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  1. dusty

    Browns vs Jags on TV

    I hope you are wrong. As of now I can get the Browns game here in Southern West Virginia.
  2. dusty

    Game weather: crap, cold rain.

    I agree. Was watching the game and told my wife the same thing. Felt sorry for the fans in the stands that have limited games to attend and have to sit through that. At least they won. I've sat through crappy weather only to go home with a loss - double whammy!
  3. dusty

    Browns vs Eagles on TV

    From 506Sports.com Looks like quite a bit of the country can watch the Browns! Lets show them what we got!
  4. dusty

    Browns vs Texans on TV

    From 506Sports.com
  5. dusty

    Is it too early to admit I was wrong?

    That is just wrong. I moved from NW Ohio to West Virginia 2 years ago and am always running into Browns fans here.
  6. dusty

    Browns vs Raiders on TV

    Same here!
  7. dusty

    Browns vs Raiders on TV

    The rest of the games: And of course the Buckeyes on ABC Saturday at 7:30!
  8. From 506Sports.com
  9. dusty

    Browns vs Bengals on TV

    And now the rest of the story:
  10. From 506sports.com Looks like very limited coverage for the Browns this weekend. I'm sure the embarrassment of last weekend didn't help. On a better note the Buckeyes are back! Noon Saturday on FOX!
  11. dusty

    Browns vs Steelers on TV

    Not only does Romo know his stuff (of course he would), he does an awesome job of communicating it. Something alot of players turned commentators haven't mastered.
  12. dusty

    Browns vs Steelers on TV

    Fox's late game is the battle of the Bays. Green Bay @ Tampa Bay Joe Buck, Troy Aikman This game will be broadcast nationally.
  13. From 506sports.com Looks like we get the top dogs from CBS this week!
  14. dusty

    If the Playoffs started today October 13.

    Maybe all those years of going for the top draft pick paid off (not really). Those seasons were really hard to sit in the stadium and watch. There was a point I couldn't even give my tickets away. I am loving this season!