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  1. dusty

    Choice for Browns HC in 2020?

    I say keep Freddie for another year. We can't keep flipping coaches. We have talent on the team. I think some on the team bought into the preseason hype. As Lou Brown said "All we need is something to bring it all together". Unlike Lou Brown I don't know what that is.
  2. dusty

    Week 14 NFL TV Maps

    Last week we had the "top" early announcers although they sure didn't sound like they were. I'll take Nantz and Romo any day over Eagle and Fouts. I understand getting excited over a big play but they went overboard when the steelers did anything.
  3. dusty

    Week 14 NFL TV Maps

    I noticed that too. I figured Jerry Jones thought he owned OK but they're playing Thursday.
  4. dusty

    Week 14 NFL TV Maps

    Well the Browns have a limited TV coverage area this week https://506sports.com/ (I can't get them here in Southern West Virginia). The weather in Cleveland looks great! Go Browns! Go Buckeyes!
  5. dusty

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to Browns fans everywhere! 🦃
  6. dusty

    Week 13 NFL Maps

    Not sure how accurate the weather forcast os this far out but doesn't look too bad (forcast says nothing about the smell though).
  7. dusty

    Week 13 NFL Maps

    I agree on the referees
  8. dusty

    Week 13 NFL Maps

    Sorry guys - looks like I messed up my previous post; Looks like a great weekend for football! Looks like the Browns / steelers game is the top early game and (especially for me) the game will be on CBS 59 here in southern West Virginia. http://506sports.com
  9. dusty

    Pitt-Browns game time changed to 1 PM

    Im not the one who posted but it's 506sports.com The maps come out Wednesday and that change was already there. I check it every week to see if the Browns will be on TV here in Southern West Virginia (they're not this week).
  10. dusty

    Survey Friday

    1. 10% - I'd consider it a successful season if we swept the rest of the division games. 2. Head Coach. Rest should fall into place. 3. A loss is a loss. 4. Johnny Manzel - just kidding. Otto for sure. Unfortunately these lists put more weight on recent players than historical ones. 5. Juárez - been there 15 years ago for work - can't imagine it has improved since then.
  11. dusty

    New NFL CBA

    Yes if I recall correctly they charged us for 9 games instead of 10 but they also increased season ticket prices at the same time so not much of a discount. Now with the "new" - past several years - of pricing different games with different prices it might work out better. I do like the suggestion of the 17th game being international if they keep those games.
  12. dusty

    New NFL CBA

    Great list of issues! I would add to the first item that set punishments be set for different infractions (like set fines for traffic offenses). That way the Patiots and Browns would be treated equally. For item G. I'd love for the players to say stuff it with the overseas games and be willing to forgo the money.
  13. dusty

    The Tavern

    Hey all. Just to let you all know I am a BROWNS fan. I'm more of a listener than a talker so I don't chime in much but I do follow the board. I was a season ticket holder (section 537) but gave them up when I moved from NW Ohio to southern West Virginia to retire (this is my second year without the tickets). I hope you don't mind me getting on here. Thanks, Mark (Dusty)
  14. dusty

    2019 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Opening Week 1

    I just moved here from NW Ohio where I could almost always get the Browns (lions as well on Fox). I need to find a place to go to watch when they're not on locally. Plus had season tickets then.
  15. dusty

    2019 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Opening Week 1

    59 is what I watched I on.