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  1. halfsane

    Banner jest

    I like the FO right now. I think they have done things differently than we are used to and people are just interperiting that as bad. I say bullshit, what do we know? Our last several front offices did things in a very familiar way and they all sucked a bag of dicks.
  2. halfsane

    Gace withdraws name

    We have the pick of the litter, calm down fuckwads. There is no reason to rush. Chud had 6.... fucking 6 pro bowlers and won 4 games. That is horrible... he deserved to get canned, now shut the fuck up about it. Lets these guys take their time finding a good coach this time instead of panicking with the pick. Quinn, Pettine both look like great fucking hires.. much better than Chud or Shurmurmur, or any other shithead that we brought in that has failed.
  3. halfsane

    My Official Decision

    No fuck that, we have been trying to find a 'gem' for years. Get the top guy for once.
  4. halfsane

    Bobby Rainey

    He sucked here. I havn't watched any of his recent highlights yet though.
  5. halfsane

    The Tavern

    Sweet, it works!
  6. halfsane

    Kellen Davis Te

    Sounds like Bears fans are happy to see this guy leave. I hope we use him as a backup or blocking in short yardage situations. I hate the idea of another guy with bad hands on this team. I'm sick of drops around here and we were looking good on all accounts until this signing.
  7. halfsane

    Favorite Browns Play Of All Time

    That's the greatest Browns play that I can remember watching as it happened (on tv). I was flipping out during that !
  8. halfsane

    Cleveland Browns Hire Ray Farmer As Assistant Gm

    I liked Farmer as a GM candidate. The more good people we get, the better. I'm not listening to the Banner and Lombardi hate. All I see is the perception of a really solid front office. We will see if that still holds true after a few weeks of football in September.
  9. halfsane

    Trying To Find Video

    Dudes name was Dyinghero or something like that. Why would you want to show other people those videos?
  10. halfsane

    Sooo.... Derek Anderson?

    Lumbergh ! Glad you are back, you are hilarious if people would just realize that you are satire and stop taking you seriously (sort of like vagitron). I would pay this board money to see you and Ghoolie duke it out in a few threads. Anyways, if DA comes back here to start, then our season is fucked. Chud, being a smart coach, won't base his head coaching career on DA. Period. If anything at all, DA will come here to teach a good quarterback how to play in Chud and Norvs offense.
  11. halfsane

    New Coach Discussion

    Hey hey Hey, fuck you all. Merry christmas!
  12. halfsane

    New Coach Discussion

    Lombardi is hunting that kelly might stay at Oregon. If so, why does he carry out the wild goose chase like this?
  13. halfsane

    Browns Sign Qb Josh Johnson

    Holy shit .. I was hoping that at least colt could play... In Thad we trust!
  14. Good. Shurmur is a big floppy pussy.
  15. halfsane

    Z Man

    The Great Zomboni is never late, he makes his picks exactly when he intends to.