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  1. Rumors. Harbaugh, others to Browns??

    Beep Beep Beep, back peddle? You called Belichick's predecessors clowns. Don't back up, just admit you misspoke. It happens man, I do it once a weekend. It's ok
  2. Camp Mayfield

    He's listed at 6'1 220. I haven't stood next to him so I can only go by these numbers until he's measured at the combine.
  3. Tashaun Gipson Hopes to "Hang 40" on Browns

    Yeah TJ has started to tail off and he was always more of a thumper and not sure how he would've fit in. Whitner wasn't very good in a Browns jersey though.
  4. No typo every organization passed on Prescott and Dallas made a nice call getting him where they did but he obviously didn't impress anyone. Not saying he's not a solid QB but you can't hold a front office to blame for something that 31 teams passed on him multiple times. I don't think a difference maker is in this years draft but I'm a fan not a paid NFL scout so we'll see come draft day.
  5. Rumors. Harbaugh, others to Browns??

    Super Bowl Champ and played in another. Part of the regime that built the Legion of Boom and brought in Russell Wilson, ain't no clown.
  6. Camp Mayfield

    6'3 220 Stafford 6'1 220 Mayfield Sorry 2 inches of height and zero pounds in weight is close to me, uh...sure
  7. I've been on the record as saying that the front office should not be canned after this year but that being said, every draft is viewed using hindsight. You evaluate how it went 2-4 years after they take place. That's why it's the front office's job to scout, review the roster and make calculated decisions based on all available information in order to maximize the benefit of the draft. If you choose not to draft Wentz or Watson when QB is a glaring need you hope that guys you draft prove to be better than what you passed on. I agree that you can't hold Dak Prescott against the Browns front office but clearly the Eagles needed a QB and moved into the Browns spot to draft him #2. Another front office evaluated Wentz and to this point he appears to be a franchise QB.
  8. Deshone Kizer

    Yep sorry. The jury is still out on Kizer for me. I haven't see a full half yet where I was blown away. There were games where Anderson stood in the pocket like an NFL QB and picked teams apart.
  9. Josh Gordon - the missing piece

    If he is healthy, in shape and committed he can't hurt. Not to may players have played as few games as Josh in 3 years and been great but anything better than practice squad would be an upgrade at this point.
  10. Deshone Kizer

    The Browns haven't had a young QB look like he belonged on an NFL roster since Derek Anderson in 2007.
  11. So our collection of geniuses in the front office don't actually select players they allow the coaches to dictate picks, sounds plausible. 2016 Draft 1st Round Sashi: I like this Wentz kid I think he could be the real deal. Hue: Fuch that noise, I can't work with his raw talent. Trade back get me Corey Coleman and more picks. 2017 Draft 1st Round Sashi: Hue you liked RG3 and I think this Watson kid could be as good if not better. Hue: Dude are you high? I want a kinda safety that Greg wants to play out of position and a TE that isn't sure if he's playing football or cricket. Yeah I can see it now
  12. Camp Mayfield

    Or the Trevor Knight treatment. Don't be hatin' Baker for wanting to be a Sooner!
  13. Tashaun Gipson Hopes to "Hang 40" on Browns

    I think many of us weren't happy when they let him walk. I wasn't happy when they TJ Ward go either. 1 outta 2 ain't bad.
  14. Deshone Kizer

    Never said that they should abandon him. Don't get this "love it or leave it mentality". He made a terrible call and needed to face the music but instead he let Hue take the heat,
  15. Haden a Steeler

    I'd say Haden was a brand name. When he came into the league he was very good and gave some fans a reason to cheer. One thing Browns fans are not good at is letting reason overtake emotion and I'm guilty of it as well. Joe has been in steady decline since he inked the big deal but many weren't ready to face that fact. The same way many steal believe there are a bunch of incredible coaches out there waiting for the Browns to call because "they want to be the guy to turn it around".