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  1. dusty

    Browns Board March Madness

    Whew! Loyola pulled it off. Now I need the Buckeyes to wake up.
  2. dusty

    PSL Question

    If I recall it was the same price as the season tickets - so in actuality the first year season tickets cost double. I believe it is a scam especially since apparently they are no longer needed. If it was for a team in demand - then they would be worth it to guarantee your tickets.
  3. dusty

    PSL Question

    Upper deck = section 537
  4. dusty

    PSL Question

    I am getting ready to move out of state and won't be renewing my season tickets. Has anyone on here had any experience in selling a PSL? Thanks
  5. dusty

    1st time in Cleveland

    Hilton looks nice - can see it from my seats in 537- lol. if you make it to little Italy - Mama Santas - not expensive but good.
  6. dusty

    Trumps NFL tweet

    My 2 cents: The Jags and Rats protesting while in a foreign country borders on treason.
  7. dusty

    Football movie trivia

    #5 Draft Day
  8. Hopefully if it's considered a home game, that it comes late in the season. it's hard enough watching these guys in nice weather - to give up a September home game would really suck. Does anybody know how the season ticket holders for other teams have been compensated (our luck it will be a credit based on the cheapest dates)?
  9. dusty

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Next Thanksgiving we will be toasting a 7-4 record!
  10. dusty

    Roll Call

    Way to go Mike! Legend has it that Paul Brown liked the Falcon's (BG) colors and went with it for the Browns!
  11. dusty

    Roll Call

    Bowling Green Ohio who knows the connection Bowling Green has to the Browns??
  12. dusty

    Rejected Nicknames Trivia

    9. Washington Presidents MLB 12. Buffalo Blizzard Bills 5. Atlanta Peaches MLB
  13. dusty

    Survey Wednesday New Year's Eve

    1. So, College playoffs has its 4 teams.......who wins it all? (I may have had this question before...so what) Buckeyes beat the Ducks 2. So the NFL is down to 12 teams: A. Who do you want to win it all out of the 12 Packers B. Who do you think will win it? Packers 3. All things considered.....do you think that the Browns have been the most interesting NFL franchise from a national perspective over the last year? And why or why not? Yes - all you heard on ESPN and other national talkers was Johnny, Johhny, Johnny. 4. It is New Year's Eve, so we have to ask: Have you made any New Year's resolutions? If so, what? Resolve not to renew my season tickets (every other year it was to loose weight). 5. Do you think there is a vortex or black hole or aliens or something that is gobbling up airplanes over around Indonesia and Malaysia? No