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  1. BaconHound

    Beatoff O'Rourke

    I do believe the ACA is flawed but I also believe spending $8 Billion on a symbol is a joke. But that is off topic. The point that was made is Congress approving the ACA is the same as the president circumventing Congressional approval.
  2. BaconHound

    Beatoff O'Rourke

    Congress approved the Affordable Care Act but declaring a national emergency and circumventing Congressional approval is basically the same thing.
  3. BaconHound

    Beatoff O'Rourke

    Steve I consider you an intelligent person and that's why I enjoy these chats but it seems like you you often times play stupid to keep the argument going. There is a big difference from opening boarders and providing a standard of living to all individuals, legal or illegal, living in the Unite States. I think there is a large segment of our country who don't believe there is "border crisis" but completely support overhauling our immigration policies. Better border security, path to citizenship, improving ICE enforcement, better trade agreements with Mexico, stricter fines for using illegal labor, fast track deportation for certain violations, etc.. This isn't a simple issue and will take many difficult decisions to make a positive change but unfortunately our leadership doesn't care to affect change as much as they do rallying their base, on either side of the aisle. So let's hope the population can overcome this nationalist nonsense and rise above to force our leaders into actually leading....
  4. BaconHound

    Beatoff O'Rourke

    Agreed but to suggest the theory of Socialism supports opening boarders to give free handouts to illegal immigrants is simply not true. I'd wager that most socialist countries, nationalism and isolationism is more common than an open free for all.
  5. BaconHound

    Beatoff O'Rourke

    And that's the problem. Everyone argues against the worst form of economic examples. Intelligent people look at the economic ideal and then apply practical policy that avoids the pitfalls that other governments have made.
  6. BaconHound

    Beatoff O'Rourke

    Socialism is an economic and political theory that has the means of production controlled by the community.
  7. BaconHound

    Beatoff O'Rourke

    It’s the Karl Rove fear-mongering that wins elections and rallies the nationalist. All this hard talk on illegal immigration without a whisper of raiding commercial farms and levying crippling fines for using illegal labor. All the drug talk without mention of a vast investment in port security.
  8. BaconHound

    Beatoff O'Rourke

    $10 a barrel oil tax, primarily a tariff sound familiar Open Borders has nothing to do with Socialism And an not sure how fiscal conservatism and Capitalism relate to each other at all. Capitalism is about maximizing wealth in a free market system.
  9. BaconHound

    Unitary Executive Theory

    Get the popcorn ready as this decision may resonate throughout history, Maybe this is just the push we need to move from an informal oligarchy to a true monarchy.
  10. I thought the bi-partisan message was a good one but.......
  11. BaconHound

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    I divorce my personal feelings from employability concerning most job. Never asked a waiter if he has had a DWI, never asked a Walmart Clerk if they have a past history of domestic violence and don’t care about NFL players history. It’s up to the NFL to collectively bargain penalties for actions and employability and if a person is eligible to play, so be it.
  12. BaconHound

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    If he was a Steeler most in here would call him a scumbag but since he is a Brown...Welcome to Cleveland Kareem
  13. BaconHound

    Millennial's too lazy to volunteer for Fire Departments

    Just good capitalists, why waste valuable labor time and not get paid...
  14. Still hearing crickets on this point.
  15. Man vs Machine argument can be made for abolition of Labor Law, OSHA Standards, Unions, etc. but I'm pretty sure most workers who are benefiting from those policies don't want them gone.