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  1. jrb12711

    Manziel happy to be done with football

    I always root for people to turn their life around, and it seems like maybe ol' John tackle football is starting to get it. The guy obviously thought his natural talent was going to be enough to not put in the work, a lesson many dudes realize just ain't the case. Hope he continues to speak out to potentially save others from the same fate.
  2. jrb12711

    Hue Jackson the Author

    Hindsight is funny in that regard. The only thing I like to point out is that Hue was considered at the time a top 2-3 candidate for a HC gig across the NFL. In fact, most major organizations lauded the Browns for finally being able to snag an "in demand" coach. That said, he obviously overtly failed in the one thing he made his mark on in the league in being able to evaluate, and play, QB talent. I told anyone who'd listen what a God awful mistake Kizer was going to be, and then his "trust me" guy of Kessler as the back-up? That's on Hue BIG time. So honestly, he does deserve to have that record thrown in his face. Not even Don Shula would have won more than 7-8 games with those rosters, but the most important position was his to mold and he beyond fucked it up 2 years in a row.
  3. jrb12711

    Browns Offering Clowney the most cash

    Clowney needs to get Terrelle Pryor on the phone. A lot of pretty valid rumors he got offered from a good few teams (Browns included) $10-12 million a year on 3 year deal with almost $20 mil guaranteed. Sounds familiar? Clowney is one bad year away from being a league wanderer who everyone remembers for a college play (albeit one of the most awesome college plays I've ever seen live).
  4. jrb12711

    Browns Offering Clowney the most cash

    Eh, maybe it's cause he doesn't want to play for Cleveland, wouldn't be the first time. The more logical situation to me seems to be he thinks he's worth top 5 DE money and even the Browns aren't offering him that type deal, or at least that type of deal long-term. The reason I think that more than "fuck the Browns" is the man is still unsigned going into June, almost two months after free agency has started. There's plenty of contenders with cap room. Fine without him though, I really don't see that much of an upgrade over Vernon candidly.
  5. jrb12711

    Baker's latest

    With social media and the like, if Mayfield wanted to be "last year Baker" he easily could be. It's obvious he got rocked last year and learned from it, at least from the media perspective so far. This is a big prove it year for #6 and he seems to know it.
  6. jrb12711

    James Harrison doing James Harrison things

    Yes, that’s literally why I said it. I’d be embarrassed if any Cleveland Brown was on a mission to kill someone. It’s sad to see you clearly feel differently.
  7. jrb12711

    NFL Sunday Ticket Max

    I use the streaming service for $100 as a higher education administrator. The service sucked the first two years, but was great last year. I've heard and read some rumors they are going to expand who can use that service, too.
  8. jrb12711

    James Harrison doing James Harrison things

    And one thing I want to make clear is that if James played for the Browns in his prime, I'd still feel the same way. Attitude like that is honestly the reason kids aren't playing the sport anymore. It's a sad joke.
  9. I'm sure you've seen but: https://steelersdepot.com/2020/05/james-harrison-on-massaquoi-hit-i-would-have-tried-to-kill-him-if-i-knew-i-would-be-fined/ What a roided out POS. You know, it isn't about the dude hitting hard. It's about making the statement that you would try to kill someone on the football field. That sort of roid rage mentality is the reason I always hated and will still hate this dude. I'm not sure I agree with all the safety measures but I'm so glad this type of chicken shit play is being removed from the league. Funny enough, now he's saying he never paid bounty money but absolutely did not clarify when he overtly said the man handed him an envelope: https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29179261/james-harrison-says-steelers-mike-tomlin-never-had-bounty-system
  10. jrb12711

    The Pete Smith Article Thread...

    Honestly, Kessler at least looked like an NFL QB on the field. A back-up/3rd string caliber dude, but at at least wasn't a total embarrassment. He actually was an extremely accurate guy within 10-12 yards, just had ZERO ability to push the ball downfield. Ain't gonna win with that type of guy anymore.
  11. jrb12711

    The Pete Smith Article Thread...

    kizer is a dude I feel bad for, certainly is the definition of being thrown to the wolves. but most importantly, the dude just sucked. His college game tape had literal Unwatchable bad tape. He was a 5th round project who got way overdrafted in a weak QB class. Remembering some of his throws still gives me nightmares.
  12. jrb12711

    season late start.

    I was in the same boat with you, almost to the letter in terms of timing (except I was at Disney, not dive bars). Big reason I didn't visit the doctor was also cause I knew the answer was going to be "no" to the test (at least at the time). My primary sent an email blast that said directly you had to prove you visited international location(s), know someone with it, or have all four of the symptoms. So the option was to go to the doctor, be told I can't get the test, and possibly infect others? Very fortunately for me my work was aggressive in home work, and I had a mild cough (not like yours) for nearly the whole month of March, but definitely that compressed chest feeling. Fortunately never had that shortness of breath or fever, just that "bleh" feeling. I kept telling myself it was just bronchitis mixed with allergies (which I get terribly in March), and hell maybe it was. Just feels a lot more likely I had COVID. Again though, I was VERY fortunate my work went remote early, and I was able to self-isolate. I haven't been out to a store though since then, so going on six weeks. Instacart and what not have proven life savers for us with a baby at home. Happy to use it too, a lot of folks here in Florida are in a bad spot and are picking up those gigs.
  13. jrb12711

    RIP Don Shula

    RIP. Certainly wonder if his wins record will be broken. Of course, adding a game to the schedule is an interesting wrinkle. Bill B. is 55 away at 68 years old. Seems like five 11 win seasons isn't out of the question for a team like New England, but of course we all know that dynasty may be over. I could easily see Bill riding into the sunset here soon. Next up on the active list is Reid (age 62) at 207. Approximately 12ish 10 win seasons away. Chiefs certainly seem to be set up at the QB position to have some good teams over the next decade. No one really makes sense from there on the active list.
  14. jrb12711

    Andy Dalton Released

    I’ll eat crow cause you were right on it. I don’t blame him, I don’t get why more dudes don’t take that route. Dalton will easily earn 20 mil to ideally ride the pine for 5 years. Sign my ass up.
  15. jrb12711

    NFL / Covid Updates

    I just don’t get this line of thinking, it’s fundamentally baffling to me. Like, whats the argument? Who would be in favor of this being a hoax or made up or exaggerated? Idc what your political beliefs are. Doing rough math almost 20% of this country is unemployed, underemployed, or ya know dead. Who the fuck wins here? sure, America allows you to have your dumb opinion. But I’d love to get Austin on tv to explain his reasons. I absolutely guarantee you his response would break down to “I don’t want to do this for the betterment of others so I shouldn’t have to”. Such a sad state of affairs.