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  1. Hunt Daddy

    RUMORS - browns locked down CHIP KELLY.....

    What is this, 2013?
  2. Hunt Daddy

    Browns 2015 Schedule

    I'm so damn pumped about it haha. Thanks, Johnny!
  3. Hunt Daddy

    Browns 2015 Schedule

    I just want one SNF or MNF game. Just one. That's all.
  4. Hunt Daddy

    Browns New Uniforms

    Favorite combo is the brown jersey and the orange pants. I think my favorite aspect is the orange stitching on the brown jersey. It just makes it pop more. definitely gonna have to get one of those.
  5. Hunt Daddy

    Tweets and Speculation about Uniforms

    Don't mind them but the 3D lettering is kind of lame. Did we finally just get to the 90s or something?
  6. Hunt Daddy

    Updated Logos Announced Today!

    You can't even call it a new logo. Could have just changed the facemask color and inverted the stripes and then posted it. No one would have noticed for a few days. I do like the new orange and think the real life helmets have a lot of potential. Logo wise, meh.
  7. Perryman and Shelton would make for an excellent draft.
  8. Hunt Daddy

    Mariota is a joke

    Mariota played a great game. Oregon as a whole did not. Can't hate 333 yards and 2 TDs. Oregon's defense just can't stop a god damn thing.
  9. Hunt Daddy


    I have the Bills defense in a dynasty fantasy football league. Rex Ryan getting hired by them makes me happy as shit.
  10. Hunt Daddy


    I'm not sure if you typed that on purpose or if autocorrect got ahold of it. Either way, I'll allow it.
  11. Hunt Daddy

    2015 QB Draft Watch

    Take a shot on Hundley in the second. The guy makes NFL throws and is hella athletic. He's raw, but with some refining he could be a stud. I fully believe Ray Farmer will take a qb in this draft and I believe he'll take one in any round he feels necessary. Hundley could be the best bet for a second round pick. Outside of an amazing combine he could definitely find himself going early on Day 2.
  12. Hunt Daddy

    # 12 and # 19

    Gurley has more natural talent and athleticism for the position, but it's hard to argue what Chubb has done this season, especially this game against the third best rush defense in the nation.
  13. Hunt Daddy

    # 12 and # 19

    I'll stay with the off topic part. Fournette is real good, but he's no Nick Chubb.
  14. Hunt Daddy

    Trade GORDON and 1st rounder for Garoppolo

    If we're going only for a free agent QB this offseason, then I'd like to see us go after Sam Bradford. Outside of two freak ACL injuries, the guy still has talent. We have two first rounders to build even more around him than we already have.
  15. Hunt Daddy

    ***Official Browns @ Ravens Game Day Thread***

    Trade the entire draft away for Mariota.