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  1. Haslams solicited input from players

    players input: more fried chicken, white women and watermelon..........oh and yeah they hate losing..... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
  2. +infinity! anyone who thinks a lite beer commercial is the new pop culture is surely a little prancing fag. where's the don draper lancers commercials?
  3. The Process Poll

    i think 'the process' was to hire people (based on their knowledge of #s...........hmmmm.....in their thirties, cuz god knows we all knew everything when we were 24) and to try and hold onto a franchise as it's fan base dwindles, ticket sales go down and player dysfunction runs rampant was and is a noble cause.....yet watching huge franchise players slip through your fingers because of ur commitment to # guys must be eating a hole thru ur stomach like a handle of smirnoff every other day. haslam is a big step up from the lerners but jimmah, don't leave a game on a board room table. and Shmuck peyton manning. i'd hire herm edwards over some turkey neck papa johns fag any day of the week for advice.
  4. No Penalties...

    agree. but when ur watching a kid get pummeled like couch did back in the day you might think to yourself........hmmmmmm.......seen this movie before. secondary is terrible, i don't care what anyone says. if this is a rebuild, which every here says it is (still going on since '99) then start by either protecting ur QB, now that u've figured out how to stop the opp's run game. protect as in OL and a serious running game. i'm betting the FO will go vs everything they believe in because of pressure and draft rosen.......who'll just be the backup tackling dummy to kizer.
  5. Camp Mayfield

    first named basis? what does he come over and play video games with you in the basement?
  6. No Penalties...

    what was the final score? rbs and wrs after 4 yards past line slice through our D like a hot knife thru butter. the coach and scheme are not the problem.....it's the talent. but no, let's stick with the FO that relies on #s yet theirs are the worse in the league. i would have fired them all after seeing wentz play his first game.
  7. Darnold vs rosen

    rosen the best of the two, but they ain't no wentz, goff or even the fag QB midget in TX, what's his name? yeah him. i wouldn't waste a first rounder on either of them. pick chubb and joe's replacement. then work on a true TE and some db and safety help. our running game blows and that's the rookie's best friend. and Shmuck baker mayfield. manziel, weeden and mccoy won in college too. (common denominator...yep their conf.) garbage. whoopee!!!!
  8. No Penalties...

    yep, defense (kirksey......hmmmmmm....wonder what regime drafted him?????) looks great!! give the whole coaching staff a raise! 0-10!! maybe if the FO knew how to draft our secondary wouldn't look like slow bumbling Shmucks.
  9. Camp Benkert

    i watched most of the 2nd half but saw highlights from first. has a good-great arm, love the long throws. take him before i'd take 'baker street' mayfield.
  10. duh. same Retards that will shoot you for stepping on their shoes.
  11. Camp Mayfield

    manziel v2.0
  12. Our color rush jerseys

    penn state colors from the otto era? love them but it'd just be another reason for asswipe stooler fans to come on the forum and yarp. just go back to the cardiac kids day unis already. Sheet right now is embarrassing. who ever thought of the name on the legs thing should be dragged under a bus for 40 yards.
  13. Can we just do this?

    we're still putting faith in gordon? ugh. why this franchise sucks azz. sorry josh. sorry sashi. sorry podie. biz is biz and ur flippin fired. your record sucks. how many times u gonna let the dude in ur mcdonald's franchise splash hot french fry oil on customers because of incompetance?
  14. Can we just do this?

    goff and wentz will be pro-bowlers while kizer is baggin groceries. just say what we all know that our FO is terrible at evaluating talent and making critical decade defining decisions. who'd u rather have on the bench goff, wentz or kizer? thank u very much sir. flying J? how about i give a flying F.U.C.K. their brand is so great they're a monopoly in the NY metro/tri-state area..............not. what a ruse.
  15. Camp Mayfield