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  1. Furnier

    The Stealth Tailgate

    You're right! I informed him a little while ago we're leaving Sandusky by 8....so now it's 9:30 at the latest!! Hope to see you Stan, you haven't been at the last few I have attended. It isn't the same without our original El Jefe!
  2. Furnier

    The Stealth Tailgate

    A friend of mine from work and I are coming. I have no idea who will be there but I plan on being under the bridge by no later than 10:30. If it's just the three of us Larry.......I'm telling you right now....I CAN'T drink ALL that 'Orange Shit!'
  3. Furnier

    TJ Ward

    That one was a WTF moment for me. It hipped me to the fact that our FO was lost at sea.....again.
  4. Furnier

    11 Browns protest

    These players are doing this ostensibly to protest the 'divisions' in our country when in reality all this act does is to further widen existing divisions or to create new divisions. There are SO many things a professional player can or could do with their notoriety and income stream to HELP heal the divisions in our country but very very few do. They talk about bringing 'awareness.' Why is no one focusing their 'awareness' for example to what brought Tamir Rice to the park waving around a realistic toy gun and aiming it at passing cars. The reality is that kid never had a chance. Because he was failed by his parents and anyone resembling a role model. Yet somehow his pathetic excuse for a 'mother' cashed in. I'm not giving the cops a pass either. The cop that shot him should never have been re-employed by any agency after his abject failure during his first go around. He was ill prepared for what he rightly perceived as a hostile situation. You try being a cop and rolling up on someone waving a gun around. Talk about a thankless task. I wouldn't want that job. Meanwhile you have all these hate groups fomenting dissension. The KKK, Antifa, Black Lives Matter. I can't keep up but make no mistake....they are ALL hate groups trying to demonize some 'other' group of people without EVER trying to offer anything resembling a solution. So I'm to believe these players were praying for peace? We've all seen what's in Isaiah Crowells heart and mind already. His solution is to slit the throat of cops. How nice. Go check Jabrill Peppers rap sheet. I'm sure he's a pacifist. Insert eyeroll here. Some of these players 'may' have meant well by this gesture but I guarantee for the majority of them it was just a middle finger to their mythical "The Man." What these players and EVERYONE should be doing is getting THEIR house right. Raise your kids with respect and love for themselves and their fellow man. If you ignore them and let them raise themselves you get what is happening all too often throughout our failing society. Drug overdoses and violent crime with no concern for the consequences. Good luck to these players making the paycheck they do now when the country they seem to detest so much has splintered apart. Go ahead. Whatever stupid 'side' you've chosen, be it Trump, Hillary, Democrats, Republicans, Black Lives Matter, Nazis, KKK. YOU are at fault. Society just like a football team is built from the ground up. Get your family right. Get YOU right and do something proactive rather than trying to piss off someone else.
  5. Furnier

    Steeler Fags

    This x a billion.
  6. Furnier

    This Week in the NFL Playoffs

    I'm calling Sunday "The Day The Bandwagons Burn." Slaggsburgh and Dull@$$ both meet defeat and their flaccid frontrunning fans disappear into the woodwork for the next 8 months.
  7. Furnier

    Bama v Clemson

    I'm no fan but I've had Alabama pencilled in as the National Champs pretty much since the end of September.
  8. Furnier


    .....and it killed me to pick Pittspuke when I did.
  9. Furnier

    Why did Pagel throw the ball?

    I was at that game. One of my favorite memories! In any case....another factor IMO was that it was bitter freaking cold, breezy and the ball was as hard as a rock. All the previous kicks that day had carried poorly.
  10. Furnier

    Bowl Mania!

    If freaking ASU had snuck past WV (they lost by 1 point) I would have tied Beanpot for the lead. Dagnabbit.
  11. Furnier

    God, do i have to pull for the steelers tonight?

    I wouldn't root for Skanksburgh if they were playing the Islamabad Bin Ladens with that f'ing prick dentist from Minnesota coaching them. Every week of my life throughout football season there are two constants. Root for the Browns to win. Root for the Steroidlers to lose. Always. Without fail.
  12. I have never known one single Detroit Lions fan from Sandusky and I have spent the majority of my life here. There's an unhealthy contingent of Frontrunner Squeeler goons though. There ARE Lions fans in the Toledo area. Ex-wife's family is from there and several of them are Lions fans, but even among them there are more Browns fans and a few that root for both teams. I have noticed an increase in Tigers fans the last few years in these parts. More frontrunner losers with no loyalty.
  13. Furnier

    My Jersey Jinx: Is It Real or Imagined?

    I think the last 'player' jersey I bought was Hanford Dixon back in the late 80's. Loved his attitude and that number looked good to me somehow. Ever since I have been buying personalized jerseys. Started using the number 40 back in 2002 because that's the year I turned 40 and no one at that time had worn the 40 for the Browns in an eon. The Peyton Hillis furor kinda ruined that number for me so with my new ones I chose 62, which is my birth year and it's unlikely any glamour player will wear that number ever. I am clearly far removed from my teenage years but I wear what I like. I still buy and wear concert tour shirts too. I may be approaching 53 but I will ALWAYS wear my passions on my sleeve. The Browns, Alice Cooper or what have you.
  14. Furnier

    Browns jerseys are selling like hotcakes

    I bought two from here. Long Live the Browns Board!
  15. Furnier

    Former Browns WR JaJuan Dawson missing on lake

    RIP JuJuan. Worst possible way to go IMO. I grew up right here on Sandusky Bay and can't swim worth a damn. If I go near water that's over my head I have a life jacket on.