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  1. Let's see you feel so flippant when it's your carefully cultivated yard torn up or when you're raking 2000 corn cobs back into the field in the falltime. Or when they spill 100 gallons of roundup in your front yard. Fuck that guy.
  2. They don't grow actual food. They grow field corn and soybeans. When was the last time you are either of those things raw? They just grow crap to be processed into more crap.
  3. Living right next to an active field I can confirm that my respect for farmers has fallen at least 80%
  4. The farmer who works the field next to my house that recently decided he was gonna tear up sixty feet of my yard is severely lacking in brainpower. Now I have a big L shaped fucking mark in my yard.
  5. Would smash both those hippies.
  6. The Cysko Kid


    To be fair many NFL teams suffer from bad qb play.
  7. The Cysko Kid


    I hear Antonio Callaway is on a team although injured.
  8. The Cysko Kid


    They were smart to avoid sideshow acts like Johnny Manziel and go with guys like Cardale Jones and Landry Jones
  9. The Cysko Kid


    Vince McMahon always had some money but in the years between 2001 and now some money blossomed into "a lot of money" as in billions. He could probably afford to float the xfl along through a couple of early rough seasons. If he can get a few key investors who knows what could happen. The fact of the matter is football is king and I would personally rather follow the xfl then the other major sports. The AAF or whatever it was called that just folded had neither money or broadcast partners.
  10. The Cysko Kid

    Pete Buttplug thinks he's going all the way

    Trump, believe it or not, is one of the most gay friendly presidents. Just ask the log cabin Republicans
  11. The Cysko Kid

    Pete Buttplug thinks he's going all the way

    Actually mayor Pete might be the best of that lot. They could certainly do worse. He won't beat trump. I feel like it's this year's election is probably already a lock but if they chose buttigieg I think he's their best bet.
  12. So I was reading this. To be fair that was a rough time. My whole family was literally stuck in University hospital on adelbert for like seven straight days because they had to basically rebuild my second son's entire skull. Sitting around while you know your kid's head is basically open to the brain is a bit of a helpless feeling. It's possible I was mostly projecting some of that anxiety. Still the last shit you want to hear about while you're stuck in a place full of sick people is Ebola.
  13. Still seems like a good idea. Fuck 'em I say.
  14. Apparently he's not that easy of a target because they've been unloading every weapon at their disposal at him since the moment he was elected and they've failed to hit him every time. In, fact they've probably assured his re-election. I expect they'll probably try to assasinate him after they lose the election.
  15. The very first paragraph refutes this entire conspiracy theory