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  1. Ready for Halloween 2017!

  2. Tom Petty

    He was indeed beloved!
  3. Ready for Halloween!

  4. How many have you seen?

    Love the Loving Spoonful with John Sebastian!
  5. Tom Petty

    Really way too young to die. May he RIP!
  6. Breast Cancer Awareness!

  7. Ready for October!

  8. Remembering 9/11!

  9. Happy trails Don Williams RIP

    Maybe before your time I guess. I am 43 nearly and loved that song!
  10. RIP Jerry Lewis

    One of a kind. May he RIP!
  11. The man won't be going to spend a second in prison. Despite being 85 years old.
  12. Ready for September!

  13. 2017 Is ready!

  14. Really both sides were just as violence. As you need to always end a fight. Not start it. Or continue to let it go on. And where were the police as they needed to stop it. Even though last weekend in VA they were overwhelmed.