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  1. jrb12711

    Browns sign Vet ...waive Rod Johnson

    You know, I've always thought someone could make a truck ton of money doing a comprehensive study on why "busts" occur. Like, across the positions and everything, what are the 5 main traits the majority of "busts" possess? I'm talking really getting into the weeds about it and looking at things like SES, demographics, etc. I have to believe there is a link stronger than "they didn't fit the team" or "lack of effort". Sure, those are big factors but there's gotta be more there.
  2. jrb12711

    Browns sign Vet ...waive Rod Johnson

    I mean I'm not against the move, at all, but don't count on this panning out. He's a Cam erving level bust, but it can't hurt for training camp fodder.
  3. jrb12711

    Greg Little

    You know, often I sit there and wonder if X player would have been better if he didn't come here, play for crappy QB's, etc. That was, and never will be, the case with Greg. I'm fairly certain I could catch footballs better than that clown ever did.
  4. Yeah, where I live (south FL) we have the Hard Rock and another casino about 45 minutes from where I live. If they did that I could definitely see myself going a few more times. For contrast though, my parents live in a pretty populated area of NC and the only casino is over 4 hours away. My dad loves sports betting, but not that much to go more. Yeah, it's always something man. The one I'll never forget was a 9/1 parlay I had, which I do just for fun low dollar. I had $5 on it, at I believe 400 to 1 odds. I ended up getting 8/9 right with West Virginia boning me on a literal .5 favorite line. Seriously, they just had to win the dang game and I woulda gotten it. That's okay though, not like I would have enjoyed the $2k 😡
  5. I was not there personally, but my mom was born and raised in MD basically right there at the border. They went to Dover Downs casino and were absolutely blown away with how nice/elegant it was. My folks go to Vegas a good bit, and told me they absolutely have no reason to go back to Vegas sans sports betting based on that experience. The effect of change it will have relies heavily on how you can bet. If it's regulated heavily and only available at casinos, I don't think much changes. The simple fact of the matter most Americans live nowhere near casinos, so I don't think the "allure" is going to change much. ,
  6. jrb12711


    I rarely make threads, but I've started exactly two "what's wrong with X player" posts. The first one was Derek Carr, and the 2nd was Rosen. I'm not going to cry into my beer about it, but I just have a terrible gut feeling we missed on him big time.
  7. jrb12711

    Foles spurns Browns

    Exactly, come on guys. What I believe to be true is that they in a good organizational fashion told Foles something like "hey just to let you know we are listening to offers for you, one from the Browns and other teams". Point is the organization would have traded him if they saw the value, which frankly for #35 I wouldn't have budged either. ACL injuries are far better recovery now, but that's still a wild card injury. You got a dude who just won you a Super Bowl on a team that could easily be in the hunt to repeat under your control and could easily be vitally important. I'm not even sure the #1 overall pick would have been worth trading for him, to be honest.
  8. Yeah, Mirage is high on my list although Wynn takes the cake in terms of quality. The best experience I've had by far though was in Lagasse's stadium at the Palazzo. Sounds crazy at first, but we got private recliner seats and the area is stadium style seating with the typical myriad of screens setup. The reserved seats also come with a private (not high roller) area with craps & blackjack, so free booze (and good booze at that). It was during an OSU game and I can safely say I haven't had that was an amazing evening.
  9. I think ultimately Vegas is going to try to appeal to the "luxury" and "entertainment" aspect of the city as opposed to gambling. To be honest, the Michael Jackson show was unbelievably good and not something you're going to be doing in say Cleveland Ohio (or many, many other places). For example, I think instead of offering gambling-based incentives common now I could see offering amenities instead. I know my Dad goes enough where monthly he gets $XX free slot play for example. I easily see that shifting to $XX resort credit or something like BOGO shows, airline credits, etc. It'll be interesting though to see how it shakes out.
  10. Yeah, that was brought up as well. I've only been three times, and it was definitely very interesting to see how things shifted. This last time I was amazed that even places like Luxor were $100+ a night on a non-descript week in April. When I first went (2013) I simply called for rates and was offered a buy one, get two nights free deal and paid a whopping $110 total. I really enjoy the wow factor of Vegas, but that just isn't worth it.
  11. I just did a tour of the city with what was our 3rd time going there. I noticed this time (april 2017) rates for hotels were WAY higher than before. I asked the guy and he went into a whole story that basically Vegas is moving strongly away from assuming gambling winnings as the main income source. They're already moving into what you're describing of tailoring more to the "luxury" of Vegas as opposed to the gambling. I'm not going to make up numbers, but this has been proven to be true over the past several years where profits from gambling have markedly gone down, while profit from rooms/food/booze have gone up. I have no doubt this decision was in part the reason they did it.
  12. jrb12711

    Browns Trading Jamar Taylor

    Point is, we drafted a day 1 starter this year and have about 5 dudes on the roster who can fight for the other spot. Taylor was very expendable and was likely to get beat out. I'm personally very interested in what Gaines can bring to the table. Everyone in Buffalo I know say he was low-key very good to great and would have gotten a lot more pub if he didn't miss 5? or so games last year. P.S.-You forgot Peppers
  13. jrb12711

    Browns selected for Hard Knocks

    Look into HBO NOW. Hard knocks isn't going to be live, but is available like 24 hours (or less) after it airs. Since I'm doubting you'd be chomping at the bit to watch it live, that's definitely your best bet. You can also cancel at any-time, and re-up any-time. We do this for Game of Thrones and a few other things. I cut the direcTV nonsense out almost a year ago and as long as your internet doesn't blow, this is so much better a route to go.
  14. jrb12711

    Hue To Jump In Lake June 1st

    He totally b****ed out, but was smart about it. It's not like you can call out a dude in the mainstream for jumping into the water for charity.
  15. jrb12711

    Which Player/Team Are Best "Fit"?

    I definitely hope you're both right. I just have my sincere doubts based on what I saw last year.