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    Put Steinbach in at RT....

    The Browns have been using Eric Steinbach at right tackle in practice, and there is some thought to starting Rex Hadnot at left guard and using Steinbach at right tackle if John St. Clair continues to struggle.
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    The Browns made 23 roster moves Saturday, trimming their roster to 52 players, one below the NFL limit of 53. The Browns waived 18 players and terminated the contracts of five others: DB Hamza Abdullah, RB Noah Herron, DB Corey Ivy, WR David Patten and TE Aaron Walker. Waived were FB Charles Ali, DB Brandon Anderson, QB Richard Bartel, DB Tra Battle, LB Beau Bell, OL Branndon Braxton, LB Titus Brown, OL Dustin Fry, DL Adam Hoppel, WR Paul Hubbard, RB Chris Jennings, WR Lance Leggett, OL Pat Murray, WR Jordan Norwood, OL Kurt Quarterman, DL Brian Schaefering, OL Isaac Sowells and DL Santonio Thomas.
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    Odd that Titus Brown went from preaseason game one starter to cut.
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    First depth chart out

  5. Some have said it may have something to do with the fact he is scheduled to be on Shaq's ABC Reality show (as I'm sure you know ABC owns ESPN). Also, he was featured on the ESPYs as well (which I didn't watch so I'm not sure if it's true). I don't know if that's why but I agree it's awfully strange.
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  7. You know the worst part? Members at the golf course I work at were talking about this the same way Hannity was..
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    New roster numbers.

    http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/team/roster.php Looks like they updated everyones jersey number..
  9. Giants Were Ready To Move Up For Maclin Posted by Mike Florio on April 29, 2009, 9:38 a.m. Some (i.e., me) believed before the draft that the Eagles and the Giants were playing chicken with each other regarding possible trades for Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin and Browns receiver Braylon Edwards. Neither seemed to be all that serious about trading for either player, but both likely were willing to feign interest in the hopes of getting the other to overspend, both via trade and contract. As it turns out, a chess match unfolded between the Giants and the Eagles on draft day. With Missouri receiver Jeremy Maclin plunging through the teens, the Giants had a deal in place to move from No. 29 to No. 20, according to Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger. The trade with the Lions would have allowed the Giants to land Maclin one spot before the Eagles could have gotten him, at No. 21. But then the Eagles moved from No. 21 to No. 19 in a trade with the Browns, and snagged Maclin before the Giants could leapfrog Philly. It’s unknown whether the Eagles knew that the Giants were poised to pounce. But it likely should have been obvious that one of the various receiver-needy teams picking in the last dozen spots of round one might have been talking to the Lions at No. 20. What also isn’t known is whether the Browns dangled the 19th overall pick to the Giants or other teams. To their credit, the Eagles haven’t crowed about their maneuver. If Brad Childress were still the team’s offensive coordinator, however, that might not be the case.
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    Found this interesting about the Browns trading down

    Does this mean we should have gotten more to move down from 19 to 21 or not?
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    Leroy Hill

    Whoops just saw someone else started a Leroy Hill discussion..my bad guys...
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    Leroy Hill

    I see Seattle rescinded their franchise tag on Leroy Hill...is he a good fit for the Browns? He had only one sack last year but I think he had 8 in 2005...thoughts?
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    Kokinis got schooled

    Both those guys were 5th rounders..
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    Poor character prospects

    Any chance that these 5 executives are teams drafting 10-15?
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    That's a big oops on my part...sorry guys...
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    Odd too because philly.com says he will be the Eagles starting TE.. http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/dneagle..._tight_end.html
  17. That's the problem Cal...as much as you hate Obama, the Republicans put up a shit ticket and lost...and they will continue to lose until they find a leader other than Rush...I predict the 2012 ticket to be Newt and Palin...yikes...
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    Looks like the Browns signed two players under the radar...Marcus Thomas and Aaron Walker http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/team/player.php?id=3773 http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/team/player.php?id=3772
  19. Cal, who would you like to run in 2012 on the Republican side?
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    Friday was a good day for Browns receiver Donte’ Stallworth. As of 4:00 p.m. EDT, he officially earned a $4.875 million roster bonus. But Saturday is turning out to be a very bad day for the one-time first-round pick. According to CBS4 in Miami, Stallworth has been detained after an automobile accident that killed a pedestrian. Per the report, the accident happened at the intersection of Fisher Island Drive and the MacCarthur Causeway in Miami. We’ve separately been advised that police are investigating whether Stallworth was driving under the influence. According to a source with knowledge of the investigation, authorities performed a mandatory blood draw on Stallworth, and they are awaiting the results of the test. We’re also told that prosecutors are involved, and charges could be filed very soon. Stallworth, per the source, was driving a Bentley. As our own Aaron Wilson discovered while chasing the tip we’d received (yeah, we were responsible and tried to confirm before posting . . . for a change), Stallworth was arrested in 2006 while driving a Bentley. According to USLaw.com, Stallworth was busted after he refused to turn of his cell phone and shut off the engine after a traffic stop for driving with an expired license. Wilson is in the process of gathering more details, and he might be posting a follow-up soon. And let’s not forget that someone died what by all appearances was a preventable death. We hope that, regardless of what happened, the tragedy will cause the Donte’ Stallworths and Albert Haynesworths of the NFL to be a lot more careful in the future when driving their cars. Coincidentally, Stallworth and Haynesworth both played college football at Tennessee, and both were picked in the first round of the 2002 draft, only two selections apart.
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    Crabtree cast removed

    I laughed..
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    latest on BE to NY

    He played for my Zips..go get him!
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    I think I'm missing your joke but I meant the one he had surgery on a few months ago.
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    He golfed at my golf course today...knee seems to be fine...