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  1. onkyoreceiver

    Meyer as HC and GM

    Schefter is reporting an expanded role for Dee...word is whoever our new hire is will be reporting directly to her.
  2. onkyoreceiver

    Freddie fired

    Firing Freddie on Monday = get outta here! Firing Freddie tonight = get the FUCK outta here!
  3. onkyoreceiver

    Week 17: Browns at Bengals

    Unbelievable. We are playing the WORST rush defense in the NFL - we have the NFL's LEADING rusher - and three passes in a row. Early in the 1st quarter. Simply unreal.
  4. onkyoreceiver

    The Truth about Myles/Rudolph

    What is missing here is the two Steelers offensive linemen holding Garrett down.
  5. onkyoreceiver


    What do you think would happen if Myles Garrett went to the Cleveland police and had Mason Rudolph charged with assault for attempting to rip his head off, kicking him and punching him in the groin repeatedly and charging him violently while other huge NFL linemen held Myles? it might not stick legally (then again maybe it would), but it would be great publicity and possibly great leverage as it is TOTALLY clear he was repeatedly assaulted by Mason Rudolph and everything Myles did was self-defense. It's all right there on video. It could possibly force the NFL to back down if the law comes to a completely opposite conclusion from Roger Gooddell.
  6. onkyoreceiver

    Baker has turned the corner

    And the last two games Baker did this against two of the better defenses in the NFL - so nobody can say that he did it against soft opponents. Definitely encouraging .
  7. Anybody got anything to say now? Mason Rudolph is 6'4" 240 lps thereabouts - all built by an NFL strength team/weight room (plus whatever else...) and is wearing NFL cleats and twice goes after Garrets ability to sire children - and you STILL you think its Garret's fault? My father is a Vietnam Veteran who volunteered for service in 1964. He told me growing up if somebody hits me I goddamn well better hit their ass back - or don't bother coming home.
  8. Are any of you people going to address the fact that before Myles did ANYTHING he was kicked in the BALLS by Mason Rudolph? Are you all seriously going to act like that shit didn't happen?
  9. Mason Rudolph CLEARLY a) tired to remove aggressively Garrett's helmet on a play where there was not any foul (for roughing) and then b) twice tried to kick Garret HARD in the balls. THAT is when Garrett went after punk ass Rudolph and defended himself like ANY MAN would do. And they looked at the video and DID NOT kick Mason out of the fucking game? Are you fucking KIDDING ME? What a fucking BITCH Mason Rudolph is. Deserved to get smacked in the head. Fuck him. Yeah, they are gonna suspend Garrett a bunch but so fucking what. Any man come's for your balls that deliberately we are taking it to the streets immediately. I mean seriously, WTF?
  10. onkyoreceiver

    Official Bills @ Browns Gameday Thread

    Why in the name of fuck did Freddie go for it on 4th and FOUR? Three points and the LEAD are staring you right in the face - and the Bills get the ball after the half. Does this guy spend all week smoking crack? Why is he obsessed with NOT taking points that are gimmes for longshots against really really good goal line defenses? WTF?
  11. Oh look, more drama involving Antonio Brown. Hours after his release from the Oakland Raiders, a video surfaced on Twitter showing a series of messages between Antonio Brown (via his Instagram) and an unnamed individual who says they have audio from a personal trainer that is supposedly extorting the newly signed Patriots receiver over false allegations of rape. 3,758 people are talking about this 131 people are talking about this Here are screen shots of the DMs: Via Popculture: As of now, this is just a rumor coming from an unnamed source but definitely something to monitor going forward as Brown begins his career with the New England Patriots.
  12. onkyoreceiver


  13. onkyoreceiver


    Yes, we made a lot of mistakes and didn't do enough to win. However, you will NEVER convince me that refs did not intend to throw the game to the Titans anyway they could. 18-5 - they weren't calling SHIT on the Titans. How about a fucking personal foul on the cat that fucking KNOCKED ROBINSON TO THE GROUND well after the whistle, before he instinctively defended himself with a pretty harmless kick as he was falling, a kick that couldn't have hurt a fucking fly (wasn't like he was fully upright and reared the fuck back or something)? Does anyone have a smart reply as to why that wasn't called? Why?
  14. onkyoreceiver


    ...a fucking blatant hold on the SAME PLAY by the SAME PLAYER. There should have been TWO FOULS on this play.
  15. onkyoreceiver


    The fucking point of it is, if you are going to call shit this tight on us, then how in the FUCK is that hold/black in the back NOT CALLED? Here we CLEARLY have a block in the back...and then...