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  1. duh. same Retards that will shoot you for stepping on their shoes.
  2. Camp Mayfield

    manziel v2.0
  3. Our color rush jerseys

    penn state colors from the otto era? love them but it'd just be another reason for asswipe stooler fans to come on the forum and yarp. just go back to the cardiac kids day unis already. Sheet right now is embarrassing. who ever thought of the name on the legs thing should be dragged under a bus for 40 yards.
  4. Can we just do this?

    we're still putting faith in gordon? ugh. why this franchise sucks azz. sorry josh. sorry sashi. sorry podie. biz is biz and ur flippin fired. your record sucks. how many times u gonna let the dude in ur mcdonald's franchise splash hot french fry oil on customers because of incompetance?
  5. Can we just do this?

    goff and wentz will be pro-bowlers while kizer is baggin groceries. just say what we all know that our FO is terrible at evaluating talent and making critical decade defining decisions. who'd u rather have on the bench goff, wentz or kizer? thank u very much sir. flying J? how about i give a flying F.U.C.K. their brand is so great they're a monopoly in the NY metro/tri-state area..............not. what a ruse.
  6. Camp Mayfield

  7. A New Season.

    hopefully the wife knows.
  8. Can we just do this?

    rosen? the kid from toledo? sin't no n. dakota st. unbeaten champs while wentz directed team. and if anyone mentions anything out of the big 12 i'll drive 3 days, wait for you to walk out your door and kick you in the nuts.
  9. Sashi Press Conference

    sorry...don't agree. wentz=big ben. watson=rg3. who is hurt now? exactly. reason sashi is smiling cuz he's pocketing millions from dumb butt hick from TN while getting into his bentley.
  10. Can we just do this?

    prob is we get all this ammo for drafting #1s but those #1s aren't Sheet compared to the #1s we passed on in past 2-3 years. a wentz or goff in this draft? hardly. RB? yeah great. PFFFTT! time to start drafting OL and safeties..............again.
  11. shrimp filled bloodies with spicy green beans.
  12. An ice log with 2 people schucking little necks, lemon, Socktail sauce and Franks hot sauce.... a beer mug straight out of freezer filled with can of Bud, and a baguette to sop up all juices dripped on plate. Never forget the lobster. Every year brother...world famous.
  13. Wentz Goff and Mariotta

    sorry paul....i think stats and those who look at them like pages of some holy scripture is why wer'e in the toilet and have been since the 80s. for all you guys who cream dream about this scheme or that play how about thinking about our players suck butt compared to like 30 other team's rosters in the NFL? build a team around them? when do they ask that of DEs, RBs, WRs, CBs etc. etc. draft the franchise and if he can stand at the end of the day halle-fuggin-lulliah.
  14. Kubiak

    why did kubiak get out of coaching? like his head wouldn't explode in the first week in cleveland? at least pettine had a sweet dome and would kick anyone who dared kneel with his curb stompin boots. has everyone gone soft in this country? i used to think the west was the place to go because of the liberals on both coasts, but i'd rather move to russia than put up with lil stinky **C.U.N.T.S**. chaz for prez in '20!!!
  15. A New Season.

    hilarious!!! we ain't beating Sheet except anti-brown fan's asses outside the stadium cuz we're pissed that we suck.
  16. Kubiak

    oh my flippin god. what? hue would never give up OC or QB decisions.........i'm sure he'd quit or (per contract) bleed the browns for another 3 years. Shmuck kubiak and anyone ever associated with the broncos.
  17. Wentz Goff and Mariotta

    my version of the guys in jail in 'goodfellas'. used to make sausage in peppers in the tin lasagna pans and throw on grill every saturday. bartender was uki but loved 'the peppers.' 'the peppers'.
  18. Wentz Goff and Mariotta

    thank god we got peppers tho. "da peppers Sammy, da pepers.....then you slice the garlic really thin with a razor blade? yeah frankie pull it out ur butt! we got the sausage and da peppers.da peppers." now all we need is 52 guys. just 52. cuz i'm comin back in over dey." fuggin joke since '99.
  19. Why is this board Censored now?

    served. word.
  20. I was lucky to be there when the dollar was like 5:1. Remember beer machines that were the size of toasters stuck on outside wall with endless supply of ‘room temp’ glass bottle beer and a gypsy pizza guy allowed on base ringing a cow bell at 2am with pizza? (Hindenburg Kaserne, Wurzburg).
  21. Wentz Goff and Mariotta

    ask 80% od fans on this board that stated our OL is fine (HA!!!!) (like it was when tim couch got creamed every sunday) but we don't need OL help (HA!!!). our D is playing so good (look at the #s they say) that we won't have to draft anyone on that side of the ball next year so let's just spend all our draft picks or RBs, TEs, WRs and QBS.

    good old TX. talk a big game about law and order but say something bad about one of their cowboys it's as if you talking to a wall. alor of 'what's?', 'huhs?' and disappearing acts. letting us down TX.
  23. so how do these guys keep their jobs? we got some on this board who want to go easy on Hue cuz he now coaches for us, meanwhile were killing him while OC in cincy. is and reid holmgren's illegitimate stepson or sumthin? every year (looking at other teams cuz browns always suck) i wish for a KC/Detroit matchup in the SB....i've layed out hundreds on the table betting on it pre-season, yet to be scatted on usually around week 9....thanks ladies. how does 'zeke' get suspended, upheld by judge, but still play?
  24. Most talented division

    division? prob, nfc east. but there are one or 2 teams standouts: rams. panthers. saints and of course pats.