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  1. jrb12711

    Best Game of the Season

    It's definitely a tough exercise in how to navigate the Browns and Colts situations vs "the grass is greener on the other side" mentality in finding a new guy at QB. Jared Goff and Jimmy G both went to a Super Bowl recently. I think a healthy Baker Mayfield (or Wentz, candidly) have this ceiling in them if the pieces around are fit perfectly. Honestly, the Browns are in a perfectly good 'make or break' contract with Mayfield. He's not going to request a new contract, and the Browns don't have to give him one. I agree though that Wentz is a big time cautionary tale on not giving the bag too early.
  2. jrb12711

    Best Game of the Season

    It's funny, Wentz and Indy are in an eerily similar situation to the Browns. The contract situation is a little different (the Colts could save $13 million) but dead cap for cutting him outright would be $15 million. Additionally, they surrendered a 1st and 3rd round pick to scoop him up. Even down to injuries, missing games with COVID, etc the two guys are very linked together. I'm just not sure (like Cleveland) the alternative is any better than trying to upgrade, hope injuries don't creep up, and get better.
  3. jrb12711

    SO WHAT DO WE DO FOR 2022?

    Yeah, if I see it correctly we can save $9.75 million overall by releasing him. That's going to be about as easy a decision as it gets. As much as I hate to see him leave, I think Landry is going to be an easy cut though (assuming he doesn't restructure). Dead cap for Juice is only $1.5 million to save $15 million. One wild card name that the Browns could get for cheap is Dede Westbrook. Has rapport with Mayfield from his OU days, obviously not for top end WR talent but that room needs a total makeover. I like the idea of getting someone like him in.
  4. jrb12711

    Best Game of the Season

    Can you imagine if that game competitively would have ended in a tie if Carlson missed the kick though? This would have been the most epic final week of the NFL ever if it did. Wondering what may happen up there in Indy - that was an epic collapse on so many fronts. Reich and Ballard (their GM) and pretty revered, but that meltdown is 'head on a spike' level bad. Obviously have to give to the Steelers for making it to the dance, but man - watching Big Ben look like a dude playing pick up games is incredible that they are even in the position. I can't for the life of understand why anyone, any time, would play a scheme that doesn't involve a heavy box 95% of the time. on that 4th down play in overtime, the Ravens had two safety high look with them already being 15 ish yards off the ball. On the snap, they back pedaled on 4th and 8th. Just incredible.
  5. I just don’t get how if you’re playing the Steelers you’d have any high safety more than 12 yards off the ball. Two conversions on simple routes with safeties 15-17 yards off the ball for the ravens. Browns did the same thing, it’s just baffling.
  6. Plus it can’t be stated enough that if the ravens win today, we officially end up last in the division. That means we line up to play the Jags and broncos instead of say the chargers. Those sorts of things can matter a lot.
  7. jrb12711

    You're the GM...

    It can't be understated enough that teams about halfway through the year scouted the Browns very correctly that running right up the gut served extremely effective. A good pas rush starts with interior DL play. As much as we need to upgrade WR, I'm totally fine if that first round pick is interior DL based as well. Need a disruptor at that position badly. I think Jordan Davis may be lingering around where we pick, which IMO would be a slam dunk. Pretty much sums it up perfectly. Outside of a Carr trade or something completely unexpected, ain't no one out there in the land of FA QB's that I'd consider an upgrade. Given this QB prospect class in the draft, I'd much rather see if Baker can come back to form and deal with what may (again, barring a big trade) than blow the ship up again. The thought of doing that actually pains me to think about.
  8. jrb12711

    Baker Mayfield

    Here's where I'm at, in terms of how I see it for 2022 1) If we can get Wilson, Rodgers, or Carr- do it and call it a day. Obviously, the prospect of getting the first two is around 1% but Carr, to me, is a perfect fit for this offense. I think a straight trade is an intriguing prospect for both teams as well, assuming the Browns dangle a good carrot (say, a 2nd round pick that can turn into a 1st). Raiders might see what Wentz is doing and think Mayfield can be the same? 1A) Mayfield heals up and the Browns bring in some serious, legit competition. I personally don't see any eye popping free agent QB's who fit that mold, so maybe using the 2nd round pick on a prospect lights that fire under his ass. I like both scenarios on their own, but Carr really, really intrigues me. I think he's everything Stefanski wants Baker to be and could be very attainable.
  9. jrb12711

    Baker Mayfield

    One interesting factor to Carr is the game-winning drives. I didn't realize this, but dude is relatively clutch. Has 29 already in his career: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/leaders/gwd_career.htm just behind a dude like Russell Wilson. I saw this stat after he beat the Browns, definitely interesting. I could see the intrigue for a straight swap and us adding a good incentive based pick (2nd that can turn into a one for 2023) for example. I'd be in for that 100% at this point.
  10. jrb12711

    Baker Mayfield

    I for sure hear you. My worry? is that we have the "grass is greener on the other side of the fence" mentality of trying to get that "just be better than Mayfield" and the team regresses. When you look at the landscape of potential QB's, I'm just not sure anyone fits that mold save a trade. A wild card trade I'd love would be Derek Carr- I think he fits what you're saying to the letter. I just don't like the idea of drafting a new dude, at all.
  11. jrb12711

    Baker Mayfield

    Let me just ask you this simply, as I am indeed a simple man. First, it goes without saying I have serious concerns about Mayfield as the dude moving forward. Last week was beyond a turd, it was a shit sandwich. I didn't even watch the second half of last night candidly. But, the simple fact of the matter is the Browns are at least an average team with Mayfield, and he has shown that when fully healthy can play the position at an above average level. QBR is just a measure of it, but Mayfield finished 10th in that stat last year. Maybe the dude did get figured out, that's very possible. But, overall at least this team is playing competitive football outside the last month. The wheels have seem to fall off the bus for the rest of this season, but it's been a dang refreshing change of pace to A) be in the playoffs and B ) be actively a part of the playoff discussion with two weeks left. I mean this with sincerity that I don't think I can actively be a fan again of another decade of 2-4 win seasons. I'd much rather be "middle of the road" or the "Kirk Cousins special" and hope for a spark (a la the Titans formula) than the shit we saw for so long. This all leads me to the conclusion that there were MANY mitigating factors to Mayfield's (and thusly, the team) success this season, starting with a bum shoulder. I think it's worth it strongly to re-tool this offseason and see if Mayfield can bring back that 2020 play with Stefanski God willing getting his head out of his ass. That could easily result in 2022 showing us that Mayfield just got figured out. But watching the first two-ish weeks of the season, it's like watching a different QB. Based on what you see, do you agree with that sentiment or do you feel like it's time to hit the reset button?
  12. jrb12711

    Official Browns at Steelers MNF Game Thread

    My only takeaway from this game is I wish i was in Vegas early in the week when you could have gotten Steelers +3. I would have backed the Brinks up to bet on the Steelers. There wasn't any way in Ben's last home game, against a teams out of the playoffs, the Browns ineptitude nor the powers that be were going to make that an L for the Steelers. Oh well-
  13. jrb12711

    Official Browns at Steelers MNF Game Thread

    I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to be held the level Garrett is.
  14. jrb12711

    Official Browns at Steelers MNF Game Thread

    Words can’t express how bad that throw and read was. Just absolutely horrendous.
  15. jrb12711

    Official Browns at Steelers MNF Game Thread

    Indeed. Josh Allen by about every metric is the exception to the rule in how he was able to turn it around, especially in accuracy. I give the dude a lot of credit for that, but it rarely is how it goes