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  1. If anyone gave a fuck about abundant clean and cheap energy we'd be heavily investing in nuclear power instead of dicking around with solar and wind farms
  2. I've long said the best solution to this is simply to annex mexico and central america
  3. The Cysko Kid

    Inconvenient Truths

    You're clearly an easily influenced person being led about by the nose and unable to comprehend what's going on even with those fingers jammed right in your nostrils.
  4. The Cysko Kid

    Inconvenient Truths

    You need to get off the news. It's definitely negatively impacting your mental state.
  5. The Cysko Kid

    Inconvenient Truths

    You're absolutely insane. The parallels to the democrat party are frightening. The only parallel to trump is the democrat or ingsoc sponsored two minute hate for emmanuel goldstein (trump)
  6. The Cysko Kid


    So does that put him above the 9/11 terrorists for New Yorkers killed? I think it does.
  7. So there was really no point except to waste OUR not THEIR money and try to shame people. They knew there was a zero percent chance of conviction all along yet they all went with this farce again at our expense. I wonder how much their decadent lunches alone cost while they held this kangaroo court?
  8. The Cysko Kid

    3's a Charm

    Hoorta loves this Q-anon nonsense so much.
  9. It sound be more beneficial to simply execute this person than humor their bullshit.
  10. Biden, dewine and the rest can suck my dick.
  11. 36 people is nothing and much like hoortas hand wringing covid death numbers I just don't care.
  12. The Cysko Kid

    SHRINKING STIMULUS more lies from Biden

    I see what you're saying but the problem is the bald faced lies. First $2000 is an immediate and absolute campaign promise - a bribe really. Openly buying votes but then the bullshit starts. Oh it's not really $2000. It's 1400. Now not everyone gets it. Just the "eligible" and note that number keeps creeping down. They're really looking for a way to only give the borked stimulus to minorities but of course they can't say that. That would be honest. So they're going to end up creeping the income eligibility to people making under something like $50,000 a year before they settle and then they'll only do partial payments to some people. Liars. Filth. Trash. Democrats
  13. The whole fucking thing was a setup from top to bottom. A political means to an end to justify their purges and their outright assault on everything america has ever stood for. And these dumb fuck Trump lovers went right along with it, too dumb to know they were being led by the nose.
  14. The Cysko Kid


    I don't like him, never have. I don't want him for the browns. I don't think he's worth the money at this point but if he were to end up here I'd root for him.