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  1. Honestly, right there at the beginning when he just blew by the tackle (who could only hold him lest get Keenum murdered) I just thought to myself "that's not fair". He's going to cost us a few off sides calls, but I feel you on this one. Very JJ Watt esque out there.
  2. jrb12711

    Duke Johnson traded

    I'm not sure he has the same "skill set" as DJ had, but he did look strong out there last night. Very decisive cuts and down line running, and soft hands out of the back field.
  3. My biggest takeaway more than Baker looking fabulous is that this team clearly has some depth. Callaway IMO got robbed of a TD, and the guys churning for the last WR spots all looked strong last night. Mack, Greedy (outside the busted coverage) and TakiTaki all looked like dudes who can contribute as rookies for depth. There was a lot of clean pockets for guys to throw last night too, outside of screen plays. This is the first time in my natural life I'm watching these guys thinking "man, what great depth" vs "man, what a chance for them to get thrown to the wolves". Exciting stuff.
  4. Wow. As if I didn’t already have a boner for the potential of this squad already.
  5. jrb12711

    Duke Johnson traded

    Maybe, I didn't get that vibe overall from the squad but it's hard to tell sometimes. I definitely fully agree with what you said though, and I believe Duke may be a breakout player down in Houston. Their RB pool is pretty shallow (I feel like lamar miller has been there 45 years) and the offense is pretty dynamic. Seems like a great fit. Overall, I can't blame the guy for wanting out as I've said before. He was going to be a depth chart casualty and with the right playing time could be looking at 10's of millions of more money in a deal. Best of luck.
  6. jrb12711

    Duke Johnson traded

    As I've said before, I'm still just puzzled a bit at this one. Let's be real, Hunt can and will be an upgrade to the back-up over DJ. But with this offense and style of play, a guy like Duke especially weeks 1-8 seemed like such a great piece of the puzzle. Nothing but love though, best of luck to the man.
  7. jrb12711

    If you're going to the Game Thursday

    You would report the fraud to the police and it would be investigated, literally just the same as if someone stole your paper tickets and did the same thing. I'm not going to weigh in on the tech piece (i still prefer to print my airplane tickets), but this is a bit of a straw man argument. It's still very hard to hack advanced security, and I doubt seriously someone is clamoring to use that knowledge to catch a Browns game.
  8. jrb12711

    Preseason games..tv schedule

    Honestly, the reddit nfl streams cited by OP is exceptionally good quality for the preseason stuff (my educated guess is the NFL doesn't care nearly as much). Depending on your entertainment set-up, it's virtually painless to watch on your TV. If not though, it's extremely simple to watch on a laptop. The biggest thing is just being "savvy" to not click ads, which can numerous but easy to dodge.
  9. Wylie's disgruntled fired employee comments aside, my number 1 "concern" heading into the season is how Freddie leads the ship. I actually do have a lot faith, but there's SEVERAL examples of guys getting the HC gig to appease the QB and it not working at all. His rope is going to the shortest by far as well if things don't go the way we hope they do.
  10. jrb12711

    Phil Dawson Retiring as a Brownie

    It's funny because I remember thinking the exact same thing. Don't forget too that the Browns were in the midst of a play off hunt that year with DA, so that game had a lot on it as well compared to most December games. Crazy that was 12 years ago.
  11. jrb12711

    Phil Dawson Retiring as a Brownie

    I'll never forget this game, watching it with my dad and knowing Phil was somehow going to go out there and make 'em despite the nonsense weather. I'm glad to see this happening, beers should always be free for this dude in Cleveland. Just like JT, I just wish he coulda been part of some winning teams.
  12. Man, watching the HOF is always such a stark reminder of how wide the talent gap is even within the NFL from starters to 3rd stringers/camp fodder dudes. There were some rough looking plays and players out there starting in the 2nd quarter. I mean they still have more ability in their toes than I do in my whole body, but it's just crazy.
  13. Yeah, I don't go too far down rabbit holes but it's crazy to think about it from a literal stand point. It's amazing how many busts were sure fire guys in terms of data. I swear, there's a million bazillion dollars in breaking through the data to determine any correlations to what cause "busts" in what were considered top-tier dudes. I'm convinced there's something in there to drive the point of "despite great analytics, THIS is the red flag most busts had".
  14. Coleman was the first wide receiver taken that year too. Let that one keep sinking in. Also fun fact: the first 5 picks of that draft have all made the pro bowl, and 6 of top 7 (Ronnie Stanley is the outlier, but even he's still a nice player). That draft just hurts my soul.
  15. Me too. Early reports (for what they are worth) said Seibert is less than 50% in kicks and Greg hasn't missed. I thought Greg got much stronger as the year went on too.