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  1. BaconHound

    Mayfield or Mahomes

  2. BaconHound

    Antonio Callaway

    Seems to be an unstable and bad guy but could have stole some real talent later in the draft, time will tell.
  3. BaconHound

    Lamar Jackson to the Ravens

    Stats aren't as relevant as they once were since systems and leagues are so different. If stats and film were the entire story we would be partying in the streets over Baker Mayfield being a Brown not crossing our fingers.
  4. BaconHound

    Lamar Jackson to the Ravens

    No one can, he's not as good as Pryor was.
  5. BaconHound

    Denzel Ward

  6. BaconHound

    Denzel Ward

    Absolutely not. I've been saying that DB is one of the hardest positions to play based on league rules and physical superiority of many WRs. Many in here supported Gilbert saying that DB was a hard position to learn in year one and then in year 2 crickets. I don't value DBs as high as other defensive players due to the previously mentioned reasons and that they typically have a very short shelf life at an elite level.
  7. BaconHound

    Orlando Brown

    Really Bad showing at the combine. I would question his work ethic but thought, from the Browns perspective, if you take a chance on Callaway you could on Zeus Jr.
  8. BaconHound

    Baker Mayfield Thread

    Absolutely but seeing how a player goes when everything is not going his way says a lot. There are many QBs that look great when everything is going their way. The QB of the Browns is going to have some rough sledding.
  9. BaconHound

    Are we gonna get an influx of Sooner fans now?

    www.soonerfans.com although not a ton of posters on the board.
  10. BaconHound

    Mayfield is no Brees

    I’ll take it one step further. I don’t think Darnold, Allen, Rosen or Mayfield have shown on the field last year that they deserve to be the number 1 pick. They all have glaring flaws. The Cleveland Browns selected a QB to appease fans and because Sashi & Co, along with NFL pundits, sold this year as the year of the QB I’m 2016. At this point Tyrod Taylor is the best QB on this roster and may very well be so in week 8. The problem is this team is going to stink again so everyone will be clamoring for Mayfield when we are 2-6. I would’ve drafted Barkley #1 and whomever was left out of the 4 at 4. Now they’ve got their QB and even the rosiest of sunshine pumpers will have to be negative when he stinks up the joint.
  11. BaconHound

    Austin Corbett

    Wish they would’ve started the draft that way.
  12. BaconHound

    Denzel Ward

    Was he a tackle or a guard at Nevada
  13. BaconHound

    Denzel Ward

    I’m and Obo kinda guy 😬
  14. BaconHound

    Orlando Brown

    Would love to see him fall to 64
  15. BaconHound

    Denzel Ward

    Don’t know much about Corbett but would like to see as much OL talent as we can accumulate. If Mayfield is the future he definitely will need protection.