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  1. Todd Haley

    One thing I haven't seen mentioned yet, though I hardly pored over every post, is that ,while Haley is almost certainly realistic enough to know the browns aren't going to be an immediate contender, he probably feels a burning desire to stick it to Pittsburgh. That's a great thing for us.
  2. Todd Haley

    Indeed he was
  3. Can Brady win if he has to do it on his own merit?

    You've often said stupid sh!t based on your need for attention but this is one if the most stupid things that has tumbled out of your oversized pie-hole.
  4. Todd Haley

    And Pete Carroll called a pass play at the one yard line in the closing seconds of the super bowl. That doesn't mean I wouldn't take him here.
  5. Star Trek vs Star Wars

    I prefer star wars in it's original incarnation and of the recent new movies I think the Star trek ones starring Chris pine are much better than the new wave of star wars
  6. Tom Petty

    It's weird to see the old guard Overdosing. Prince and Tom Petty in recent memory. You don't really expect that past a certain point. I wonder what got the cranberries singer
  7. Can Brady win if he has to do it on his own merit?

    Gee whiz I don't know, I don't know.
  8. Can Brady win if he has to do it on his own merit?

    Gippy two-times, two-times.
  9. Todd Haley

    Gee whiz Kurt Warner or some fat Pennsylvania sweathog? Who are you gonna believe?
  10. Cleveland area Native Stipe Miocic retains UFC Heavy weight title

    Stipe Miocic just derailed a massive hype train and cemented himself as the most successful HW champion in UFC history. It was quite impressive. #andstill
  11. Can Brady win if he has to do it on his own merit?

    Belichick is the greatest. Brady is the fu¬Ęking greatest. I know its hard for browns fans to swallow because the browns are the worst in history but I say sit back and enjoy it. We'll never see anything like this again and the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  12. APPLE

    Steve Jobs himself told biographer Walter Isaacson that obama was headed for a one term presidency if he didnt adopt more business friendly practices. Here's a choice wrote that pretty much cuts right to the heart of the major problem of Barack Obama "The president is very smart. But he kept explaining to us reasons why things can't get done," Jobs told Isaacson. "It infuriates me."
  13. Haiti a $HITHOLE?

    In Jamaica my wife and I tried to get transport to dunns river falls and some dude with a transport I'd kept trying to hustle us into the city until I looked around and noticed we were the only white people in sight and then I was like nope. Shmuck that. I've been to Jamaica several times but that was the only time I've felt in danger. I've never been impressed with it however. Yucatan Mexico such as Cozumel and Costa del playa is way nicer
  14. Deeply Religious People are Weird

    There's little I dislike more than a religious zealot regardless of what ancient dogma they subscribe to. Christians irk me the most because I know a lot of fake pious douchebags who do scummy sh:t and believe praying to jebus is gonna make that ok. Muslims are clearly the most dangerous, but they're all sh:t
  15. This may be a touchy ?

    I can barely stand them now. I wouldn't watch the San Diego browns. Screw that. We're lucky. We've got the Ohio State buckeyes around here.