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  1. dusty

    Where to Watch - KC Game

    Haha. Actually someone before me used to do it. So I did the stealing at some point. The 506SPORTS.COM site is quite helpful to me in southern West Virginia as we don't get to see the Browns as often as I would like.
  2. dusty


    So. Someone is doing 80 on I-35 in Minneapolis. 999 times out of 1000 it's just someone in a hurry - but the 1000th time it is a wanted criminal in a car he just stole. Not a good scenario for a unarmed traffic safety person to be in.
  3. Toledo Dog: Half a Hungarian Sausage (sliced lengthwise) on a bun. Yellow mustard Chopped onions Chili Sauce Served with pickles and peppers
  4. dusty

    Ohio Sports Betting on the verge of passing

    Sounds like a plan to me. I'd make the trip for something like that. Last time I was at Northfield (like 50 years ago) it was just a harness track. I did make it to Jack a few years ago after a Browns game. Either place would work.
  5. dusty

    Texas Electricity Bills

    I feel for the people that signed up for the "spot pricing" model. Most of the time they saved money - but there ia risk. Before I retired one of my responsibilities was to purchase electricity for a manufacturer in Ohio. There were options that used the "spot pricing" model that could have saved thousands a month - but were too risky. I didn't want to have to answer to an extra 100k on an electric bill.
  6. They both have their issues. Pepsi owns the Aunt Jemima brand and we know what happened there.
  7. dusty

    Super Bowl Chat Room

    Don't remember the name.
  8. dusty

    Super Bowl Chat Room

    I didn't see it but generally country music singers do a better job with the anthem than most other genres. Although I did like that local opera guy the browns had.
  9. dusty

    NFL Playoff schedule

  10. dusty

    If the Playoffs started today 12/22

    Yep - we go to pitt
  11. dusty

    Browns vs Steelers on TV

    When I saw the maps I thought of you. I always thought Dayton was Brown's country even though you are right next to Cinci. Kind of like Toledo is Brown's country even though a stones throw fron Detroit