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  1. Baker Mayfield Thread

    Firstly, what I've said all along is that if you like a QB at #4, you take hum #1. If Mayfield is the dude, it's an insane and completely ridiculous gamble to assume he'll be there at 4 when the Jets are obviously going QB, and the Giants very well might. It's much more likely Barkley will be there at 4. With that being said, the biggest thing that scares me about Mayfield is the track record of BIG 12 QB's. At some point you've gotta sit there and realize there's an alarming pattern of QB's flaming out, whether that be from a school, conference, or region. I mean, looking at this list (which I wouldn't argue with) http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1987808-big-12-football-power-ranking-the-10-best-quarterbacks-of-all-time you see all the all time great Big 12 guys were just duds in the NFL (which we've learned twice already). Sure several of those guys are quality backups, but we're well past that point of drafting a dude like that. I suppose a QB will eventually break the mold of this thing, but I don't see it being Mayfield.
  2. Browns Schedule Thread

    Hey, I've been half joking, half serious that based on the incredible failure this organization has been that it's time to start sacrificing chickens at mid field. It's only stupid if it doesn't work as I like to say.
  3. Browns Schedule Thread

    I mean, schedules are predetermined years in advance. The schedule breaks down to 6 games in division, 4 playing an NFC division (NFC South), 4 playing AFC division (AFC West), and the remaining two are the equal teams from the other AFC divisions (so this year, Jets and Texans) So really it's just luck of the draw, but it can't be stated enough that the AFC north has been the best division in football over a decade too. NFC south has been extremely competitive too the past 3 years.
  4. Tank Carder Question

    Like I don't think figuring out how to contact Tank Carder would be that difficult. We should keep this train rolling and send it to him, I'm sure it'd be a big smile on his face.Like I don't think figuring out how to contact Tank Carder would be that difficult. We should keep this train rolling and send it to him, I'm sure it'd be a big smile on his face. I'll keep the train rolling. "Battled back from a life-threatening injury at age 13, when he sustained a broken back, broken ribs, a punctured diaphragm and punctured lung after being thrown from a vehicle, which then rolled over him." So he's also a tough SOB.
  5. Trade Rumors and Specualtion

    Sometimes I think I missed my calling. If quoting your "manager" who is a part-time D1 ref who happens to ref a preseason Bills game counts as a reliable enough source to catch on, I have no doubt I could "report" as well.
  6. Right, but unless I'm mistaken the only one AFTER ben you noted was Bortles (meh) Flacco (who I would argue isn't in this conversation) and cam who I missed. So wentz and cam leads you to two QBs over a decade who fit the "big and burly" mold like ben did out of college. To me that's more than a coincidence and shows a trend of where the nfl has gone the past 10, 12 years.
  7. You know someone was talking to mr the other day and it really got me thinking. We keep saying we want a guy like big Ben, and the comparisons to Allen are obvious. But when you think about it, since ben and before Wentz how much guys like big Ben have actually turned out to be franchise guys? It's an interesting thought experiment cause in my head I got no one. I think, as I've noted before, is a signal of how the game is changing.
  8. Landry to sign extension

    This is the part people and the media don't seem to wrap your head around. I get that we traded for Landry, but we couldn't hold a gun to his head to sign a contract beyond his franchise tag. The Browns had $100 million dollars to spend to bring in quality players. Between that and the dumpster fire of the past decade, you aren't gonna sign guys here without overpaying. It's really not rocket science. Yeah, Landry isn't gonna be catching balls out of the sky like Megatron. But he's been a legit top caliber WR for a team devoid of talent.
  9. 2018 Preseason

    Yeah, that's the same for my brother. Honestly, that was based on two full seasons ago so it may have gone up, but there was a clear discrepancy between the two. Looking at it now it probably was closer to what you're saying though. Only difference is there's no price variation per ticket in the regular season, but he gets a flat bill and a breakdown of the cost.
  10. 2018 Preseason

    My brother is a season ticket holder for the panthers, so of course it's a YMMV situation. For them though, they aren't paying anywhere close to regular season ticket prices for preseason games. I think my brother pays something like $22 bucks a ticket for otherwise $80 seats. Typically he goes to one (closest to the 3rd preseason game) and gives one away for a gift or charity donation. Cost of doing business. Honestly, I kinda enjoy hitting up a preseason game. It's still live and in color NFL football action for pennies on the dollar as noted. It's also WAY more relaxed to visit an opposing stadium being nowhere close to Cleveland. I've never had a bad time, I'd almost say I enjoyed it more in some respects.
  11. Tarkenton coming to Cleveland

    The budding romance between you and ghoolie is cute. Im glad you found each other so late in life, that's hard to do
  12. Kevin Hogan Traded

    Have we checked in on POG? Anyone?
  13. Brandin Cooks traded again...

    Definitely their plan. Assuming they don't have a dramatic drop-off Gurley and Goff alone are gonna demand mega contract in two years time. They've made moves to win the SB, and on paper they're gonna be a tough damn team. It'll be interesting to see how it pays off for em.
  14. Tyrod Tarkenton

    What a studious man you are! Far be it from me to say a dude who literally had a national TV campaign based on him running in for touchdowns doesn't run well. I guess all that film of him doing it too is fake news right?