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  1. The Cysko Kid

    Mueller report

    Democrats' thirsty desperation makes me feel kind of sad for them. They really must not have much faith in any of their candidates. I expect they'll keep throwing shit at the wall though, obstinately refusing to admit that they're also smearing it all over themselves like hopeless lunatics in an asylum. Spoiler alert: the tax thing will also fail to pan out. I, personally, expect they will eventually resort to an assassination attempt.
  2. They're coming for your job next, Steve.
  3. Use them as batteries for the matrix?
  4. The Cysko Kid

    Iconic Notre Dame Cathedral burns..arson?

    Oh noes what happens on strike 3? You block me? I won't be able to enjoy your insightful posts anymore? Whatever shall I do?
  5. The Cysko Kid

    Iconic Notre Dame Cathedral burns..arson?

    Ah the indignant expert on fires is here. Please tell me all about your knowledge. Make sure you type like a fifteen year old girl while you do it.
  6. You don't know anyone who plays 10,000 on the stock market in Akron weekly much less 500,000. You know that.
  7. The Cysko Kid

    Iconic Notre Dame Cathedral burns..arson?

    I certainly wouldn't be surprised to learn it was arson but I don't suppose we'll ever hear that if it was.
  8. While you're so full of shit it must be leaking out of your ears; you're right that this is a pretty modest salary for someone so well known. I would suppose that most national news anchors, regardless of what political bent they have, make more than that per year.
  9. What I find humorous is that you're complaining about the blaze being brainwashing but you, in the recent past, posted 100% seriously that you felt Donald Trump was a dictator. Forgive me if I feel you have negative credibility.
  10. The Cysko Kid

    What the left is saying...

    I suspect you're only screaming "dictator! Dictator!" Because you know that there is substance there that wasn't there when it was the left's bullshit investigations
  11. The Cysko Kid

    Truth and Real American Justice is coming !

    You have to watch the video to get it for sure.
  12. The Cysko Kid

    Candace Owens

    They've already started
  13. The Cysko Kid

    For Those Who Believe Russia

    You're naive if you think we don't also have it. You're a fool if you think there's anything we can do about them developing technology without starting the 3rd world war.