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  1. P-Kibs

    Kessler traded

    LOL we should be able to get a high 8th round pick
  2. P-Kibs

    Are you all so sure Kizer can't be your QB?

    If we keep Kizer, he better be a 3rd stringer or better yet a practice squad player.
  3. P-Kibs

    Why not Tony Romo?

    IDK, he has always been better than the average qb, and a great fantasy qb. This would also give a rookie time to learn. But i do agree he has been beat up. His post season record has been terrible, however I'd love to see what one of those looks like LOL.
  4. P-Kibs

    Why not Tony Romo?

    https://www.google.com/amp/www.inquisitr.com/4061748/tony-romo-rumors-cleveland-browns-trade-possible-by-paying-romos-contract/amp/ Sure he may be the most heckled qb in the league. But why not him and a rookie at #12. Thoughts???
  5. P-Kibs

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    Damn guys. I guess my sick sense of humor is offensive to you. I wouldn't honestly wish death on anyone.... So feel free to "boot this idiot off the board" if you need to because you can't take a joke.
  6. P-Kibs

    Jonathan Paul Manziel

    We should start a death poll. Will he die this year or next year? Who knows it'll be fun! Winner get my Johnny Manziel Jersey.
  7. http://www.kffl.com/gnews.php?id=921855-browns-josh-gordon-appeal-case-had-no-settlement-talks Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon's appeal hearing for his one-year suspension had no settlement talks. There has yet to be a ruling on the matter, but it appears to be an all-or-nothing case. Fantasy Tip: An announcement could come any day as the hearing was 15 days ago.
  8. P-Kibs

    Browns fans outside of Ohio

    That would be correct. It's beautiful up here!
  9. P-Kibs

    Browns fans outside of Ohio

    I'm in Northern Japan. I have about 4 friends nearby that we watch the brownies together. Being that I am military it helps lol! I grew up 20 mins from youngstown.
  10. P-Kibs

    Santonio Holmes

    Mods please delete, I just saw the same post below.
  11. P-Kibs

    Santonio Holmes

    Long time reader but haven't really posted much. My thought is that we haven't drafted a WR in round 2+ because there aren't any good enough to be a #1. Holmes said he was waiting until after the draft to sign with a team. He an OSU alum, maybe he'll want to come here. Other than that maybe a trade is in the works. I hope....
  12. P-Kibs

    Any sopcast??

    I'm stationed in Korea with AFN as my only source could someone please PM me thanks