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  1. The Cysko Kid


    I did say that they would fail the challenge and go on to fail on the 4th down attempt and that would be classic browns. Which, of course, is exactly what happened. I've seen this movie before. Quite a few times. Now that you mention it our coaching staff qualifies as fucking bumbling Retards as well. Freddie is not prepared for this gig. Not at all. Do I love the browns? Well I must to keep sticking around. Loving the browns is a bit like loving a heroin addict. They keep saying they'll clean it up and do better and maybe they even do for a little while but you're only fooling yourself to believe in them. They don't get the benefit of the doubt any more. Show me don't tell me. And even after all that Ravens fans can fuck right off.
  2. The Cysko Kid


    Fucking bumbling Retards was actually the refs but ok.
  3. The Cysko Kid


    Oh? Was I calling the team shit stains and taunting you with the alleged greatness of a divisional rival? I guess we must have been reading different things.
  4. The Cysko Kid


    Why is this asshole not banned?
  5. The Cysko Kid


    It's a good thing the browns dont turn the ball over.
  6. The Cysko Kid

    John Oliver

    I'm still here. It's just that you guys are incredibly boring to say the least. Every once in a while I'll comment if I have literally nothing better to do.
  7. The Cysko Kid

    Here's a Shocker

    Haha I only read the headline when I made that last comment. Turns out that's really the conclusion they made from it.
  8. The Cysko Kid

    Here's a Shocker

    AI is racist. That's the only answer
  9. You seem like you're being a bit of a homer which is no surprise. Ben has already dropped numerous hints that he's thinking about retirement before missing this entire season to injury. I think, at best, he'll try to make one more run before calling it a day.
  10. The Cysko Kid

    How bad do the Browns destroy 49ers?

    I think if you're expecting them to dominate and crush the 49ers you're setting yourself up for serious disappointment. However, they can beat the 49ers by executing the exact same plan as they brought vs the Ravens. Run the ball a lot. Mix up the playcalling. Throw quickly and trust the receivers to make plays. Keep Bosa away from Baker. Attack Jimmy G on defense and never let up the pressure. I'm not sure if the niners are good or not yet. They've beaten Tampa who seems to be a bit of a boom or bust team and they've beaten Pittsburgh who, in my opinion, are not very good. They are currently scraping by in the minds of most people on the weight of past accomplishments back when they had Roethlisberger, Brown and Bell. The niners have also beaten Cincinnati who appear to be giving the Miami dolphins a run for their money.
  11. Can none of you old, doddering, half-senile greyhairs can come up with a better insult than that?
  12. I'm not taking them lightly. The browns are in a fragile position where they cant take anyone lightly yet. However the chiefs and Patriots and teams that are proven good can easily afford to take Pittsburgh lightly. Because they're not good. The Ravens are a better football team than them.
  13. I got pretty tired of hearing whatever asshole was calling the game gushing over the Ravens. Fuck the Ravens.