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    Mangini: We're not dealing Quinn

    If Mangina trades Quinn to the Skins for a shitty deactivated DT I'm gonna request a piss sample.
  2. SChuck makes no bones about what he is. I cannot say the same for everyone. That's the difference.
  3. .mz

    Mangini: We're not dealing Quinn

    Let's hope we get something more than that if he's shipped. via here .
  4. .mz

    The NFL's Most Meaningful Stat

    Does anyone know anything regarding Cooper's availability?
  5. The heart wants what the heart wants. Who are we to argue?
  6. .mz

    What Does Everyone Do For A Living?

    I KNEW IT! it's good to see you back here DH. I mean it
  7. .mz

    What Does Everyone Do For A Living?

    I dig these threads when they pop up intermittently and wish more folks would participate. I'm an advertising creative / Clinical Psych grad student.
  8. It's due to the fact that you guys trust Mangini to build this team from the ground, and I guess, simply, I don't. Didn't particularly care for his draft. Or his choice of OC. Or his trades. Or his demeanor. Or his early benching of a QB. So what's left? Nothing, probably. I guess if I agreed with many (or any) of his moves, I'd have faith in some rebuilding effort, like you guys (choco, Earl34, etc.). But I just simply don't. I do agree (obviously) that we need a ton more pieces, and I guess that's what acquiring picks is all about. But if I have NO FAITH in whom those picks will be used upon, why would I want to trade established good-to-very-good players for them when I find the picks worthless. I wish I had more faith in Mangini than I currently do, and that's the source of this argument.
  9. Let's say you are the owner of a football team. Who would you rather have doing the drafting for you: Alo or Phil Savage? Again, just because these guys happen to have these jobs doesn't necessarily mean they're any good at it.
  10. I guess I have no other option than to sit back and hope, right? And I'll have my fingers crossed next April, because he gave up a TON for the picks he's getting then.
  11. Yes, Earl. So what I'm saying is I don't think Mangini is much better than Savage (albeit with less of meaningful sample). And that's where my consternation comes from.
  12. Joe Thomas. Swear on the Virtual Bible I Don't Believe In Anyway...
  13. There are PLENTY of folks on this board who would have had vastly better drafts than Phil Savage, a so-called "professional." Just because a person works in football doesn't mean he's automatically smarter or better informed than anyone else. All it means is he has that job and we don't. Perhaps I just watch more football than you do. I dunno. I live on the WC and I had seen Alex Mack play numerous times. I saw Revis play every year he was in college as he played in the same conference as my team. IIRC, Revis was also to top rated CB that year by the "draft pundits." And of course we all evaluate things as we see them. It's human nature. You can't force me to disagree with my own opinion, as it doesn't work that way.
  14. Not true. I loved the Joe Thomas pick. He plays O line. Not very sexy, eh? Your hypothesis just exploded. I just want good players, as I evaluate them. Obviously we have differences in opinion there.
  15. Other than being a brilliant sports fan, you're clearly also psychic, as you seem to ALWAYS know what I, and everyone else, is thinking at all times. PS Character wins a lot of Super Bowls.
  16. I guess I need to buy into the Mangini System and STFU. Sounds familiar.
  17. So you liked the trade down when it happened? The Veikune pick? The Robiskie pick?
  18. Yes, I know the Browns stink, but holy shit is this team ridiculously bad. I have the OAK/NYG game on here in LA, and it is just beyond comical. Deceased owner, criminal head coach and the worst starting QB I have ever seen. It does not get any worse. Makes us truly look like the Patriots in comparison. EDIT: Russell just fumbled inside his own 20 as I was typing this.
  19. I've recently been kicking around (in my head), the notion of Derek Anderson playing well this season, thus negating the need to draft ANOTHER QB with a top 5 pick and securing me one of my prized defenders.. And it sounds fine and dandy, right? Nope, it doesn't. It causes an huge problem because it can't happen. I want to select a defender (Berry, Suh, Mays, McCoy whatever) at the top of next year's draft, instead of one of these shiteating QB's (Bradford, Claussen, C McCoy etc.). I'm guessing the only way we avoid talking a QB high is if DA plays well enough to show Mangini he can be the future of this franchise (I know...). That way, we'll have our QB and be free to take one of these stud defenders. Great! Well, kinda. If DA plays well, we'll probably win some games, thus taking us out of contention for Suh, Berry, McCoy, etc, and if he doesn't play well, we'll probably lose a shit-ton of games and pick up where I wanna pick, but we'll be tempted to take the stupid QB instead because we won't have one. FCUK!!! We just can't catch a break. Damned if you do, DA, and damned if you don't.
  20. .mz

    It's still a Ravens / Steelers Division

    Joe Montana plays for the Shitbirds now?
  21. .mz

    QB Discussion (pre Oct 11th game)

    Yeah, but we never really thought we were competing in those. Those weren't REAL games...
  22. .mz

    anderson pro bowl chances

    It's been a Trap Decade.
  23. .mz

    It's still a Ravens / Steelers Division

    Thanks for the brilliant season recap, you Ratbird Fucktard.
  24. .mz

    QB Discussion (pre Oct 11th game)

    Back to Quinn/DA, I'm not sold on the fact that DA is better than Quinn, but, in all fairness, the three games Quinn played in this season were three of the WORST I have seen us play on O since I have been a fan ('85). We looked BAD. That means something.