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  1. The Cysko Kid

    Socialized medicine in Europe

    You should care. Obesity is the top factor in the top killers in the country. And all the fat fuck type 2 diabetics are probably the greatest factor in driving premiums through the roof year after year as they linger on and on requiring more and more insulin and care as their limbs and open sores rot their bodies away but don't kill them.
  2. The Cysko Kid

    Socialized medicine in Europe

    Why are you defending the insurance models here? I don't get it. I really really don't. You keep going on about some nebulous fake metric. "Everyone's got to pay" Yes, Steve. We pay taxes. Even, I imagine, self employed musicians who are probably taking home a lot of money that's, you know, not exactly accounted for by the IRS pay taxes. I imagine you keep your tax forms current. You also know that many in your profession don't. And we all know the very poorest aren't paying, period. They're not paying now either. I get taxed far out the ass. I would greatly prefer that tax money went to a national insurance fund rather than giving the Taliban weaponry. That's just me though.
  3. The Cysko Kid

    Socialized medicine in Europe

    You apparently missed the point where we have the top rated hospitals in the world. People that have the money are going to come here. We don't have the top hospitals in the world because of insurance companies though.
  4. The Cysko Kid

    Socialized medicine in Europe

    That doesn't even tell the whole story. For instance it says Cleveland Clinic had 1285 beds. I feel confident this doesn't reflect all of their hospitals, simply main campus downtown. They have the Jacobs building in Avon which just built two enormous towers. They have Marymount which has beds. They have Akron General which, I don't know because I haven't been there but I bet has a decent capacity. I'm sure I'm missing some actual admitting hospitals under their direct control.
  5. The Cysko Kid

    Socialized medicine in Europe

    And since I'm on an off topic tangent why are our healthcare professionals so fucking fat? I swear 50% of nurses are fat wheezing windbags. That does not scream good health to me. Do you know that healthcare is the largest industry in the country? Presumably because we're so unhealthy that even 5'3 female nurses are 180 lbs.
  6. The Cysko Kid

    Socialized medicine in Europe

    I notice the people most against other people receiving adequate health care are the ones who can most afford the exorbitant costs. Generally older people that are empty nesters and, strangely, the ones on Medicare which is America's version of socialized healthcare. Ok, let's play the game where we zzz keep our healthcare model. No one thinks it's fine as is do they? Does anyone believe it legitimately costs $3000 for an MRI? AN MRI is a diagnostic. Not even a treatment. There has to be some reckoning. I mean how much does it cost if you're in a hospital room that they haven't even cleaned for days and once every four hours some disinterested low-iq nurse comes in and changed the saline bag and gives you some oxy so you don't bother them? Quite a lot, sir. Quite a lot. Speaking of nurses why are they making so much money? Nurse practitioners sure. MSNs ok, but just your regular run of the mill nurse? They don't do that great of a job from what I can see.
  7. The Cysko Kid

    One of Our Greatest Minds

    She's not wrong though. I was in the ICU for five days less than a month ago. No covid. Floor was full. I had to get moved out on a Friday night because they kept calling trauma teams to the emergency room. Presumably Trauma inflicted by covid if you're a democrat and not Akron recklessly driving drunk and shooting each other up.
  8. The Cysko Kid

    The Afghan plan

    You've still fucking lost it. Or rather you didn't get it back after you lost it the first time. You have an inability to criticize Biden, period. The best you can do is soft criticism - yeah it was fucked up but TRUMP! Dude. Everyone wanted to be out of Afghanistan. That was not the point here. The point was he failed to evacuate the civilians before the troops leading to this absolute shit show where the consulate is telling people to shelter in place and hide so they don't get murdered and afghans clinging to the side of fleeing C17s and falling hundreds of feet to their deaths. Joe Biden absolutely fucked this up because he thought he'd get some fleeting political points for pulling the troops out without giving a single fucking thought to HOW to do it. And predictably you and a bunch of other democrat stans whose internet fandom borders on the obsessive - you're basically nothing more than a fucking Harry Potter cosplayer or a goddamn furry when it comes to political fandom - you have no objectivity that I can see. You've succumbed to, well, standom. There's trump stans here too, before you get your Biden 2020 underoos in a poop soiled bunch, you're not the only one - well anyway the Democrats were absolutely counting on their rabid Stan fanbase to bail them out of this one. It's not their fault it's TRUMP'S! He's ORANGE! The thing is, fandom cools off. There's still twilight stans but they're not as prevalent as they were in, say. 2012. History will not remember Biden well for this. The video of afghans falling to their deaths and the forthcoming executions will far outlive Biden's courageous declarations of "Orange man bad" When younger generations think of Vietnam few of them think of Lyndon Johnson's or Nixon's defenses of anything that was done there.
  9. The Cysko Kid

    The Afghan plan

    It's absolutely on Biden for it being such an absurd and utter shit show that people are being flown out on chinooks and all the afghans who helped us out for 20 years will likely be lined up against the wall and executed on video. Maybe the Taliban won't do that. And maybe Biden could string together three coherent sentences. I don't see it though.
  10. The Cysko Kid

    Roll Call

    Yes Pfizer, April
  11. It's embarrassing that the Taliban took the country back so quickly. It's embarrassing that in 20 years we couldn't put the Taliban down. We learned nothing from the Russians' little adventure there.
  12. The Cysko Kid

    Permanent jeopardy host

    Ultimately that David Faber fellow was the most outstanding guest host. I hear Mike Richards is going to be the permanent host though and I'm ok with that.
  13. Cal, without obamacare insurance would have dropped me like a hot rock over the last few months. My perspective has had occasion to change.
  14. His name is poisonous now. It'd be a mistake for CNN to put him back on considering the fluff segments of him and Andrew Cuomo gladhanding each other while the whole time Andrew was abusing power, molesting, and mismanaging covid to the point of causing thousands of unnecessary deaths that he then covered up.
  15. I really think medicare for all is probably the way to go. Everybody pays with their taxes, so there's your sliding scale. The public housing crowd was never going to pay anyway. They don't pay now either, and perversely they get excellent health care - a far better deal than you or I.