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  1. If you have a good offense and no defense you'll stink...see Houston. If you have good defense and no offense you'll stink see Cincinnati
  2. Is Hue Jackson the answer?

    fair enough
  3. Is Hue Jackson the answer?

    No he's awesome, he got his client $500,000 per catch.
  4. Chris Tabor

    I've heard teams can't wait to add Sammy Coates to their punt coverage team next year
  5. Is Hue Jackson the answer?

    C'mon so Kenny Britt's agent is the measuring stick? He was pedestrian this season. Hue would've thrown him the ball 15 times a game if he was any good.
  6. ***Official Browns Vs. Packers Game Day Thread***

    I too think the "coach speak" is getting old but Belichick does the same thing except his are after wins.
  7. Hue vs Pettine

    I blame coaches for losses when they make the bad call. Butch Davis cost the Browns a playoff win. Pete Carroll and Dan Quinn lost Super Bowls because of calls. I don't see the same issues on this team. In today's game there was a point in the 3rd quarter where our bend but don't break defense was hurting us but if you give up 21 points a game you are a top 14 NFL Defense. I'm a big believer in complete football. If your offense fails to move the ball it puts pressure on your defense. When your defense can't stop anyone it puts your offense in a "pass mode" which makes you one dimensional. This team is shaky on both sides of the ball but I'm one of the few that views this as a lack of talent. If I was coaching Mercer and they put me in the Big 10 I'd expect to get destroyed a lot and lose close games to bad conference teams.
  8. Hue vs Pettine

    What do you think Vince Lombardi would say when his pot smoking/dealing, often suspended WR, catches his first TD pass after missing almost 3 years due being suspended runs to the sidelines and puts on sunglasses? I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be nice catch. I understand it's a different era but it's a different era. Coleman and Gordon are rocking shades on 0-13 team like they are at the U. If I were the coach I'd put an end to it and then the players would get me fired. I digress but I think it's hard enough to coach a talented team with depth but even harder to coach a bunch of bums.
  9. Hue vs Pettine

    Again, is this the political discussion forum? It's not his fault entirely but he's not blameless either. The whole coaching staff has a responsibility to get guys ready to play and out them in a position to be successful. Since I think it's a mistake to fire him I'm not saying he's done everything correct. When this team executes they don't look horrible but they don't execute. If I were a Falcons fan I'd be upset about coaching.
  10. Kiser not the reason folks.

    This is the modern NFL. The days of drafting Aaron Rodgers and sitting him behind Favre are gone. Goff, Wentz, Watson, Carr, etc. are all expected to play after being drafted. 20 years ago you'd kept Mccown and let Kizer sit and learn but not anymore. And to be perfectly honest you, nor I, know what was said behind closed doors. The Browns cut Mccown at a time where they saved roster bonus money and may have had a plan for Kessler, Hogan and a draft pick. As much as I'd like to see 3-10 as opposed to 0-13 I don't think the front office cared. From the get go we were in "evaluation mode" so why would you retain a veteran.
  11. Hue vs Pettine

    That shovel pass today was a great call. When the offense has caught passes, thrown accurate balls and blocked they've scored. The offense has looked better with the addition of Gordon.
  12. Kiser not the reason folks.

    He's used timeouts because the offense and defense is clueless. Did we forget Kizer audibling in Detroit? Kizer keeps getting sacked in pivotal spots and turning it over, Hue is calling timeouts to settle him and try to avoid those plays. Kizer not getting the plays called has been an issue.
  13. Hue vs Pettine

    Again for what? Having terrible players. I don't know how so many fans have been convinced that the complete lack of talent in this franchise is on the coaches. Where are the home grown players that left the last 10 years we are really regretting? I'm as frustrated as the next guy but this isn't Atlanta where Shanahan leaves and your QB goes from MVP to mediocre.
  14. Kiser not the reason folks.

    I agree this was a problem year 1 but seems to be better this year.
  15. Hue vs Pettine

    And how quickly the torches and pitchforks came out for Pettine. The constant of this team over the past 10 years has been bad players but fans keep blaming the coaches. So who is the hall of fame who the Browns lost over the last 10 years? Taylor Gabriel? TJ Ward? Travis Benjamin? Jordan Cameron? Joe Haden? Oh wait Jabaal Sheard played well for 2 years with the Patriots. C'mon guys this isn't hard.