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  1. jrb12711

    Browns trading for Skins OT, Trent Williams

    The thing is running the ball isn't the problem at all. Chubb's at 100 YPG, 5.3 YPC clip and 2nd in the league to McCaffrey who is the next Le'veon Bell in terms of touches per game right now. I don't see any reason to mess up a good thing, we just need to keep feeding the beast. Can't ask for much better stat line than that through six games.
  2. There's growing speculation that several large bets have been placed on the same crew that screwed the Lions: https://brobible.com/sports/article/gambler-big-bets-ref-screwed-lions/ What proof do you want exactly? Are do you just want to live in an ignorant bubble where the evidence in front of you doesn't exist?
  3. I've said before I'm not a tin foil hat guy. I just don't understand how from a truly objective perspective one can't look at the situation and think the referees have it out for certain players, teams, and coaches (with the Browns firmly in this group). The alternative is even more far-fetched than the reality really.
  4. My theory is that refs are trained outside the guise of how it should to be look for certain things for certain teams/players more closely. For an easy example, the refs definitely look at Burifct hits under a microscope based on his past behavior. I strongly believe they are "encouraged" to look for ticky tack calls against the NFL darlings to save them from injury (Tom Brady, cough). Essentially, because the teams like the Browns are "bad", they are more likely to commit penalties so they look at that team closely. Further, in the NFL specifically I think referees just hold bias against certain franchises and players. In every other sport by in large can mitigate this because of how games happen in the schedule. The problem is that Goddell won't hold them accountable, it's going to take the owners pushing on him to do so. I really, really hope if this crap continues that they do.
  5. Just another example of traditional "big time" franchises getting the breaks the others dont. Nothing to see here though, right?
  6. jrb12711

    ***Browns VS Seahawks Gameday Thread***

    This game was lost before half time, plain and simple. The Browns had an easy chance to AT WORST go into the locker room at 23-12 without giving the ball back to the Seahawks. Giving the call for hurry up in that situation will be in a video guide of how to coach your way to a loss. I'm still so irrationally angry at how lousy that decision was. Kitchens is in over his head, and very well may be a one and done coach. I sure don't expect a win after the bye, but we need to see what Kitchens does with a little time. It's becoming more apparent each week though that a seasoned coach may be what the doctor ordered for future seasons.
  7. As I've been accustomed to saying, eff that line of thinking. Every egregiously bad call yesterday went against Cleveland, with two being huge momentum shifts in the game. I'm not a tin foil hat wearer but this line of thinking is B.S. and allows shitty referring to be accepted as "part of the game". You can't convince me for a second that refs in the NFL for whatever reason look for certain things against certain teams. When refs THROW THE FLAG on an otherwise huge play against the Seahawks just to pick it up (even though the call was proven to be correct), that's beyond "you have to play through bad calls". We've seen a ref get fired for their incompetence against our team, and it needs to continue. Landry was quoted yelling on the sideline "i'm so expletive tired of having to play against the refs each week, it's us against them". Imagine having to have that mentality as a player when you do everything right but the refs throw garbage flags. That shit gets to your head, and I can't blame the guys for feeling that way. Baker is going to get fined for what he said, and I don't blame him either.
  8. jrb12711

    ***Browns VS Seahawks Gameday Thread***

    And as a fitting end, a flash start not called for a first down loses the game.
  9. jrb12711

    ***Browns VS Seahawks Gameday Thread***

    Every questionable flag went against the browns today. Until Organizations have the courage to call out game changing referee decisions certain teams will get punished, and the browns are on the list.
  10. jrb12711

    ***Browns VS Seahawks Gameday Thread***

    and somehow a THROWN flag gets picked up when it’s against the browns. you can’t convince me refs don’t play sides. You just can’t.
  11. jrb12711

    ***Browns VS Seahawks Gameday Thread***

    Russell got taken down by the jersey of the shoulder out of the pocket and they called a horse collar. fellas, I’m a smidge from driving to New York before this game is over.
  12. jrb12711

    ***Browns VS Seahawks Gameday Thread***

    Freddie is the 100 reason we will lose today. Point blank period. but I can’t wait to hear how that wasn’t a TD somehow.
  13. jrb12711

    ***Browns VS Seahawks Gameday Thread***

    You seem like a cool dude, but screw that line of thinking man. That’s allowing bullshit to be acceptable and it’s not. We don’t disagree but two wrongs don’t make a right. gotta get back into here.
  14. jrb12711

    ***Browns VS Seahawks Gameday Thread***

    Refs need to be fired or suspended for several weeks for that type of call. Only way that nonsense gets corrected.
  15. jrb12711

    ***Browns VS Seahawks Gameday Thread***

    I swear to God I’m going to protest in front of the NfLPA until they hear me. I could break my TV at how bad that call is. Jesus fucking christ