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  1. jrb12711

    Jackson trying to look stupid?

    I'll tell you this much, he's going to be the starting QB at the rave after-parties:
  2. jrb12711

    Big Ben Concussed Today

    Yes, I know as I'm able to read but you're missing my point. Big Ben may not be going down like he used to, but the guy got destroyed for a decade. We're seeing droves of players retire with gas left in the tank cause the knowledge of the impact of the game. We've seen players murder, commit suicide, and literally report on how their brains are mush because of the shots they took playing. Guys just weren't doing that (publicly anyway) until the last 4-5 years. I can't speak for what's inside the head of Ben, so I'm not saying I'm right or you're wrong. But the dude has clearly seriously considered retiring before and would only be leaving one year of money if he left after this season. In that same "3-5 year" claim he made, he said the following: "I'll still take it one year at a time and give it everything I have that one year," Roethlisberger added, "but that's what I felt comfortable in telling [the front office]." Calvin Johnson left in the prime of his career, and so have countless others lately. It's not crazy to think that even something "minor" might be the final nail in the coffin for the guy.
  3. Yep, some of guys need to dial it back there. The amount of child support someone will receive is always going to be relative to said person's income. That shouldn't be hard to understand. The issue with child support is that is that be very challenging to prove, sue, and win on the basis of HOW the spouse uses that money.
  4. jrb12711

    No free beer thread

    Definitely the first thing I thought of. According to this article: https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2018/08/browns_fans_free_beer_coming_t.html "Several of about 10 Bud Light Browns 'Victory Fridges' approximately 8 feet tall - "they're not small dorm sizes, they are full size," Goeler said - will be put inside FirstEnergy Stadium." Wouldn't this also violate the "no beer after the 3rd quarter" too? Putting those inside the stadium just seems really dumb to me. Even if you have an organized plan (say first 1000 fans get a voucher) you KNOW drunk fans are going to bull rush those fridges.
  5. jrb12711

    No free beer thread

    Great marketing, but I too will be interested to see how the distribution of said free beer pans out. If it were my bar with one of em, I'd go a voucher basis (i.e. first 300 get a free beer). Although I'm just reading several of the fridges will be AT the stadium. How TF is that going to work?
  6. jrb12711

    Jackson trying to look stupid?

    Come on guys, that's classic coach speak. His exact quote: "I've said from the beginning that I think experience is important,'' Jackson said, according to Cabot. "Right now, Drew still has that experience, and we'll see how that all unfolds as we go. I haven't made that choice just yet, but his veteran presence says a lot. He's played in a lot of games against a lot of teams that we are going to start off against and play against so I think that is important to definitely consider." That doesn't mean anything, really. I get the "grabby" headline, but that's an incredibly different statement than what he's said about TT. No way if Tyrod goes down he throws Drew Stanton in there, I'd bet a hearty 12 pack on it.
  7. jrb12711

    Big Ben Concussed Today

    I mean he's gotten the Sheet beat out of him for the better part of a decade. Anyone who has gone through the ringer wouldn't surprise me if they hang it up with the more strong knowledge of the extent of head trauma. He's also a sure fire HOF first ballet player, legacy already in place. However, retiring after this season leaves upwards of $18 million on the table for 2019.
  8. jrb12711

    OUR "Hard Knocks" Thread

    Hue's leash has to be extremely, extremely short. If the dude starts 0-4 we have two coaches on this staff with HC experience, which to me was intentional. I don't have delusions of grandeur, but this team has the coaches and players to compete. No excuses for Mr. Jackson now to at least win some games.
  9. jrb12711

    Cory Coleman Traded

    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/hard-knocks-reveals-corey-coleman-asked-for-trade-antonio-callaways-explanation-of-police-run-in/ I can safely say I'm happy we obliged him.
  10. jrb12711

    Paxton Lynch

    Yeah, something like that. It's becoming a bit more common for the 5'11-6'1 crowd, but that more IMO undescrores the shift in how many offensive schemes are now in the NFL.
  11. jrb12711

    Paxton Lynch

    Kurt Warner shortly into this video I think goes into it the best I've heard: http://www.nfl.com/videos/houston-texans/0ap3000000728376/Warner-on-Brock-Hard-for-tall-QBs-to-have-good-mechanics I don't worry too much about mobility, I just think when you're that tall your limbs and what not are just a bit jonky. In sports like basketball the mechanics are important, but not nearly as vital as the QB position.
  12. jrb12711

    Paxton Lynch

    I've said it once, I've said it 100 times. You can be too tall to play QB and there's droves of empirical evidence to back that up.
  13. jrb12711


    To be totally honest, I get higher quality more consistent feeds from underground hosting sites than DirecTV when I had them. It totally blows and I dont regret dropping them at all.
  14. jrb12711


    Chubb is gonna have a tough day of film review.
  15. jrb12711


    Maybe just taking it easy. I wasnt a fan of the schemes on those runs either