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  1. spisatus

    Why didn't we go for 2?

    Actually I deserved MUCH worse than that! I'm out of country and listening to the game via radio and the signal was going in and out. But I will take my 50 lashes for not keep up with the math. LOL
  2. spisatus

    Why didn't we go for 2?

    I'm still wondering if anyone has a good reason why we would not go for the 2 point conversion when the Detroit offense had been running up and down the field. At least we would have had a chance in OT.
  3. spisatus

    Give Quinn A Chance

    So now we can trade him and get a decent draft pick? DA can start the rest of the season:-) <deep sarcasm>
  4. spisatus

    We Can Build On This

    What this game did give me was hope at the QB position. If given time, BQ can pass, and contrary to popular believe, he CAN throw the deep ball. What it has proven is that we need to surround him with players that can catch (dropped 1 to many for me, which might cost us the game) we might be able to scrow. What is also proved to me, is that we need ALOT of help on defense. The Defense has kept us in so many quarters this year who would have thunk that they would have sucked so bad today?
  5. spisatus

    Todays game

    just looked at replay of the penalty, it was an obvious interference call, the guy had his back to the ball, he wasn't even looking at the QB. When the QB has 50 yards to throw you should be able to watch the QB and not have your back to the ball!!
  6. spisatus

    Todays game

    Look at the bright side, we out scored a team for 60 minutes.
  7. spisatus

    Todays game

    Blame it all on the Defense!!
  8. spisatus

    Todays game

    Un FKIN believeable!! Can anyone remember someone winning on a hail mary interference call? We just made a rookie look like Montana.
  9. spisatus

    Todays game

    These first down handoffs to Lewis are killing us!!
  10. spisatus

    Todays game

    Hey, guess what there was a Browns Defense siteing :-)
  11. spisatus

    Todays game

    Where the heck is the Defense today??????
  12. spisatus

    Todays game

    Wanna guess what the last game was that was blacked out? Buffalo! So I could potentialy have missed both games the Browns win.
  13. spisatus

    Todays game

    You think you feel bad, I'm paying NFL Ticket and it's blacked out here too. Listening to the game on Sprint Radio.
  14. This will be an interesting week to watch BQ. If he has the potential to be an NFL QB he will have to show it this week. He has played against the Vikings (8-1), Denver (6-3) which just started losing, and the Ravens (very good defense, not the great defense of the past). With our offense and horrendous offensive play calling (for BQ and DA) it has not been an environment for growth. I am not looking for him to play great, I am looking for him to look well. He should get more time in the pocket, which means he should be able to throw the ball deep (if he's capable). I am willing to give him a ride to the end, just so we can see what we have or don't have. As far as Mangini, I really don't know what to think! Part of me thinks he sucks the other half says to give this guy a chance. He got us draft picks by taking out the expensive trash, even though he could have gotten us a few more draft picks by getting rid of one of the QB's at the start of the season. Not sure we will beat the Lions, and not really sure I care (better draft pick), what I do expect is for us to finally start looking like a football team and for BQ to start playing like an NFL QB (if he is to be one). I for one am tired of actually having to do yard work on Sundays because the Browns are done by half time.
  15. spisatus

    Another Rebuild

    I couldn't agree with your more. I have yet to see any originality in this Browns offense. You have a young QB that can move (unlike DA), why not roll him out? What has been really getting to me, is why when you have the defense coming SOOO hard at the QB, you don't run one QB draw. BQ is not McNabb but I know he can pull out a draw once in a while. This will likely slow down the defense and maybe give the O-line a chance to block.