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  1. Dick Mellon


    That is quite a transformation from the guy who held on to the ball forever. In his old age, he doesn't want to get hit and he doesn't want to run around anymore. He's not throwing downfield much and has become a dink-and-dunk, quick release, pocket passer. This game makes me so happy, because this is what I have always wanted, a competitive Browns team.
  2. A Pittsburgh (steelers) sports writer has picked CLE to win the division. (for what it's worth - some off season banter) https://triblive.com/sports/football-footnotes-how-the-new-afc-north-might-look/
  3. Dick Mellon

    We Need To Keep Lamar Jackson In The Pocket

    Rats favored by 6. We give them 3 for home field, so that tells us what the betting public thinks of the Browns vs. the division leader. It's a happy day to be a Browns-Steelers fan. Both games are at the same time, so there will be no waiting around for a result. All Steelers fans are Browns fans this week, so enjoy what may be the largest American football fan-base in the world.
  4. Dick Mellon

    ***Official Browns @ Broncos Game Night Thread***

    It's a credit to the youth of the team. It's virtually impossible for a team of older guys to win a game at 1,500 meters elevation in the 4th quarter.
  5. Dick Mellon

    This Week in the AFC North

    It's capitalizing Retarded and I dunno why.
  6. Dick Mellon

    This Week in the AFC North

    Because we are fĂșcking stupid. Damn! I had figured dat U was smart enough to know dat, but what da fĂșck do I know anyways? Haden came to Pittsburgh to help the Retarded children, which is all of us. He is very busy. He has not gotten to help me yet, but I'm in line and on the list.
  7. Dick Mellon

    This Week in the AFC North

    With PIT arriving in Denver in a few days, Adam Jones was just released by DEN. I think he can still play at a high level, just not at 5,000 feet. Like Jones, I'm old and I live at 5,200 feet, so I know it's not very easy here. The Steelers would pick him up if it was simply based on his abilities, but he is not the kind of character that PIT signs.
  8. Dick Mellon

    Steelers exposed?

  9. Dick Mellon

    Did you See His Handoff Though?

    WoW! Thanks for posting that. He is so amazing!
  10. Dick Mellon

    92 Effing yards

    That's cool. Nice one. These guys can be scary good. I'm glad PIT got finished with with CLE and got away with one win and a tie. The loss would be next.
  11. Dick Mellon

    Baker shaded Haley hard after the game.....

    Notice the 20 ATT today. That's a big change in the right direction. Run the ball for 200 yards and limit the rookie to 20 ATT's is how to win games.
  12. Dick Mellon

    This Week in the AFC North

    61% of Ben's completions were to receivers at or behind the LOS. 70% of the completions were made within 6 yards of the LOS. Two out of the 5 TD passes were to receivers at or behind the LOS. The O-line was blocking for the receivers. The 158.3 passer rating was achieved through high completion percentage passes. A quick release, dink-and-dunk QB is not who Ben Roethlisberger is; but he had his most efficient game by not being who he is. In his 207th NFL start, we saw his most efficient performance ever. Yes, he has posted a 158.3 twice before but not with 5 TD's and one sack.
  13. Dick Mellon

    3-4 defense....

    Exactly; the old 3-4 / 4-3 is an archaic way to look at a defense. The Patriots play a 4-3, but only about 15% of all snaps occur with 4 lineman. The only numbers that matter to me on defense are points per game allowed PPG. The Browns are ranked 28th out of 32 teams, allowing 27.4 PPG. That is shitty, even for a Greg Williams defense; his defenses are usually in the middle of the pack.
  14. Dick Mellon

    This Week in the AFC North

    I didn't even see any contact. Maybe you can see some contact on the replay but I only saw it at full game speed. It looked like a miss. . . . . . ummmm OK, in slow motion, I can see the hit. It looked avoidable.
  15. Dick Mellon

    This Week in the AFC North

    Yes. the Panthers are probably the best team that the Steelers have played thus far. Your CAR 34 PIT 26 prediction is valid in that I would not have been surprised, had that been the result.