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  1. The Cysko Kid

    Happy Thanksgiving from the rat patrol

    If anyone calls the cops on their neighbors for having Thanksgiving they actually deserve to die and I hope they do.
  2. Whenever someone says "go do your research" I can pretty much just assume they're leaking bullshit out of their ears.
  3. Biden will have probably the easiest presidency of all time. He doesn't have to accomplish anything except not being trump. They'll wheel his corpse out on a dolly every year and weekend at bernie's it into giving a semi coherent state of the union speech and the media will fawn all over him like 1960s school girls on paul mccartney. He'll accomplish nothing, of course, he doesn't need to. He can blame every last failing on trump. He won't fix healthcare. If barack obama couldn't do it with, like, 2/3 of the country's lips wrapped firmly around his dick, joe biden certainly won't be the one. In order to pay fit that without taxing the poor at 70% he'd have to convince all the doctors and nurses to take a pay cut and they're already too in love with themselves, having bought fully into the "we're heroes for doing a job" bit even before the black cold. He definitely won't fix the economy. The economy was fixed. There's no drive for Democrats to fix the economy because thier entire pitch rests on awfulism. If they can't convince you the world is awful and evil and unjust they don't actually have a platform at all. Since the goal is to seize power forever expect a new social crisis to pop up every few minutes. Before long you'll be a bigot against things you didn't even know or care existed like dog-fucking muslim leprechauns. Of course I'm being a little facetious there but you can fully expect a push in "you're racist against the chinese" narrative when we get back to licking their boots in earnest. In short I expect democratic governance to continue to willfully steer the country towards what will undoubtedly be looked back on as a new dark age of hatred despair and modern day feudalism but they'll slap a smiley face sticker on it and brand you as a racist not fit to live if you complain.
  4. In case you're mildly Retarded or selectively ignoring things I've said on a number of occasions here that I'm relieved trump lost and I wish he'd go away
  5. So I guess what you're saying is no, you're not emotionally strong enough or intellectually honest enough to turn the black mirror on yourself and gaze into it's depths. I can't say I'm surprised.
  6. No they're baseless if you're looking at them through a rational lens. The dragging of Bret kavanaugh through the mud as a gang rapist is a black mark that the leftist party will never be able to erase. But the ends justify the means if you're a slavering irrational leftist because trump nominated him so try every bullshit thing you can I suppose.
  7. I can tell you that a common HAI (healthcare associated infection. It used to be called a hospital aquired infection but they changed the language in an effort to deflect blame for nasty hospital conditions) is VAP or ventilator associated pneumonia. Being that they're putting primarily old people in poor condition on ventilators for long periods of time I'd be very interested to know how many of them developed VAP shortly after being intubated that directly caused their deaths or significantly contributed to it. We'll never know though because literally no one is honest about anything at this point.
  8. The Cysko Kid

    Who Is the Browns MVP

    The most valuable player is nick chubb. He can break a game wide open at any moment. Once or twice is an anomaly. Nick chubb is no anomaly. Mayfield, hunt, Garrett, ward, landry, hooper, and stefanski all deserve to be mentioned and praised but Nick chubb is the most dynamic player to wear brown and orange in decades.
  9. The Cysko Kid

    Supreme court will decide who wins election! MAGA!

    There's some serious straw grasping going on now. Trump is defeated. It's not going to get overturned. Just because trump nominated 1/3 of the justices doesn't mean anything. They will still exercise good judgement and at this point, unless some massive bombshell drops, trump doesn't have a good case.
  10. The Cysko Kid

    Someone Besides trumpy is Delusional

    Michigan is fucking awful though. To be perfectly frank it will be hard to watch the beating ohio state is going to lay on them. If harbaugh was smart he'd infect the whole team with coronavirus ahead of the game, because they'll recover from that in a week. They'll carry the weight of being slaughtered by their "rivals" with them for the rest of their lives.
  11. Does the italicized bit above stand true for the countless baseless allegations the left wing party has made for a number of years now? Or are we not emotionally strong and intellectually honest enough to turn the mirror on ourselves. There's much better evidence for voter fraud than there was for Bret kavanaugh being a gang rapist, for instance.
  12. You're a person with no known knowledge of how technology works that gets your information from memes. I've already engaged with you longer than any sane person should.
  13. Where have I made up what other people said? "The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency have thoroughly examined the company’s hardware and software and found no vulnerabilities, no backdoors, no evidence of a secret way to alter the votes." That's someone telling you it can't be hacked, or if you really want to be literal that there's no SECRET way to alter the votes.