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  1. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Avengers Infinity War review

    Thanks for the review. As really want to see it. But one thing what you said, just way too many superheroes in there.
  3. May Day is Coming!

  4. Rest in peace Harry Anderson

    Loved that show with John Larroquette and Harry Anderson. May he RIP! 65 Years old is so young!
  5. The shape of water review

    Either he has not directed a lot of first rate films due to not giving the chance or that he prefers Independent films over mainstream.
  6. Ready for April

  7. Ready for Warm Weather

  8. 2018 Oscar predictions

    The Awards show btw was the least watched since 2012. As really it seems that not a lot of interest this year as hardly anybody heard from those movies in the mainstream one Short attention spans?!
  9. Dorsey skips Mayfield and Rosen pro days...

    Yeah as a team will pick them up. As both men are great QB's but it is also their off the field problems that they are looking at. Johnny Manziel a gifted QB but really did not have potential and really did not materialize it due to the fact of him partying all the time.
  10. 30k 8k 8k

    Yeah and really 40K would be asking a lot. As it take a very rare player
  11. Parkland Strong!

  12. Oscars 18

    Yeah as it is the same if you stop and think about it. And really a kid was indeed that! In the absolute PC disgrace.
  13. Ready for Valentine's!

  14. Oscars 18

    Once again the Oscars denies that nod to Tom Hanks. Must have some kind of hatred for him? Really very much showing favorites.
  15. Eagles @ Patriots!