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  1. For the love of God and all that is holy just let trump stay away.
  2. The Cysko Kid

    And so the Decline of the USA officially starts

    The official start? I don't know where you've been living but it's been declining. Probably since the 1960's. But the internet really revolutionized that decline.
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    Deleting my threads tonite...

  4. The Cysko Kid

    400, 000 Dead...

    You're still denying for some reason, i can't put my finger on why, that everywhere in the world even places that did draconian lockdowns still have rising counts. Is germany trumps fault? Spain? England? Italy? Canada? Mexico? How much covid is trump responsible for? All of it? You can stick your moralizing bullshit where the sun don't shine. I wear a little mask, for what good it does. I already don't go out socializing. There's nothing more I can do. My family still has to eat and God help you if you try to put your nose in my business.
  5. The Cysko Kid

    400, 000 Dead...

  6. The Cysko Kid

    400, 000 Dead...

    I guess we're just not going to address the problem literally the rest of the world has with it. That way we can convince ourselves that it's all on Trump and that will somehow make us feel better because, reasons.
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    Thoughts on Assange?

    They loved him when he was doing damage to the right party it's as simple as that.
  8. The Cysko Kid

    400, 000 Dead...

    But instead of awfulism and outrage you'd be hearing what a courageous and wholesome job they've been doing to hold it to a mere 400,000 in the face of the average age and weight of the population and the population density.
  9. The Cysko Kid

    400, 000 Dead...

    It's my opinion that all of you should consider breaking from social media. Even many of the people who designed social media will openly warn you that it's terrible for you.
  10. The Cysko Kid

    400, 000 Dead...

    I think of its importance because facebook and Twitter are the single biggest reason the country is at each other's throats 100% of the time. People are not responsible enough to handle the ability to instantaneously communicate with so many people. Our collective minds aren't ready for it. The results are...well you're seeing them played out in real time.
  11. The Cysko Kid

    400, 000 Dead...

    I've blocked facebook because it's the worst thing that's ever happened to humanity. Summarize.
  12. The Cysko Kid

    400, 000 Dead...

    By the way I don't fucking believe china curbed their shit for a minute. Europe is in the same shitty shape. Not many places are having success so trying to lay this all at Trump's doorstep in a nation this size with this population density is disingenuous and also designed to stroke one's ego about their political leanings as if biden or obama or clinton would have been able to put the lid on it. Look at all the countries listed under "need to take action" It's damn near the entire developed world. I suppose that's Trump's fault too. And I suppose you wouldn't mind if the storm troopers came and welded bars across your doors like the chinese did in Wuhan and now they're having to do it again. Great job. https://www.endcoronavirus.org/countries
  13. The Cysko Kid

    400, 000 Dead...

    I was recently at one of the nicest assisted living homes that I'm aware of. I do a lot of work there. I asked the maintenance guy how it was going there with the covid. They had nine deaths. All of them were over 90. It sucks because I was familiar with many of the residents but once you're at that age something is going to get you. We die. Particularly when we're old. I happened to have to go into a certain room where a new resident was. She had been in isolation there for three weeks. I ended up standing there and talking to her for twenty minutes because she was so lonely and nice. It made me come to the conclusion that nobody gives a fuck about the elderly. A lot of people right now want to rub their deaths in the faces of their political enemies. "See these dead old people? You did this!" But since they don't have to see said old people trapped in their rooms sad and lonely they don't actually give a fuck. This old lady wanted nothing more than to talk to somebody and she can't even get that. And nobody did it to them. That place has been locked down from the rip. They have been masking, temping, ppe, taking blood oxygen levels since January 2020 when they had a bunch of residents sick with "the flu". They've been careful. Very careful. And still 85% of their residents have had covid. It's time to stop using them as a god damn cudgel to beat people with. They're people and we're fucking them on their way out by caging them in their golden years for no appreciable gain. They got it anyway.
  14. The Cysko Kid

    Somerthing we all may be able to agree upon...

    I consider myself a libertarian. But it would be fine if Trump gathered all his minions to himself and that can draw the thought police's attention away from actual republicans.
  15. The Cysko Kid

    The Left's war on...pickup trucks.

    And it would take both an idiot and an asshole to put himself in that position.
  16. No one wanted to nominate him. At least none of the republicans that held any office. He just kept winning those primaries though. You guys keep saying "hurr de derp our demahcracy" well that's how that shit works. Lots of the lefties in here weren't here in 2016 so you can safely act like everyone was in love with him. I assure you that was not the case. Not even cal who preferred Ben Carson but also liked cruz. I also preferred Carson as I felt he had a better temperment. Four years of Democrats being the biggest pieces of shit on earth though makes sure I'll never again in my life vote for the name next to D. They won but it's the very definition of a pyrrhic victory. They'll take power tomorrow with half the country loathing them and everything they stand for and they'll quickly lose the support of around half of their deluded rioting foot soldiers when they find out their unrealistic expectations of utopia cannot possibly be met. It will be an interesting next four years.
  17. That's weird. I was led to believe the republicans slavishly worshipped him. How do I go on with my life knowing that Democrats and media talking heads are capable of lying?
  18. Well at least you tried and I give you points for it. 1. Doing something about climate change - it is important to do our part. We're pretty far down the list of emitters though as far as the big ones go and our part isn't going to save the planet specifically if asia keeps on keeping on, so we shouldn't destroy the economy over it like the green new deal, but it's important to do our part. 2. Lol. Democrats roll over and put their asses in the air for china's tiny dick. China holds all the cards now and that fault is bi-partisan. One of the few things I think trump actually did well is tell china to fuck themselves. 3. Agree as long as the trade deal also benefits us. That was the major sticking point there. 4. What democrat president has been good for the economy? Clinton? I'd argue a different bill had more to do with that. Namely bill gates. The 90s saw the absolute explosion of a new untapped industry that literally changed every aspect of business and the economy and made millionaires left and right. Unfortunately it all came crashing down...right as a certain mr clinton was leaving office, leaving a bit of a hot mess for his successor who took the blame because of course he did. 5. Ok, agreed. All religion every bit of it can fuck right off. That goes for islam as well as Judaism and Christianity. Can't protect one of them because it makes certain people feel good.
  19. The Cysko Kid

    The Left's war on...pickup trucks.

    And again I mean who really gives a fuck? This is what it feels important to rage out against right now?
  20. Straw men are fun to knock down. But as I've said many many times trump is an asshole and I'm glad to see him go. I've even gone so far as to say I hope he dies shortly after leaving office like LBJ. So you can shitcan the lord and savior bullshit. Instead I want you to tell me what the Democrats are doing right.
  21. Maybe you're too stupid to know that you're not too stupid to be conned
  22. Oh come off it. As if the Democrats would have ever agreed to any health care plan trump put forward. I can't speak for trump but if I were him I would have floated medicare for all out there just to watch them shoot their own pet dog out of spite. Democrats of this forum: stop lying all the time. Just admit that killing trump at all costs was far more important to you and your brethren than helping people at any level. You're not fooling anyone. And...you succeeded. It only cost the soul of the country, and now democrats can pat themselves on the back while america burns.
  23. Seriously though go on social media and criticize pit bulls. Within 15 replies some jackoff is guaranteed to say "chihuahuas bite more people than pit bulls" They defend those fucking mutant things like some people defend ar-15's. But while a .223 and a 9mm bullet will both kill you no one is getting mauled to death by packs of chihuahuas. That's the end of my pit bull rant though.
  24. The one pit bull people always use is chihuahuas. They say "chihuahuas bite more people than pit bulls" which might even be true. I don't know. Chihuahuas are crap. The difference of course is that a two year old could punt a chihuahua across the room if they needed to.