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  1. dusty

    The Tavern

    Hey all. Just to let you all know I am a BROWNS fan. I'm more of a listener than a talker so I don't chime in much but I do follow the board. I was a season ticket holder (section 537) but gave them up when I moved from NW Ohio to southern West Virginia to retire (this is my second year without the tickets). I hope you don't mind me getting on here. Thanks, Mark (Dusty)
  2. dusty

    2019 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Opening Week 1

    I just moved here from NW Ohio where I could almost always get the Browns (lions as well on Fox). I need to find a place to go to watch when they're not on locally. Plus had season tickets then.
  3. dusty

    2019 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Opening Week 1

    59 is what I watched I on.
  4. dusty

    2019 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Opening Week 1

    I can get CBS and Fox out of both Beckley WV and Roanoke VA. I watched the Beckley WV station but I think the maps last week showed Roanoke VA carried the Browns as well.
  5. dusty

    The Tavern

    Thanks Guys! Being in the tavern was the best part of the last game.
  6. dusty

    2019 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Opening Week 1

    Get the Browns here in Southern West Virginia!!! Ready for Sunday!
  7. dusty

    ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    i'm not saying they should have ran another play - should have waited until less than 5 seconds before spiking - no chance for the steelers to get the ball back
  8. dusty

    ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    I agree - lack of clock management - same old same old
  9. dusty

    ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    we got lucky - how can we leave 9 seconds on the clock
  10. I remember there used to be a pedestrian bridge from downtown that went over the railroad tracks then under the shoreway (this is from the Muni stadium days). Is it still there?
  11. dusty

    Browns Board March Madness

    Whew! Loyola pulled it off. Now I need the Buckeyes to wake up.
  12. dusty

    PSL Question

    If I recall it was the same price as the season tickets - so in actuality the first year season tickets cost double. I believe it is a scam especially since apparently they are no longer needed. If it was for a team in demand - then they would be worth it to guarantee your tickets.
  13. dusty

    PSL Question

    Upper deck = section 537
  14. dusty

    PSL Question

    I am getting ready to move out of state and won't be renewing my season tickets. Has anyone on here had any experience in selling a PSL? Thanks
  15. dusty

    1st time in Cleveland

    Hilton looks nice - can see it from my seats in 537- lol. if you make it to little Italy - Mama Santas - not expensive but good.