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  1. The Cysko Kid


    Just another dog and pony show by the democrats. Did we already forget about the kavanaugh dog and pony show? They are the worst people in the world and I can't in good conscience ever vote for a Democrat again.
  2. The Cysko Kid

    I hate the Ravens

    Not me. I want to see that Patriots / 49ers super bowl
  3. The Cysko Kid


  4. The Cysko Kid


    Not pouncey.
  5. The Cysko Kid


    And furthermore demarious Randall's hit on whatever forgettable bum they had playing receiver was far more dangerous than Rudolph getting booped on the nose.
  6. The Cysko Kid


    It also happened before many browns fans were even alive. In the entire era of the "new" browns all they've done is roll over and put their ass in the air for that bullshit team. Well, not this week.
  7. The Cysko Kid


    You know what? Fuck that. It happened and it was regrettable but now every time I have to see some douche Steeler fan posting Antonio brown face kicking a punter "by accident" I can remind them that Myles Garrett made their quarterback his punk bitch. Fuck the Steelers and their fans and the horse they rode in on. I'm tired of them getting free passes for their bullshit. It went way over the top no denying that but it's about time the browns stood up to the Steelers.
  8. The Cysko Kid


  9. The Cysko Kid


    Fuck off. Harrison nearly killed at least three of our players with blindside hits. Mason got booped on the nose and he started that fight. What Damarious Randall did might have legit killed that guy. But that gets excused as a football play. Garrett shouldn't have taken the bait and that's on him but Mason Rudolph had an ass whipping coming. He's probably lucky as fuck Marquis pouncey was there to babysit him.
  10. The Cysko Kid


    Assault. Fuck mason Rudolph and the Steelers and the horse they rode in on.
  11. The Cysko Kid


    I agree that, you know, fuck the Steelers but it hurts us, not them.
  12. To whom, do you suppose, I send a bill for this egregious waste of taxpayer money?
  13. The Cysko Kid

    I'm back

    Make America Bi-Polar Again.
  14. The Cysko Kid

    The Whistleblower Exposed

    I never boycotted anything, dingleberry. I do what I want when I want and no tomato farming monkey matters in the slightest.