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  1. The Cysko Kid

    No debate? No surprise.

    I don't think he, frankly, ever wanted to really be president.
  2. The Cysko Kid

    White Face

    Nobody gives a fuck if white people are offended. There's no political points to score off of it
  3. The Cysko Kid

    Washington Redskins Name Change

    Actually I'm in favor of them changing the name. That was a bit of a joke, you see.
  4. Why am I not surprised you play crappy games?
  5. The Cysko Kid

    Washington Redskins Name Change

    They should change their name to the Washington progressives. They already play like garbage.
  6. The Cysko Kid

    More hydroxychloroquine

    Well, my mother has been on it as s treatment for rheumatoid arthritis for 12 years. Imagine my surprise to find out that it simply kills you immediately.
  7. How is having a seperate "black" national anthem not promoting "black nationalism"? By the way the southern poverty law center who is the self proclaimed racism watchdog of the country lists, like, double the number of black nationalist groups as white nationalist groups but no one seems to admit that's problematic.
  8. Why should they call him? He wanted anarchy and he got it. Maybe the swamp creatures who professed leadership of Seattle should call him.
  9. The Cysko Kid

    Covid deaths decline

    Its almost like someone in power has a vested interest in keeping the population frightened and cowed
  10. No, shit, bubbles. You've got fear driven shutdowns, democrat sanctioned riots and self satisfied scumfucks trying to abolish policing and glibly calling anyone that dares disagree with any of their crazy-town antics racist raping transphobes. Anyone satisfied with the state of this country is a Retarded sock monkey like yourself.
  11. The Cysko Kid

    Acceptable losses?

    I honestly feel sorry for you if that's the best you've got. That might work on some boomer on your Facebook though. You should start spouting off about cheetoh Jesus. It makes you sound like a Retarded chimpanzee that escaped the L'Oreal lab but at least it's not boring and sad.
  12. The Cysko Kid

    Acceptable losses?

    You are tired and uncreative and you trying to insult me is like a corn-filled turd trying to insult a sunrise.
  13. The Cysko Kid

    Acceptable losses?

    Arguing with you feels ridiculous, like talking to a toad or an earthworm.