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  1. slimdawg

    Goodbye Whitehead

    He clearly got concussed when fant bounced his ass off of the field 😂 that shit was hilarious. He’s gotta be embarrassed af
  2. slimdawg

    Ricardo Louis Waived

    You can buy them already jailbroken and pre loaded on the net for 50 at most nowadays, easy peasy
  3. slimdawg

    Browns Resign Orson Charles

    The hype man is back! I love this dude, he reminds me of bateman from the replacements
  4. slimdawg

    Are You Freaking Kidding Me?

    All QBs make dumb mistakes, some more than others. I just think he has alot of room to grow still.
  5. slimdawg

    Are You Freaking Kidding Me?

    I really dont get all the people saying we couldn't beat pissburgs jv team or scrubs!? They had 4 FOUR starters sit, i saw their starters on D playing the whole game so i dont get the jv bs. After reading the post game comments from hawk and rg3, id bet dollars to donuts that the play called at the 2 yd. line was a run play with a bubble screen built in, very common play design nowadays. Hawk flat out said he didn't think he was getting the ball and was surprised. So that means Hue called a run first play, RG3 tried to be cute and threw the screen. RG3 even said he should have just handed the ball off. So everyone that's bashing Hue needs to jump off his nutsack, he coulda threw RG3 under the bus on that one but he didn't. IMO RG3 is still pretty raw. He got coached up his rookie year and then became an afterthought until this season. Im kinda intrigued about him having another full offseason with him being healthy and having the coaches focused on him. I understand that fans are frustrated with how the season went, i sure am. Maybe give the coach a chance to grow with his very very young and raw team.
  6. slimdawg

    Josh McCown

    He's my favorite Browns QB since Bernie. No giving up in that dude.
  7. slimdawg

    Carl Nassib

    Id say you could probably throw Schobert in there too
  8. If he can stay healthy behind that Oline, I think McCown could have some pretty good games. He will actually have more than one person who is over 6 ft. tall to throw the ball to which should help him out alot. Its hard to hit such small targets consistently and Barnidge aside, they were all midgets last year. Heres to hope!
  9. slimdawg

    Griffin to Injured Reserve

    Haha, i fixed it. thanks!
  10. slimdawg

    Griffin to Injured Reserve

    My condolences to you and your family Opal. I lost my dad last week also, so i feel for you. At least my dad didn't have to witness that shit show on Sunday, although im sure it wouldn't have suprised him either.
  11. slimdawg

    Falcons Game Thread

    It's amazing that year after year, multiple coaching staffs, we constantly field poor tackling defenses. Its mind boggling. Hopefully come week one they get that shit addressed or its gonna be another long year for the D.
  12. I must have stepped into the twilight zone if Mike is saying nice things about TCPO
  13. slimdawg

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Mr.Rodgers slid quite a bit, and Mr.Brady avalanched all the way down Mt.Everest. Im not saying Cardales a lock or anything, just sayin that a sliding QB doesnt mean hes a lock to be bad. Cardale may end up being a mid-late round lotto pick for a lucky team. Never know....
  14. slimdawg

    Haslem and Farmer should be ashamed....

    Kudos to you to have the balls to have such a strong opinion on such an unpopular view. I agree 100% with all you've said in this thread. I have a few unpopular ideas to add myself. 1)If we keep the same GM/HC combo, give pettine final say on the roster/picks. Whether or not they collaborate or pettine gives his input, ultimately its farmer who has the final say regardless of who inputs what. IMO he has handcuffed the coaches because he thinks he knows what players are needed more than the coaches do, results? Highest paid D / worst ranked D (farmer signs these guys and decides how much), skill position talent near non existent, whiff after whiff on top draft picks (still hoping JFF can be the guy) DWAYNE BOWE SMFH, and as you point out, hes hiding and hanging pettine out to dry. If they retain them both, i say let pettine try his hand at shaping this roster. 2) If we kick farmer to the curb i say give pettine total control on a 1 year audition. Hire an exec for the football side to help guide and assist him, not undermine or overrule him and see how that works. After a year if things arent looking like its gonna work, start over from scatch and hire a whole new front office. Either way, the people who obtain the players have to have the same vision as the people coaching them and its pretty evident thats not the current case. IMHO i beleive that pettine can get this turned around, i think he has the meddle to do it. Bumps from learning on the job are going to happen, just have to stick with it and ride it out.
  15. slimdawg

    Haslam calls mtg with upper management tonight

    For a Stooler fan, this is a very smart post. Cant argue with any of it, completely true.