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  1. JPPT1974

    Cable drama series

    Yeah as good series are hard to find. Glad that too often shows like "Game of Thrones and Walking Dead" take the cake. But glad Steve mentioned those shows. Thank you!
  2. Happy July Fireworks!

  3. Ready for July Here!

  4. Seen seven of those movies!
  5. Happy Father's Day!

  6. JPPT1974

    Solo review

    Really that they released the Last Jedi and Solo within five months to six months of each other. And that if they released Solo in December. It may had been making bigger box office records and not suffer fatigue.
  7. JPPT1974

    Disney and Marvel and Fox oh my

    Yeah as really that could affect the movie world!
  8. I Love Steed and Peel!

  9. Happy Mother's Day!

  10. JPPT1974

    Avengers Infinity War review

    Thanks for the review. As really want to see it. But one thing what you said, just way too many superheroes in there.
  11. May Day is Coming!

  12. JPPT1974

    Rest in peace Harry Anderson

    Loved that show with John Larroquette and Harry Anderson. May he RIP! 65 Years old is so young!
  13. JPPT1974

    The shape of water review

    Either he has not directed a lot of first rate films due to not giving the chance or that he prefers Independent films over mainstream.
  14. Ready for April

  15. Ready for Warm Weather