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  1. Gordon news

    plays a mean rusty trombone.
  2. Garrett Hurt Already

    neither. fools and religious zealots are not worth my time unless i have my AR pointed at them with my hand on the trigger.
  3. Garrett Hurt Already

    man i am such a visionary. i can tell you within 5 mins how a movie ends and here i said in another post how the finger pointing and bitching would start after week one of the brown's season. just sooooo easy.
  4. NFL struggles in LA

    florida and az are the worse for driver inability. snowbirds who have their left blinker on for 10 miles and then make a right turn doing 2.5 mph.........or it's the old "i thought it was in reverse!" as they slam through the 7 eleven killing 10 kids.
  5. NFL struggles in LA

    nowhere near Compton........hmmmmmmm. sanctuary state.
  6. NFL struggles in LA

    ur such the attorney. i'll let u know when i need ur help after shooting commies..........and a bunch of cunts.
  7. NFL struggles in LA

    drive-thru liquor stores!!! god bless america!! and fuck you commie scumbags!!!!!!!!
  8. NFL struggles in LA

    go watch jemele hill on your leftist MSM espn. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! fuckin commie bastards.
  9. NFL struggles in LA

    not in my lifetime palsy.
  10. NFL struggles in LA

    another reason cali is gay.
  11. NFL struggles in LA

    texas doesn't want to secede and maybe one county wants to be a sanctuary which will change next election cycle (cuz they don't fuck around there.......i'm surprized that female county sheriffs's home hasn't been fire bombed yet). jerry brown, bill diblasio and emanuel are the biggest traitors living in this country at this time. i hope they all Fing get hit by a train, bus or airplane.
  12. NFL struggles in LA

    don't get me wrong.....i love the fans here from CALI but move the fuck out of state cuz i seriously do hope the Andreas Fault splits and your state floats west to the asian pacific. you want to secede from our union and be a sanctuary state.....????.... have fun when Kim Jong Un is your new dictator. Just do us all a favor....take mexico and washington state with you when you go. a fucking disgrace.
  13. Hue "irate" with Haden cut

    When are people gonna understand that the game is won or lost in the trenches? OL and DL are the foundation of a championship team. Open holes for your RBs, and stop the opposition's by not allowing the same. When JT retires we're fucked.
  14. Hue "irate" with Haden cut

    so u got six years to catch up. start ordering doubles.
  15. Does Hue Panic

    yeah as a fullback. when do you see that anymore in the NFL?