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  1. DTBH

    ***Official Browns Vs Ravens Game Day Thread***

    Will somebody PLEASE share a link for a stream!!!?????
  2. DTBH

    ***Official Browns Vs Ravens Game Day Thread***

    Does anybody have a link to a good stream?
  3. YO, the legend has arrived. Any leagues brave enough to let me in?
  4. DTBH

    The Train is Leaving the Station

    Ayo Zombo... The direction of the team is great, however this season will be painful.
  5. DTBH returning to the Browns Board?
  6. But... But... it was embarressing to the organizationnnn.... wahh...
  7. DTBH

    Brady Quinn wins the QB competition

    We should all stop and take note. Add one to the BQ-Fag list: Eric Mangini.
  8. Was at Bob Golic's on West 6th for the first time before the Titans game, I liked that place. Not sure what it's like on Saturdays though.
  9. DTBH

    "williams wall" eligable to play sunday

    I'm hoping and predicting that we see a lot of two TE sets on Sunday to help chip on Allen and also provide a short yardage release for the QB. Also hoping we see a lot of Fraley despite his small saize because I doubt Mack is ready to handle big Kevin Williams.
  10. It's not a matter of you 'knowing what you mean.' It's a matter of you being a little frustrated school girl who wants to know who his starting QB is and wants to know now, damn it... and not being able to ADMIT IT. So you say some shit about how 'embarressing it is to the organization.' I don't see any articles or an analysts anywhere making fun of the strategy. The might question whether it will work or whether it's worth it, but I see no one making fun of it. No matter how many times you say that YOU or WE know who the starter is, we don't know for 100%. If we did, there would be no issue. If we did, there wouldn't still be articles about it. If we did, there wouldn't need to be 10 new threads a day about it. If we did, we wouldn't be scouring the internet 24/7 non-stop to find something official saying that it's Quinn. It hurts nothing to keep it a secret. I'll say it again. It hurts absolutely nothing to keep it a secret. As long as the starter is getting reps. Except apparently your feelings, mz the pussy. Somehow, I'm imagining Atenears and Zombo don't give a shit and aren't crying "wahh this is embarressing to the organizationnnn."
  11. DTBH

    Get ready Browns Fans

    Hey Sandbar are the Williams techincally still going to have steroids running through their blood come Sunday or will they have pissed it all out by then. Just wondering what kind of against the rules, genetically enhanced non-humans will be showing up on Sunday against the Browns. At least the Steelers aren't already amidst steroid alligations before their Superbowl runs even start... this is going to be a whole new type of steroid dripping trophy if you guys win it all this year.
  12. You're welcome to stick to that. I think it's funny BS, and like everyone else, you want your stomach settled and for it to be official like everone else does that Brady Quinn is starting. Besides... as Browns fans, our embarressment meter desensitized a long, long time ago.
  13. DTBH

    Browns gettin some Vegas LUV

    Given that Dallas is giving up 6 in Tampa Bay, I'd say Minnesota giving up only 4 in Cleveland is the Browns getting some love. Considering that many would call the Vikings better than the Cowboys and the Bucs better than the Browns at this point.
  14. DTBH

    WR2 controversy: Cribbs or Furrey?

    I think people just automatically think Brandon Stokely because he's white. Which of course is extemely amateur. I actually think of it the other way. Cribbs is a faster, more physical guy who will go over the middle and could do the slot well, IMO. And Furrey probably has the route running and hands to be a #2 possession receiver. We'll see how it plays out.
  15. DTBH

    Depth Chart Released

    Yes. Just yesterday or today.