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  1. jrb12711

    Regular Season Schedule

    For sure, but they don't need to blue ball this much either. It's a big deal, but they try to make it a holy roller event for views which I think is a bit unfortunate.
  2. jrb12711

    Regular Season Schedule

    OBJ also wrote on Jamal Adams' instagram "see you week one". Won't believe till I see it, but it does make a whole lot of sense for the reasons noted. Have to admit though, I'd be bummed a bit to not get football Sunday started with the Browns.
  3. jrb12711

    Cut Browns Find New Home Thread

    Obviously these guys want to play and get their full money, but: Can you imagine signing a deal that even if you get fired you still pocket $100k? One can dream 😪
  4. jrb12711

    It's true, Cowherd hates the Browns...

    This dude is Ghoolie with a television show. Seriously people, the producers of that show are specifically telling the dude to yank the chain for views. It's a damn shame that's the world of news nowadays, but it seems like many of you are falling for it exactly how they hope. TBH though, I think this garbage still gives Baker some sort of axe to grind on the field.
  5. Courtney Brown being on the "all time" list is a bit harsh IMO too. Dude was considered a lock top 5 pick and the Browns thought at least at the time to have had their QB. Brown had a solid rookie season but couldn't get out of his own way with injuries. I get at face value with dude being #1 overall, but someone like JFF is easily more of a bust than Brown, despite draft position.
  6. jrb12711


    I dig it. I like the upside of Gilbert compared to Stanton, that's for sure. Gilbert was honestly balling in the AAF and has some limited NFL experience, so it's not a Shane Falco type situation.
  7. jrb12711

    Duke Johnson Requests Trade

    Eh, to be honest I never have gotten that vibe from this situation. I may as well be the conductor on the Dorsey train, but this Duke saga I think he has whiffed on. My opinion? When Dorsey signed Hunt to the team Duke rightfully behind the scenes had some conversations with Dorsey about his role, future with the team. I'm getting the vibe strongly Dorsey strung him a long a bit and finally made it clear he was not in the future plans of the organization, which led to this "request" (if true). If all that is the case, it's a bit dramatic to take your point of view. Duke is a damn fine football player we're pushing aside, and he knows that.
  8. Now you're just acting like a five year old. If you paid any attention, the owners have made it clear hail Mary situations will require egregious contact. Also, the idea of saying "well the team should have done this!" Is so effin stupid. You know what should have happened? The refs should have called blatant pass interference. This new change corrects that problem. Bailing out terrible officiating is just a lazy argument.
  9. jrb12711

    Bye gronk!!

    I cant wait to see what this dude does outside football. He would be a hilarious pre game guy.
  10. jrb12711

    NFL exec tells it like it is.

    Honestly, all these investigations into the NCAA and crooked coaches is the momentum this situation needs to actually change. The NCAA and higher education institutions have ZERO incentive to change anything because why the hell would they? Zion Williamson gets a roughly $100k scholarship for Duke, knowing he's making that program $10's of millions of dollars. It's highway robbery that's completely legal, and won't change on it's on volition. Hell, I really don't blame the NCAA in a odd way. These investigations and arrests though I hope change the narrative. Federal laws and other types of things like that are the only way it's gonna change.
  11. jrb12711

    What about (backup) QB?

    Cool, thanks for the insight. It's amazing really for the first time in forever that I'm not glued to the workouts/combines etc of QB's for the draft..
  12. jrb12711

    Browns Shopping Duke and Ogbah

    Now we've made the "big" trade and knowing Hunt will be out at least 6 games, I'm a bit unsure of why we'd be looking to move Duke for what I think his value would be (3rd round pick at most). Having him as the primary back-up for 1/3rd of the season seems to be strongly worth the nominal cap hit ($3.5 million) especially cause Chubb is cheap too. Ogbah I'm more "meh" on, but seeing as he's a UFA next year it would actually be a good thing for him to move somewhere to get more reps. Trust Dorsey on this one though, could be more a player for player trade.
  13. jrb12711

    What about (backup) QB?

    Curious why you think it was mediocre. Most in attendance publicly or otherwise thought he looked incredibly strong throwing the football. I honestly didn't watch a second of it though so I'm wondering what you saw. https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/03/13/kyler-murray-pro-day-oklahoma-nfl-draft
  14. jrb12711

    What about (backup) QB?

    NOW we're talkin
  15. jrb12711

    Eric Berry?

    Curious why you feel that way. Tbh hes not gonna get any sort of big money contract and even though hes 30 he essentially has been off two years. Is it injury bug or level of play you've seen?