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  1. Start Kevin Hogan NOW.

    Watching Kizer makes me remember the good old days of Brandon Weeden, Charlie Frye and the other better qbs we've had before him. Hogan should definitely have another shot.
  2. Browns vs Lions

    I'm ok with Garrett. Peppers pick made no sense especially with the "analytics" approach. I don't think he's made one great play all season.
  3. Browns vs Lions

    Of course I say that and a stupid throw.
  4. Browns vs Lions

    I agree they are playing better though.
  5. Browns vs Lions

    What they didn't bite on the fake reverse... wow ... why...
  6. Browns vs Lions

    Hey, let's throw passes at the line of scrimmage down 14 with 3 minutes left.... WTF is this playcalling. Hue sucks!!!!
  7. Browns vs Lions

    and sacked
  8. Browns vs Lions

    wow... massive overthrow
  9. Browns vs Lions

    Is Hogan still hurt? I can't imagine Kessler has done anything to pass him?
  10. Hogans Heroes

    I haven't seen a Browns QB actually throw with anticipation for years. We've seen so many hold on to the ball too long (Kizer, Kessler, McCown, RG3, Manziel, Weeden and whoever else in between). They all held on to the ball too long and took too many sacks. Hogan's throws have been pretty accurate too. Maybe teams will adjust to him and he won't play as well if they prepare for him but hell, give him a shot.
  11. 2015 Preseason Game #4 @ Chicago

    He's played against Pittsburgh's real defense and looked way better that's why I feel like he's forcing stuff elsewhere when it seems like Pryor would have a better shot.
  12. 2015 Preseason Game #4 @ Chicago

    Lewis really looked like he didn't want to throw to Pryor or throw a block for him either, I think he's worried about being expendable if they keep him.
  13. Thad lewis

    Wish he had stayed around instead of signing Jason Campbell... At least you don't already know he sucks and he played pretty decent in buffalo last week.