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  1. Hey dummy First of all, the girl never pressed charges. She didn't have to either. It was the State of Georgia who looked into the case. This is so typical of people shooting from the hip and spreading rumors. The sad part about it, Flugel, is all of this information was and is available. So it is you who is acting irresponsibly.
  2. This is all wishful thinking. Truth be told he will most likely not be charged. Have any of you followed the case? This is not to say Ben will skate. Goodell will have a suspention waiting for him when he meets with him. Here are the three possible outcomes... The DA wiil either charge him based on a she said he said... No DNA or interview was requested.... The DA will close the case due to a lack of evidence. Or an unreliable witness... The DA will aks for a Grand Jury investigation...
  3. magoo

    Tonight Game

    Wow Dallas is up 7-0 watch it Online here
  4. The 4-2 Steelers at home against the unbeaten Vikings The Story! So who will be the winner?
  5. Here is a look at the showdown Jets @ the Saints Jets need to establish a running game. With no runnig game the Jets could be in for a long day. Or perhaps the Jet's defense can stop Brees and Co.? Love to hear some thoughts about this.
  6. magoo

    The Steelers of 2009 ???

    Fair enough but what abut the lack of offense?
  7. Steeler head coach Mike Tomlin... "We need to finish football games better. That's the mark of a champion, and that's not us at this point" MORE>>> The Story Do the Steelers have a Super Bowl hangover?