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  1. GBfan2011

    Best wishes

    To the Browns on their upcoming season. I just watched a Packer Browns game from 2005 in Lambeau, a replay and you guys beat us. It was the day we retired Reggie White's number. You remember that game? The Browns have always been a traditional classy team. I know you guys have Miles Austin but who replaces Josh Gordon? How is your team looking overall on defense? How bout your running game? I think we play you in the preseason this year so you get to work out your kinks against us lol.
  2. GBfan2011

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Hope he turns out well for you guys.
  3. GBfan2011

    Miktoxic --- whiskey or beer ?

    How bad was this last winter in Cleveland guys?
  4. GBfan2011

    Miktoxic --- whiskey or beer ?

    LOL so if I wore my cheesehead they would let me up there haha.
  5. GBfan2011

    Miktoxic --- whiskey or beer ?

    Also watched the Tigers Indians game there. I wanted to go up the terminal tower but we couldn't find out how to get to the top. Nice mall on the bottom though.
  6. GBfan2011

    Miktoxic --- whiskey or beer ?

    Hey Browns fans visited Cleveland a month ago. Very nice city and beautiful stadiums. They were doing construction on Browns stadium when I was there so they wouldn't let us go inside. The field was gorgeous and went in the Pro shop and even bought a Browns football shirt. Anyways best wishes to you guys this season. I hit up a place called the Thirsty Parrot there, you guys ever been there behind Progressive field? I was treated great there and all the Brown fans were super nice even though I told them I was a Packer fan lol.
  7. GBfan2011

    Good luck this week Browns fans

    I don't see the Pack going far this year though in the NFC. They are just too banged up.
  8. I hope we win obviously but a little nervous about this game. After this game I wish you guys the best on the rest of your season. I hope the Browns can get back to their winning ways. Much love from Packer nation except for this week lol.
  9. GBfan2011

    Congrats From A Packers Fan

    Hey Browns fans just wanted to congratulate you guys on the win over us. I know it's preseason but still you guys are the winners. Us Packer fans have nothing but love for the Browns and hope you guys can get back to your winning ways. God bless.