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  1. BaconHound

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    Jamie Collins isn't a loud mouth prima dona
  2. BaconHound


    Just had a chance to listen to his introductory presser and he seemed to say all the right things but what struck me is 7-8-1 is not acceptable. I loved that statement. That's the thinking we need. God, I hope this works out!!!!!!
  3. BaconHound

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    Yes and no. Dorsey may trade or cut him when, or should we say if, money gets tight. Right now Landry makes sense but that doesn't mean he will be in Cleveland and fulfill the years of his deal.
  4. BaconHound

    Jarvis Landry headed to pro bowl

    Landry is a possession WR being paid like a star WR. Like others have said I don't care what they pay him until the cap becomes an issue. Good for him making the Pro Bowl but it also illustrates it isn't a measure of top tier talent in the league since his numbers are good at best.
  5. BaconHound

    Antonio Brown

    I'm more looking for that AJ Green type body receiver. In the Red Zone going Landry, Callaway, NJokeWho and a big body WR would be pretty impressive
  6. BaconHound


    I did enjoy it but numbers can tell the narrative we want them to tell. My nervousness rests in the limited sample size and how Freddie will handle the adversity. He’s only been an offensive coordinator for s blip and never been the head honcho. I will say that Dorsey has done a lot to earn some trust so I am not saying this is a bad hire, I’m just not loving it on paper
  7. BaconHound


    Not a fan of this but we will see
  8. BaconHound

    Camp Ferrell

    Nope he was a freshman
  9. BaconHound

    Camp Ferrell

    When we were going camp crazy in 2016 I mentioned that Ferrell was going to be a stud. Everyone but Mud was clueless as to who is was, which says a lot about college football knowledge around here. He can potentially be a top 15 2019 draft pick. Let's hope all the armchair GMs are paying more attention to college football these days.
  10. BaconHound

    Camp Ferrell

    Bringing it back for the uninformed
  11. BaconHound

    Top Offseason Need - Poll

    A tackle would be nice to see Baker be able to operate in the pocket more.
  12. BaconHound

    Jamie Collins

    If you can bring in better, ship him, if you can't, keep him.
  13. BaconHound

    Nick Chubb highest graded RB...per PFF

    Chubb had a very good rookie campaign but PFF numbers are sabremeticians' wet dreams and not much more
  14. BaconHound

    Official Jabrill Peppers Appreciation Thread

    Blown 4th down tackle, holding penalty that lead to a TD and a blown coverage on Andrews
  15. BaconHound

    who would be your choice?

    And today?