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  1. Dick Mellon

    Todd Haley

    Todd Haley is PIT's new OC. The more things change, the more they stay the same. KC did the same thing. They continued to run the Todd Haley offense after he left. PIT played KC when they still ran it. PIT and CLE will now do the same thing twice a year. A no-name QB coach known as Randy Fichtner will still be the QB coach but he will now be called the OC as well. He has no past and no resume`. He is like the Barry Soetoro of OC's. He went to Purdue with Drew Brees so maybe he sucked Drew Brees' dĺck while he was there to get QB experience. It's going to be the same plays and the same terminology with Ben calling the plays. If Ben gets too pass-happy then Tomlin will reign him in. edit: Wikipedia has a decent bio on him - Fichtner, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, was a standout high school football player, he then played defensive back for Purdue. His father played quarterback for Purdue, and then played defensive back for the Cleveland Browns. Well, there you have it. Cleveland is the mother of all things good in football. Considering that news, he should be very successful and join the long list of guys who somehow came through Cleveland or the Browns to have success elsewhere.
  2. Dick Mellon

    Are you all so sure Kizer can't be your QB?

    He's a gamer! I love the guy.
  3. Dick Mellon

    Todd Haley

    My Dear Brother Ghoolie, The Steelers have never scored so many points in their history than under Haley. Haley has done great when he had talent. He is probably an aşshole like Ben is an ąsshole as well, Things were boiling over between those 2 ąssholes on the field during games. In one game Haley was seen yelling, "Shut the Shmuck up Ben." Ben was going to quit if Haley stayed. Now, Ben told the team - "3 more years." The choice was easy. Haley is fiery and has been seen screaming at people, like at Kurt Warner in the Super Bowl. Haley got drunk and got thrown out of a bar on New Years Eve and then got attacked on the sidewalk resulting in a fractured pelvis. I lived in Pittsburgh for 25 years and I'm an ąsshole too but I never got thrown out of or banned from anywhere, so you can see what a high degree of ąssholes, Haley and Roethlisberger must be to be getting thrown out and banned from places left and right. Some QB records will never be broken. Brett Favre's INT record and Ben's record of getting banned from every restaurant and bar in Pittsburgh will forever stand. The Hayley non-renewal was just about a battle of ąssholes where Ben won. Todd Haley is an ąsshole and Greg Williams paid players to injure guys on the other team. It's a match made in heaven, or at least a match perfect for Cleveland.
  4. Dick Mellon

    Pat Shurmur set to become Giants HC

    There is a long list of guys who failed in CLE but did well elsewhere. The Giants are considered to be a well-run organization. Having said that, I would be shocked if Pat has success with the NYFG. Outta all the coaches that CLE has flushed down the toilet, Pat Shurmur stands out as the worst piece of shìt that ever got flushed - and now that piece of shìt has washed-up on the shores of New Jersey.
  5. Dick Mellon

    Shurmur Top Candidate for Giants HC

    Yes, Gipper, you characterized him perfectly. He reminded me of the way Cam Cameron was as a HC at Miami. He seemed lost a clueless. These guys can be decent coordinators but it seems that the Head Coach position is way over their heads.
  6. "Shurmur is highly regarded inside the Giants' building, far more than people realize." Pat Shurmer is also considered to be a top candidate for the Arizona job. - - from NFL dot com. Damn, I would be so surprised if this guy gets any job and has any success. I always assumed that he was simply a Holmgren cronie and had no redeeming qualities.
  7. Dick Mellon

    Rosen and Darnold declare for NFL Draft

    Pick all of them and let them compete.
  8. Dick Mellon

    ***Official Browns @ Steelers Game Day Thread***

    Tough loss. Probably the toughest. It's #16. It's PIT and it's the backups, but those backups played amazingly well. For the first time in 5 years, I'm ready to say that Landry Jones is ready to be the starter. Execution was precise and meticulous. I was amazed. Jones completed 23 out of 25 for a QB Rating of 100.5. The Steelers ran for 124 yards. The offense had one penalty in that game and that was a delay-of-game, intentionally called with 0:02 left in the 4th quarter. The starters on offense could not have played any better. The defense was the starters. I like Kizer. He had the toughest job in football, being a rookie QB for a 0-16 team . . . . it doesn't get much worse than that. Old School says that it takes 5 years to develop a QB but nobody wants to wait that long anymore. Terry Bradshaw was way worse than Kizer in his first several years and didn't get good till year 5. Landry Jones is now ready at year 5. Ben retires, Jones is the starter, I would like to see Kizer and Dobbs compete for the #2 spot. He is a gamer. He is fearless, he has already been baptized with the fire of a 0-16 season. He is ready to go to the Steelers now, especially since it's mandatory that CLE have a new QB every year. CLE has 12 picks in the draft - - Just pick 12 QB's. Yur bound to find one outta 12 to be that golden franchise starter.
  9. Dick Mellon

    Carson Palmer - Bruce Arians Retire Together

    Well, y'know NE did go 11-5 with Matt Cassel in 2008. I put that on Bill Belichick. Suddenly Matt Cassel's stock soared but in the end he wasn't all that great.
  10. Carson Palmer was the best QB in our division. I always believed that, but I wasn't proven right until he got outta CIN and was #1 in the NFL in several passing statz and went to the Pro Bowl as the QB at ARI. Bruce Arians was a disaster for CLE and PIT (yeh he was on the CLE playoff team and PIT won championships in spite of him) so I never thought that Carson Palmer would suddenly blossom under Bruce Arians, but I was proven very wrong on that one. At least Bruce Arians is consistent. First he got Tim Couch killed. Then Roethlisberger was frequently carted-off. Then Carson Palmer was sacked 40 times in 2016. His QB's are either #1 in getting sacked or near the top of the list. The Steelers openly said that they got rid of Bruce Arians to lengthen Ben's career. Now, Carson Palmer goes from IR to retirement. On a serious note. . . . I think Bruce Arians is sick an dying. He has had cancer and other undisclosed emergency visits to the hospital. He has lost alotta weight, and I don't think it's healthy weight-loss. I think it's sick and dying weight-loss.
  11. Dick Mellon

    Steelers playing backups this weekend....

    It's been confirmed, (for the most part) that Landry Jones will start at QB, with 2 backup running backs. BJ Finney will be the Center. Antonio Brown is out with an injury, but aside from that the rest of the offense is expected to play. Cam Hayward is expected to rest on defense but the remainder of the defense is expected to play. Last year, CLE rushed for 231 yards averaging 7 Yards per Carry and passed for 232 yards and sacked Landry Jones 4 times. You would think that CLE would have, could have, should have, won that game. Tomlin wants to win this game. He wants to sweep the division - he always takes CLE seriously.
  12. Dick Mellon

    This Week in the AFC North

    ummm yeh it would have been close game if it weren't for that last touchdown.
  13. Dick Mellon

    Harrison released by steelers.

    I will leave the predictions to you sir. I hope you are right. I do not want to see PIT play at NE. I don't make predictions because I am always wrong.
  14. Dick Mellon

    Harrison released by steelers.

    ummmmm NO. Yinz are barkin' up the wrong tree. Williams already promised a mean defense. James Harrison is not mean. It's an act. He is a softy. He is old and slow. No he is not dirty either. He went from Defensive Player of the Year to dirty the next year when the rules changed. He needed to learn how to play the game differently than he played since pee-wee. He adjusted and does not get fined or penalized at a high level anymore. That hit on Colt McCoy was wrong and it will always be wrong to me but I will not judge the guy on that one play. CIN was the only team that would take him and they cut him. He was bitchin' about not playing and he was telling the press that he wanted to play elsewhere. Nobody will take him, not even the worst team in football. He may get called back if there are guys hurt in the playoffs.
  15. Dick Mellon

    Marvin Lewis leaving Bengals

    Yeh, just keep the bounty hunter who has virtually always had an average defense for decades.