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  1. New Drugs

    To be fair everyone in my house was vaccinated against the flu this year and yet here I am with a house full of kids with type A flu.
  2. New Drugs

    Psilocybin mushrooms are just straight up awesome. Back in the day I had some wild experiences on them.
  3. This is a professor at Fresno State University. So...that's the kind of $hit college kids are being exposed to.
  4. New voting age

    Sure it would. If there's one thing you can count on it's that most people are really stupid. I just think it would end up hurting the Democrats much more. Also, whether you're willing to admit it or not your views, at least the ones you espouse on here, are democrat all day. That's fine. Unlike some of these guys I am not a democrat hater by default.
  5. New voting age

  6. New voting age

    That would hurt your peeps a lot.
  7. New voting age

    If you can't smoke or drink or own a firearm you have no business voting against other people's interests which is the only thing allowing 16 year olds to vote is designed to accomplish.
  8. The rapture may be coming on April 23, 2018

    Cool. I'm done with all the religious anyway. If you guys could take the mooslums with you and leave the rest of us in our seven years of "hell" that'd be great.
  9. I've seen enough of Dorsey and I trust his track record enough to trust him on his #1 pick whoever it is. Unless it's Barkley.
  10. All Saquon, all the Time...

    Well I guess we'll see who looks dumb pretty soon. Me or you. I notice youve been gargling Barkley's fluids for quite a while but fail to take the many monetary bets that have been offered to you. If you were confident that we were taking your crush you could be cleaning up on this. As it is im having a hard time understanding you with all those running back Weiners on your mouth-hole.
  11. All Saquon, all the Time...

    Because of POG I've never wanted to see a player bust as badly as I want to see Barkley bust now.
  12. I don't know. I'm kind of feeling we're going to take Josh Allen.
  13. This is extremely dangerous to our democracy

    Conservative liberal I don't care and it doesn't matter to me.
  14. I will, however, double down on you being a fu¢king pansy.