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  1. BaconHound

    Biden Selects Kamala Harris as his VP

    How long before Trump ditches Pence for Conway 🤣
  2. BaconHound

    Republican Convention

    Hmmmm I vaguely remember Governor Cooper being scolded by a certain someone. Oh how the tune has changed.
  3. BaconHound

    Trump Interview with Chris Wallace

    So no need to mention Biden’s name. Simply make your point about the interview and continue the debate.
  4. The original question was concerning the BLM stuff. I think that is a pretty general ask. My response was general as well. But I’m glad you found a way to weave in Marxism & Communism 😂
  5. It illustrates some of the real issues our country needs to eventually deal with and begins to demonstrate the complexity of race issues in our country.
  6. BaconHound

    Trump Interview with Chris Wallace

    Great pivot
  7. BaconHound

    Trump Says Wear a Mask

    The first step before he begins to trample on our civil liberties, liberal media pressure.
  8. My standard of governance is one should have the ability to separate subjective beliefs with what should govern the nation. That may be an insane notion but I wouldn’t want a political party legislating “prima nocta” to support Nationalism.
  9. It’s more than an accusation. Even his own caucus has asked for him to be censured. He’s a anti-abortion even for rape & incest. Just your run of the mill, nut.
  10. There are crazy people on both sides in Washington but I don’t think rational people would debate that point. Can we please get some centrists is the Capitol
  11. BaconHound

    Bye WHO

    I’m ok with the US leaving the WHO as long as the money we allocate is still spent worldwide but smartly. If this is us taking our ball and going home, I’m not in favor of the move.
  12. BaconHound

    Ghislaine pre suicide watch

    Haha. I love Fox News, you can’t make this shit up. It’s not even a good photoshop.
  13. BaconHound

    Covid deaths decline

    Hope all works out. Glad you aren’t feeling effects.
  14. From Social Security’s website: Under a special rule, if you’ve worked for only one and one-half years in the three years just before your death, we can pay benefits to your children and your spouse who is caring for the children. I know of a 20 year old guy who worked for a bit over 2 years and committed suicide. His 3 year old kids were getting $300 per month each until they were 18. Not equitable regardless of how you slice it but keep believing it’s not a government hand out in many instances. I’m also fairly certain individuals born with severe illness like Down Syndrome who never work a day are still eligible but I don’t have firsthand knowledge of that.