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  1. Camp Mayfield

    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/broncos-chris-harris-says-carson-wentz-runs-college-offense-after-eagles-drop-51/ https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2017/8/25/16201116/most-important-play-2017-run-pass-option-rpo-aaron-rodgers-ben-roethlisberger (with watson) and I can gladly keep going. Further, one other random dude saying he's a leader doesn't mean Sheet. A knock of Manziel's draft day profile is that he was questioned as a leader and someone people will follow. That will not be a knock on Baker Mayfield. All I do is keep offering points, and you just keep trying your hardest to put your fingers in your ears and ignore them. You do good work on this board, but you're settling with Mayfield.
  2. Camp Mayfield

    reallllly not sure what you're going for here, yet again. I get that it's easy (and lazy) to compare the dude, but I'm honestly asking what you're suggesting we compare this to with Mayfield. One instance of him showing minor poise on the field doesn't compare to Mayfield. As noted, Manziel was never noted as a leader, and Mayfield is. Manziel had well known problems with authority, Mayfield doesn't. PFF has him graded the highest QB in two years: https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/draft-2018-nfl-draft-qb-rankings-after-week-11 after this past week. If you don't like his game for the the NFL fine. But with the RPO becoming common place in many elite offenses, tell me Mayfield isn't taylor made to play that style. But stop with the Manziel comparison nonsense, it's just boring at this point.
  3. Haslams solicited input from players

    I really, really think you guys think Haslam is doing more than he is. First off, he didn't sign off on drafting a dude because a homeless guy said so. Seriously, that makes you look dumb to actually believe that. The guy was obviously joking/being sarcastic. Hue Jackson was an extremely sought after coach this time a couple years ago. Ray Farmer was considered a shoe-in for a GM job. Haslam is honestly a pretty quiet owner relatively speaking, and hired people who he thought would help him win. Yes, it's not happening but it's also clear he's letting these guys do their job. That's all you can really hope an owner will do.
  4. Wentz v Prescott

    Okay, we get it. We don't need a damn thread every time Wentz plays. It's over, get over it.
  5. Official Jacksonville Jaguar Game Thread

    And you can look no further than the green bay packers to make this point. Kizer is showing more each week he's not the dude.
  6. Camp Mayfield

    I'm officially hopping on the train. Gimme a QB who takes disrespect and flexes his nuts as he destroys them on the field.
  7. You mean to tell me that people took something out of context and overreacted on this board!? This is my shocked face.
  8. Eh, while I could easily believe he knew I could also easily believe he didn't. One guy very much trying to save his butt from the feds saying he knew doesn't sway me one way or the other. The simple truth is that while you're responsible for a company you lead, your hands as a CEO aren't in every cookie jar.
  9. Camp Mayfield

    and I get why. All I'm saying is we're not comparing Joe Flacco to Drew Brees in that instance.
  10. Camp Mayfield

    6'1' v 6'3'. I'm not arguing the difference but don't act like Stafford is towering over the guy either.
  11. Our defense is #6 in rushing and #9 overall.

    What we can all agree is that the defense is objectively better than last season. We actually have pieces (Garrett, Kirksey, Collins, Ogbah, Schobert) who I feel like can be long-term starters on the team. It's not world beater, but at least it's trending upward.
  12. Camp Mayfield

    He's got moxy you can't teach, that's for sure. I think he's an intriguing guy that will be around early 3rd round, and if so why not? Assuming we take a top flight guy, why not do what the redskins did and double dip? Honestly, I'm starting to settle into the fact that the NFL game is changing. It's still pro-style, yada yada but objectively the two most "surprise" QB picks of the past two seasons have been Watson and Prescott. I think that dude could easily be Baker Mayfield this time next season. To me, he lines up as a similar prospect to Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes is slightly taller but I'd argue the play type is similar.
  13. Our defense is #6 in rushing and #9 overall.

    I'd edit that to more say we have to stop SCRIPTING our damn blitzes so much. Williams did a tremendous job in the 1st quarter or so of disguising things, but the last two TD's of the game for the lions were so obvious scheme wise it hurt to watch. Especially the last one, oof. That quick pass was something that I could have completed for a TD there reading the defense, let alone a dude like Stafford.
  14. Hue on the end of the first half: "It's on me"

    As I said at the time, it was clear after the play Hue made the call. It was, yet again, a fundamental error that objectively cost the Browns a serious shot at the game. Hue is in over his head. He makes these same lousy mistakes week after week that regardless of talent is pathetic. They should walk hue in on Monday, replay that play 5 times, and give him the walking papers. You simply cannot make that mistake. That isn't an over exaggeration, it's the truth.
  15. Browns vs Lions

    I'm just going to quote myself because fudge me if it didn't happen again. An overt all out blitz beat by a throw I think Ghoolie could make