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  1. The problem here is that you're also assuming a guy we very well may draft #1 is on the same talent level as Kizer. If Deshone wasn't his height/arm strength, he would have literally been undrafted. I was as firmly against Kizer as I have been for any QB in the past 5 years. There's plenty of examples of guys in the past two years who played excellent when thrusted into the starting role "early". You're right in that Cousins is a pipe dream, but we do have to bring a vet QB. The interesting chess match is guys like Keenum, AJ, and Cousins will all want to go to places where they can start day one without looking over their shoulder. Would we make a play for someone like that, or go with a "safe" vet (Bradford, Chase Daniels, McCown, Matt Moore, etc) who could start 3-4 games before the #1 pick comes in? As each days goes on, I'd be pretty remiss if the Browns don't use one of their top 5 picks at the QB position. When you look across the league, the overwhelming majority of teams who have a franchise guy drafted them in the first place. The only two marked exceptions to that appear to be Jimmy G. and Drew Brees, and there's a reason for that.
  2. I'm just curious, why would we be? If anything, that puts us and Jets firmly in the drivers seats to actually land the guy. Nobody else could even come close. Now if you're talking from a more "is he worth that kind of money?" conversation, that is A LOT of money
  3. Have to admit, The old Ghoolster isn't too far off on this one. Reading this article puts it into perspective: http://www.espn.com/blog/green-bay-packers/post/_/id/37788/aaron-rodgers-is-a-victim-of-nfl-salary-system-and-thats-not-likely-to-change The kicker? That was written before this past season. Based on projected 2018 salaries, he will actually be the 14th highest paid QB (and that's not including cousins). He only signed that deal 4 years ago to put that into perspective. https://overthecap.com/position/quarterback/2018/ If Kirk continues to play at a top 10-12 QB level, the $35-$40 million cap hit won't look bad compared to the salaries upcoming in 2-3 years.
  4. ...Currently, on the entire first page of threads there is one Barkley thread that is long, but one thread. There's just today been great posts about available players and how our players graded out. Stop being a little baby, if you don't like go to any other forum-there's plenty.
  5. Definitely rooting for the guy! As a quick reminder he was the player ever drafted from my alma mater (UNC-Charlotte). Definitely liked what I saw from him as well giving his limiting playing time. I'd be remiss if Gregg doesn't see the potential and give him more looks out there. Say what you will, but a front seven rotation around Garrett, Ogbah, Larry, Collins, Shelton, Nassib, Schobery and Kirksey isn't looking too bad on paper. Gotta add some more DE depth hopefully but still, promising.
  6. Joe Covets Kirk .....

    Interestingly enough, they now put the Browns back on the bet with 12/1 odds. WHAT DO YOU KNOW VEGAS! ...Jets are 5/7, so they changed to an enormous favorite.
  7. Joe Covets Kirk .....

    too bad, vegas says it's over. https://brownswire.usatoday.com/2018/02/19/browns-no-longer-option-a-betting-option-for-kirk-cousins-per-bovada/ I'd usually laugh this one off, but those mofos always know more than we think they do. Wouldn't be surprised if there's insider info they are privy to here.
  8. McCarron Unrestricted Free Agent

    But man it's not about going to the super bowl. I just wanna have a guy back there who will us some damn games, which Kirk would do instantly. Gotta walk before you run.
  9. Garrett Top Rookie Edge Defender, #12 Overall

    Nah, I'll just listen to Ghoolie and the fact he sucks. Thanks for the fake news though. /s
  10. McCarron Unrestricted Free Agent

    I don't really care what Redskins fans say, Kirk is objectively worth it. If Jimmy G. got what he got, a QB like Cousins who has been top 15 in QBR (including being 6th both in 2015 and 2016) for three years deserves it too. Heck, you can even justify his down year a good bit seeing as they lost something like 6 OL last season. Cousins by about any metric you can choose is a top 10-12 QB in the NFL right now. The day we ink Cousins would instantly make him the best QB Cleveland has had since 1999. I just think it's a pipe dream he'd pick Cleveland over several other teams with as much of a QB need as we do.
  11. McCarron Unrestricted Free Agent

    1+1 really seems to equal 2 based on this development. Honestly, I'd be totally fine with it as long as we still draft a top guy this year too. Chicago showed a good example of just because you bring in a FA QB doesn't mean he has to be your guy. If he ends up being elite, even better. I think AJ is also a very logical piece of the puzzle too. Cousins is a pipe dream and other guys (keenum, bradford, etc) will be more attractive than AJ will.
  12. Radio Buzz

    Amen to that. There's several candidates that would qualify as the #1 pick at the strongest position of need. To not take one unless we pull Cousins out of our hat would be nothing short of absurd.
  13. Johnny is back in spring league

    Too much of a risk/reward scenario. On top of the fact he didn't look great in the time he did play, he's got all the baggage with him (to include a domestic violence piece) that would just never make him look desirable enough for a team to consider him. The guys with serious baggage but got another 2nd chance (Mick Vick, Greg Hardy, etc) were extremely good football players before their indiscretions. To put it another way, if Colin K. can't find a job in the NFL because of his decisions, neither will Manziel. Owners are taking the extremely cautious approach to players nowadays for good reason. If Vick would have done what he did in 2017, he'd never have gotten a job again.
  14. Johnny is back in spring league

    It's not hitting a nerve, just stop. The "nerve" it's hitting is that dismissing mental illness out of hand because of someone's past experience is an a-hole move by you. The way you're acting is the reason millions of people in the country are afraid to seek help in the first place. I'd bet you 100 dollars Manziel never sees even a preseason snap in the NFL. He knows that, and if you had common sense you would too.
  15. Johnny is back in spring league

    No, but maybe a dude using a terrible disguise to gamble/drink despite his whole career being on the line has some more issues than on the surface? We get it, you don't like rich people and Manziel was a douche, I'm not arguing with you. But come on man, the say flatly that someone who is struggling with mental illness is simply getting a "luxury diagnosis" is absurd. Manziel will never set foot in the NFL again, so what is there to gain? To share the intimate details of his life on national television in order to maybe play in the CFL? Get over yourself.