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  1. Coaches

    You wouldn’t know it on this board where 90% of the posters view Hue, Pettine, Shurmur, Chud, Mangini as the main problem. And some of us, calling Mud, have been saying for years this franchise is lacking real talent and until you have that talented you are going to be successful.
  2. Alex smith

    No I’d trade #35 for Alex Smith and leave this years draft with #1, #4, #33 and Alex
  3. Bortles, Foles and Keenum

    None of the three are. All 3 have good defenses and solid running game
  4. Coaches

    Shanahan goes to a Super Bowl, becomes a HC, gets a QB and wins 5 straight Shurmur headed to NFC Championship and most likely heading to Arizona as HC Pettine taking over Green Bay’s defense but it’s all Hue Jackson’s fault...riiight
  5. States Rights?

    You take wasted people with nothing but time on their hands and bad things happen. Yeah at some point when the Donald moves us to underemployment the labor force will need to pick up the slack.
  6. Alex smith

    Let the swarm. Nothing distracting the team this year or last, 1-31. I think we've allowed the media to run wild concerning Kaep, just check the numbers and compare them to Cleveland's jesus. I'll grant that the game has moved more in the passing direction but there were QBs like Marino, Montana, Moon, Elway etc. who lit people up in the 80s & 90s. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/K/KaepCo00.htm https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/K/KosaBe00.htm
  7. And I'd expect the same as DieHard posted from neocon news
  8. http://www.newsweek.com/can-trump-take-credit-black-unemployment-reaching-new-low-772806
  9. States Rights?

    Biggest danger to the individual, yes. The biggest danger with the opioid epidemic is decreased human productivity and crime. The States' rights vs strong central government discussion it worthwhile but gets oversimplified too often to make a point. For instance this Country couldn't allow a State to legalize burglary.
  10. Alex smith

    If he'd be willing to sign for a reasonable price than by all means. As a fan of team is 1-31 I really don't care about kneeling, I'll take some victories and then worry about how they look. Michael Vick is on TV and what he did was a thousand times worse. Do we still talk about Crows twitter rants? The Cleveland Browns need good football players.
  11. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-05/job-gains-in-trump-s-first-year-were-solid-but-not-the-greatest
  12. Alex smith

    No one played vs Dallas. His 2nd start was bad but his first start was great. Career stats are solid.
  13. Alex smith

    So you're saying that Alex Smith isn't worth as much as Kizer? I'd take Alex Smith, #1, #4 & #33 and give up #35.
  14. Alex smith

    I agree. But like everything else the Browns do I'm always waiting for it to blow up
  15. Thoughts On Today's Parade

    He may not want the headache and eventually sell. The NFL may not want the bad PR and send in a guy to take over football operations as the NBA did the 76ers.