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  1. bonedawg

    Josh Gordon out of Rehab!

    Ok, probably not the same as if AJ Green hit the market, but the only on-field performance that teams can judge him on now is his ridiculous 2014 season. If I am JG, do I want to risk having a mediocre season on a potentially 0-16 Browns and then try to find a new team with a big money contract?
  2. bonedawg

    Josh Gordon out of Rehab!

    Isn't it coincidental that his rehab completes and he is out right in time for the trade deadline. That dude never wanted or intended to play another down for the Browns. His value is sky high right now for trades. All he can do is damage it by coming back to an 0-8 team.
  3. bonedawg

    McCown Starts

    I don't know if Johnny is going to end up being the guy, but let's be honest, does anyone on this board think we have a shot at the Super Bowl this year? So let's say McCown is the better option this season, and we win an extra game or two with him at the helm. We end up 7-9 or 8-8. What is the point of the extra two wins with McCown? There would be some legitimacy to that argument if we were a bubble playoff team, but we just aren't that team. Starting Manziel at least lets us find out if he is the guy or we need to look elsewhere. I just don't buy that waiting a year to start Manziel so he can develop and learn is somehow going to dramatically change the results. Somehow starting him this year turns him into a bust and if we would have only waited until next year he would have been a HOFer. We shouldn't be delusional about McCown either. He was 2-14 last year for the fucking trainwreck Bucs.
  4. bonedawg

    Barkevious Mingo out for a month

    Meh...hope he heals fast, but dude has been trending toward bust for awhile now and this may cement it. You don't hope the 6th pick in the draft turns into a rotational LB.
  5. Manziel rolls into OTA's red-eyed, smelling like booze and asks, "Where's Shanny?"
  6. bonedawg

    New OC again!

    Where are all of those Aggie motherfuckers who swarmed this board a couple months ago claiming to be Browns "fans" I'd like to hear who they think can bring out Johnny Fuckboy's true potential.
  7. bonedawg

    New OC again!

    Well the good news is that Johnny Fuck-Up didn't spend much time learning the old one. Just some new pieces of paper for JF to glance at and say, "Nah, I got this, pass the vodka!"
  8. bonedawg

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    You Aggies fans paying attention? This is how you come into someone else's house. I hate the Patriots and I hope they lose every game they play. I hope Brady finds out that Gronk is banging Gisele and they get into a fistfight in the middle of the field on Sunday. I hope Belichick is exposed in a massive cheating scandal and they retroactively take all of his Super Bowl titles away. Nonetheless, welcome to the board Pats_Fan93. Here's to a Browns/Pats AFC championship one day (in which the Browns win 103-0 and Belichick breaks down in tears)
  9. bonedawg

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    I like that! The circle of suck is now complete. Time to move forward!
  10. bonedawg

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Sure thing pal. You enjoy those daydreams of Manziel's dick bouncing off the back of your throat. What an asshole.
  11. bonedawg

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Then go jerk off on a Aggie forum.
  12. bonedawg

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Slow your roll dickhead. Not that it matters, but I have a master's degree from a school with a huge football program. I also lived in TX for a brief and regretful period, so I understand how repressed homosexuality is down there and how it often comes out in idolizing young athletic men. I don't care if you or the rest of the state of Texas watch the Browns now because you aren't Browns fans. You are Johnny Manziel fans. If he gets traded, you'll move on to the next team that wants to give him a shot. I also have no use for that bullshit laughable Texas pride nonsense. Not only do you idolize boys, but you arrogantly come to this board and talk shit. You can take those big and bright stars and shove them right up your ass.
  13. bonedawg

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    I understand being a fan of a team, but I have never understood being a fan of a player to the extent that you follow him where ever he goes. Love Joe Thomas but if he gets traded to the Broncos, I'm sure as shit not buying a Joe Thomas Broncos jersey. I am a fan of the Browns. You aggie guys following Manziel here are just kind of sad. Be aggies fans, you cheered for Manziel, now let him the fuck go. There comes a point when you have to look yourself in the mirror and admit that you are a grown ass man who is following around and idolizing a 22yo boy.
  14. bonedawg

    Burfict To IR, McCarron Activated

    The real question is would you rather face Jason Campbell or "Primetime" Andy Dalton?
  15. Jesus Christ... NFL on ESPN ‏@ESPNNFL 5h5 hours ago Since 2008, teams to score at least two defensive TDs in 1 game are 48-2. Both losses are by the Browns: (2013 Week 15, Sunday) https://twitter.com/ESPNNFL/status/542346705253842946