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  1. ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    They both looked like Retarded children.
  2. ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    Neither team played very well. The blocked punt was the difference maker. The CLE offense and defense played well enough to beat PIT on that day, but the punting unit was not up to the task. Subsequent punts were close to being blocked as well. Steelers gave Joe Haden the game ball as this was his first opening day win in his life. . . . so it was not for his play, which was adequate but not great. PIT needed help at that position and Haden filled-in nicely. The CLE – O line played well as virtually all of the sacks appeared to be coverage sacks. Joe Haden had one of the sacks on that corner blitz and helped cause all of the others with his decent but not great coverage. Kizer looked like a rookie with the potential of greatness, but the 7 sacks looked like the Tim Ouch syndrome. It looks like CLE finally has a legitimate starting QB who will eventually surpass Ben Roethlisberger as the winningest QB in Cleveland (since the return). Roethlisberger just surpassed Derek Anderson as the winnigest QB in Cleveland with 11 wins. Roethlisberger is 21-2 against Cleveland in the regular season as a starter and has 436 completions, 5,753 passing yards (2.7 miles) and 37 touchdown passes (222 points.) He is from Oho and is the winningest QB in Cleveland. Maybe yinz should be a fan of his by now? He hasn’t raped anybody for a while now, so maybe he’s not such a bad guy any more? Yins just got to see him pass Fran Tarkenton on the all-time list for yards, making him 9th. Content credit to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.
  3. This Is Steeler Week - At Home

    Yes, the mentality is to be mean and nasty under the leadership of Gregg "Bounty Hunter" Williams who brings that culture of being mean and nasty to CLE, but CLE's D would be better if they were disciplined and well-coached. Williams' defenses over the years have virtually always been very average and middle-of-the-pack in points and yards. Yeh he had a #1 D 17 years ago, so that must count for something.
  4. This Is Steeler Week - At Home

    Well, yeh . . . That's where the teachings of Rabbi Yeshua ends and all of the BS of the church begins. Or if you want to go further back. consider that Torah says that Torah is all that there is and should ever be. We are commanded to neither add nor take away from Torah. That did not stop the Jews, Christians and Muslims from adding and adding and adding to create 3 different religions from one.
  5. This Is Steeler Week - At Home

    . . . . . considering that Le’Veon Bell has been somewhat injury prone and considering that Gregg Williams has run a bounty system with virtually every team he has ever coached, let's see if Le’Veon Bell makes it through the game.
  6. This Is Steeler Week - At Home

    Yes, you are correct. Munchak is amazing and he coaches the TE's blocking game as well. It may take a few games for the CLE - O line to start playing well. I have seen it take 14 games for an O line with average talent to start playing well together. So, don't expect CLE's O line to play well in game one. Le’Veon Bell is unlike anything I have ever seen, so try to allow yourself to appreciate that. Yes, he has a good line but he appears to have something magical in that he appears to be able to put defenders to sleep for a second or two or somehow freeze them. He plays the position in the opposite manner in which that position is taught and coached. He is slow. He is so slow that Center, M. Pouncey is a lead, downfield blocker for him from time-to-time. His yards per carry is 4.9 in each of the past two seasons. He is expected to play at CLE. I don't know if he will make it through the season as he never plays a whole season but he will be in CLE for game one. Try to appreciate it. He is from Ohio. That should count for something. Get yinz's popcorn ready.
  7. This Is Steeler Week - At Home

    I would like to think that you are smart enough to know that an O line needs to play together for a while to get good and that the fact that CLE signed free agent stars from other teams to play the O line only creates a potential for that O line to be good at a later point in time. The O line is not going to be great from the get go. - - - - but many of yinz were screaming that Brandon Weedon was going to be great from the get-go as well, so maybe it's just part of the culture here.
  8. This Is Steeler Week - At Home

    It's been a while. CLE is certainly due to win one. For PIT, we get to see Ben, Bryant, Brown, Bell, Pouncy, and DeCastro all at the same time, which is quite a rare occurrence. CLE was very weak against the run last season and I dunno what yins have done to try to fix that, so good luck with that as this game will certainly be a test of the run D. It's not so much Bell but it's the line that is considered to be among the best in the NFL that allows PIT to run the ball. -- profootballfocus dot com ranks PIT's line #3 and CLE's new line at #2, which is wrong because you can't rank a line based on bringing in new guys who are stars who have never played together. Yeh, with those new guys, CLE has the potential to have a great O-line but that potential still needs to be realized down the road. PIT's first team defense was very weak in the preseason, allowing alotta yards and long sustained drives including against IND without Luck. CLE will have plenty of chances. Git yinzes popcorn ready. Good luck.
  9. QB

    Yes, well the typical rookie will be just that. It's too bad that he is the best of all of them . . . . well that is not too terrible but starting a rookie is always challenging . . . . Who is his first opponent? ummmmmm let me check . . . . Oh it's those guys, well PIT's first team D has given up alotta yards in the preseason and have not looked all that great.
  10. Haden a Steeler

    PIT needed help at the position. Haden will be their #1 CB with Burns as the #2 and suddenly PIT has 2 good CB's. Hopefully, this will be a positive move for both teams. See you in CLE on September 10th.
  11. ***Official Browns Vs. Steelers Game Day Thread***

    WoW! I was so disappointed over the loss of RG-3 that I did not watch CLE at all this season. This Kody Kessler kid looks great. I never pay attention to college ball or the draft, so this is the first I has ever seen him. He reminds me of Tim Couch is the way that he is taking a lot of hits. I wish the Steelers had him as a backup. It was a good day for PIT in that the entire division lost, so there is PIT and BAL on top of the pile at 5-5. Gotta love that huh?
  12. Steeler Week

    Good luck on Sunday. A full stadium should make the owner happy, even if it's full of Steelers fans, after all, the owner is a Steelers fan. I thought PIT should have given Ken Whisenhunt the job. He almost won a Super Bowl and has been fired from head coaching jobs twice. While I'm waiting for CLE to field a team that is worthy of my support . . . . .
  13. Teams interested in Manziel

    I will defer to your expertise on those instances. Yeh, I missed those instances. I understand that he was rightfully under the microscope in CLE. I respect the action to release him for his lack-of-maturity related issues both on-the-field and off. I did not believe that he was an NFL quality starter, but his play proved me wrong. He had some very good games on a very bad team and he is still a rookie in the sense that he has fewer than 16 starts. TEN at CLE: The Browns had a good running game. Manziel was limited to 15 attempts and had a 133.9 passer rating in that win. That's the way to treat a rookie / young QB. Give him a good running game and limit his attempts. CLE at PIT: The Browns had no running game and put the whole game on Manziel's shoulders. CLE rushed for 15 yards on 14 attempts, and 11 of those 15 yards were by Manziel who passed for 372 yards for a 95.8 rating and was sacked 6 times for a loss of 45 yards via sack. That is not the way to treat a new QB. Statistically, he is in the middle of the pack for first / second year QB's. He can play in the NFL if he gets his head together.
  14. Teams interested in Manziel

    Everyone already knew that he was a young, immature playboy and a party-animal, with the endless pictures of him with bimbos in one hand and alcohol in the other, and let's not forget that priceless image of him with the rolled-up $20. The only thing we did not know is if he could play at the NFL level. Now we know that he can. Consider Mike Vick. He was a weed-smoking-dog-fighting punk from the ghetto. He was the last to attend team meetings and the first to leave and presumably missed meetings and violated team rules as well, but his play of the field set all that aside. Todd Marinovich was consumed by his drug abuse. Dan Marino is in the Hall of Fame. (I'm his age and from Pittsburgh so I know the truth) Some can overcome it, while other can't.
  15. Teams interested in Manziel

    "Johnny Manziel does have interest from teams, but they seem to be waiting for @NFL disciplinary process to be concluded. That's an issue." -- Ian Rapoport (via twitter / NFL dot com.) Among the endless stream of recent CLE QB's, Johnny (Football / Fuckwad) or whatever name he goes by on this board impressed me as a gamer who can play at the NFL level. He certainly exhibited maturity and work ethic issues and the members here seem very hostile towards him, but I like the way he played. As I can recall, the only two QB's who entered the NFL after their sophomore year were Johnny F. and Todd Marinovich, who also suffered from substance abuse problems and maturity issues.