resulted in extra yards for the Chargers and NOT A SINGLE FLAG... it's maddening. We should have just teed off on Rivers and ended his career.
  3. PoeticG

    ***Official Browns Vs. Chargers Game Day Thread***

    Watch this Sheet on 50% speed, it's painful to watch again but afterwards you know the truth.
  4. PoeticG

    ***Official Browns Vs. Chargers Game Day Thread***

    That Shmucking long TD Randall picked it off and that bitch WR just rips it from him on the ground and the motherShmucking refs give him the TD. Laughable. I don't even count this one against Cleveland. Shmuck that Sheet. Refs should be fired, there is plenty of evidence biased officiating.
  5. PoeticG

    ***Official Browns Vs. Chargers Game Day Thread***

    SD held and blocked in the back on nearly every single big run, including the first one for a TD. If the refs are going to allow that type of Sheet, they are allowing the teams to play by two different sets of rules. Obvious cowpoop.
  6. PoeticG

    Hillard moved to active roster

    Blowout win?... Had to dig into the stat charts to really find even just a win... but if we break it down. 2018 - This season has seen extremely close game after nail biting finish routinely. We need to go baaaack- 2017 - This season goes down in history as one of the worst ever seen- The Browns were close a few times, but the football gods would never allow Cleveland to win even a single game so as to ensure that the Chosen One would be chosen at one... thus- no blowout wins here, but they did get notably blown out a handful of times. 2016 - Cleveland tallied only a single strike in the win column this season, beating the Chargers by a late field goal attempt on a blustery Christmas Eve game at First Energy... the rest of the season handed them another handful of blowout losses. 2015 - One might this season as holding the last Cleveland Blowout Win, however- beating the 49er's by 2 touchdowns when it's only a week removed from a 37-3 drumming by the Bengals, one might chalk that up to the death throws of a defeated season. Money Manziel couldn't buy a win. 2014 - All the way back in ol' 14 we find a glimmering of the last ingredient needed to fulfill our search. Cleveland's Terrance West and Brian Hoyer swung the cat around by it's tail with a 24-3 Victory over the Bengals, it's a 21 POINT victory, and I distinctly remember it feeling incredible and so satisfying- certainly felt like a blowout win. However, the cat did get it's revenge, pelting Cleveland on the top of the head with a golden goose egg, thanks Billy. Of most notable mention- Cleveland also thrashed Pittsburgh Oct. 12th. 31-10 at First energy almost 4 years to the day. This one felt even better than the more recent Bengals blowout. I can't remember the last time Steelers Fans cleared out of our stadium before our own. It felt like cold revenge for the playoff parties Pittsburgh likes to have at our house. 2013 - Nothing to see here- just a lot of "ugh"... 2012 - Our biggest most recent blowout lead is found here. Brandon Weedone and Josh Gordon torched the Kansas City Chiefs 30-7, for a 23 point victory! Our biggest blowout also capped another mile marker in team history by capping a 3 GAME WIN STREAK! … but there must be more, right? Right? 2011 - Colt McCoy managed just 4 wins this year. 27-19 win against the Colts on the legs and shoulders of Mr. Madden himself, Peyton Hillis- the white rhino baby! Sadly, no blowouts though. 2010 - Peyton Hillis leads us again on two back to back victories to cliff note this season. New Orleans and New England were engulfed by the white tsunami- 30-17 and 30-14! Close again to blowouts but not quite the fix we're looking for, still not satisfied enough? Let's keep digging... 2009 - Man, it's crazy back here! Charley Fried and Josh Cribbs mark the boards up here late in the season, Cleveland rattles off a 4 Game Win Streak to brighten a dark season. 2008 - Pushing the bounds of the statute of limitations, we see that there are some places best left in the past, nothing good lives here, as evidence by three blowout losses in a row to finish the year, including two goose egg knots on the top of Brownie's furry head. 2007 - I see a lot of wins, 10 of them to be exact. Derek Anderson and company managed 51 points in a wild shootout with the rival Bengals, and 41 points to the Dolphins' 31... Blowouts, nah. We've sucked for a long time but did we actually ever blow anybody? 2006 - Nope, gotta keep going... it's so cooold… 2005 - Pittsburgh murdered us in the comfort of our own home... in plain sight of 73,136 people, 41-0... oh, the humanity! ………… but wait, what's this?!- Waaaay back in 2005, The Cleveland Browns skunked the Miami Dolphins 22 to motherShmucking ZERO! Trent Dilfer, Reuben Droughns and Braylon Edwards combined to open Cleveland's last can of whoopass! Chargers, it sucks to be you.... We're due.
  7. PoeticG

    Hillard moved to active roster

    What is the spread on a blowout win? More than 21 points?
  8. PoeticG

    A Case For Hue

    He chose to start Taylor over Baker and wouldn't even entertain the notion. Which at this point is a forgone conclusion that Baker was and is the better QB. Unless, you think he got better in the 5 quarter he sat from the beginning of the Saints game till Tyrod went down in the 2nd Quarter of the Jets game. Hue sees these guys everyday, away from the media, unless he's completely Hueless, I mean clueless he should have known that Bake was legit.
  9. PoeticG

    A Case For Hue

    I'm not hating on Hue, I'm critiquing his coaching decisions and approach. Ultimately, his methods are why we won one game in 2 years, also why we have 2 losses this year. We should be undefeated right now. If he doesn't man up and quit being so damn stubborn and hard headed he's going to cost us many more losses. However, if he can just swallow his pride and listen to the people around him and man up, we could find ourselves in the hunt.
  10. PoeticG

    A Case For Hue

    He said he wouldn't go for it on 4th down, didn't even give it a second thought- to end the game in regulation. Even if you miss getting it in that situation the Defense gets a short field to hold them to just a FG or allow the quick score and 2pt to try, giving you a chance with time still on the clock. Then ONE week later in overtime, he goes for it on 4th and 7 or whatever it was...
  11. PoeticG

    Return of the Kardiac Kids

    The Heartbreakers? Either us or them, so it has to be them.
  12. PoeticG

    ***Official Browns Vs. Ravens Game Day Thread***

  13. PoeticG

    NFL Phucks Cleveland Twice in 4 Weeks

    Roughing the passer on Myles Garrett. Fumble by Derek Carr, Browns "reversed" first down. What the Shmuck ever... The Browns are 3-1. I won't see it any other way. NFL QUIT Shmucking CLEVELAND OVER YOU PUSSY BITCHES.
  14. PoeticG

    NFL Phucks Cleveland Twice in 4 Weeks

    Bullshi+ - they deserved to win. They put up 42 points on that team and sealed the deal by picking up a first down with under 2 minutes, with Gruden out of TOs. Game Over. The Browns won the game, period. The record can say what it wants. We beat Pittsburgh too. The Browns are 3-1, quit bitching.
  15. PoeticG

    What if...

    Never gonna happen. He's that cracker.