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  1. Have you ever played football.... try playing D when your offense doesn't give you a break.
  2. At least he tried to play and not run inn the other direction and throw the ball back to the line of scrim
  3. For everyone who said I don't know anything about football...... I TOLD YOU SO
  4. joflockhart

    Fire Daboll NOW!!

  5. Really doesnt Quinn look scared out there..... If he runs any farther back he is going to run out of the stadium.
  6. joflockhart


    Quinn is in the game Anderson is not
  7. Are you talking about when they pulled DA out.... ya I know
  8. With DA we where scoring alot of points.......... the problem was the other teams where scoring more..... With BQ we never score points and the other team continues to score alot more....
  9. Brady Quinn sucks and always has! Can we please put Derek Anderson back in. I’m so sick of people stating the case for Quinn that he was a better round draft pick (Tom Brady) was a 6th round draft pick. Or Quinn is from Ohio… I’m from Ohio should I be quarter back… The guy is a stiff I think they pulled Derek Anderson out last year after he scored 27 points but still lost because of the defense… When Derek was in the offense was not a problem it was the defense, so why did we change the offense around.