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  1. ClevelandRocks

    Can Cribbs be a #1 Wide receiver

    Cribbs is more similar to reggie bush than devin hester. He should be used primarily as a running back.
  2. ClevelandRocks

    Big Baby

    He seemed to only come in on passing downs as a rusher. Keep in mind he has been on the injury report ALL year. Ankle and hip or something like that
  3. ClevelandRocks

    10 Reasons Why We Won

    No qb has perfect protection. Your missing the point completley.
  4. ClevelandRocks

    10 Reasons Why We Won

    I cannot agree with delhomme being on thqt list. The fact is he had a chance to "win" the game for us and not only did he fail miserably he actually handed it right to them chad henne style. The only difference is miami didnt capitalize and adams did. On 2nd and 2 miami showed blitz and jake checked out of the play. He then takes a sack for an 8 yard loss. Are you kidding me?! Than on 3rd and long he floats a wobbly lame duck pass into the flat (short of the first down mind you) thats just begging to be picked and returned for a touchdown. The guy is finished bring seneca back til colt is ready.
  5. ClevelandRocks

    MNF is Ripping Apart Anderception

    Shame on everyone that incessantly defended his piss poor play and loser attitude. Every QB on our roster is a huge upgrade to this guy thank God for Holmgren. Cardinals fans are hoping he gets injured.
  6. ClevelandRocks

    Ben Watson

    How could you think he was slow and washed up after that spectacular falling one handed grab in the back of the end zone during preseason? Great run blocker and has the best hands on the team. What else can you ask for from a tight end
  7. ClevelandRocks

    TJ Ward

    Dude is a beast! http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-play...ook-Top-rookies
  8. ClevelandRocks

    i listened to the old timers logic, zombo, stan ect

    Honestly last years whole draft was a HUGE FAILURE!!!!!! Veikune cut, Maiava IR but should be cut cause Titus Brown is better, Robiskie sucks , Massoquoi hopefully will continue to grow but dissapointing still, Davis not getting any time, Francies cut, Don Carey gone. Mack is the man but last years draft was a D- and we are paying for it now because we wasted our 2nd rounders.,
  9. ClevelandRocks

    Expectations from Cribbs?

    My guess is Cribbs delivers the knockout blow to pittsburgh again this year
  10. Don't make excuses for the dude. It's not Watson's fault Winslow has injury problems. Was winslow healthy last year? Watson 5 td's - Winslow 5 td's Not really a fair comparison though since Winslow's never blocked anybody at the line of scrimmage in his life
  11. Ben Watson has 20 career TD's to Winslow's 16. And he actually run blocks. Pump that homo
  12. ClevelandRocks

    David Bowens future uncertain

    He really did though. He broke up that pass at the end but he also stopped a run up the middle on 3rd and short, had 2 sacks I think, and was in on alot of other plays. Probably one of his career games. He looked really bad in that last preseason game though and I'm not sure if he's still coming back from injury or not, but yeah I like him over Barton I think.
  13. ClevelandRocks


    I don't see how veikune could possibly make the team this year. I'm sure even maiava is probably ahead of him on the depth chart and he not guaranteed to make the final 53 himself. How many lb's do we typically carry?
  14. ClevelandRocks

    Jake not washed up

    This article along with the Derek Anderon/Brady Quinn/Charlie Frye disaster just proves that dudes horrible. How many other qb's does he have to ruin before he's unemployed
  15. ClevelandRocks

    Hardesty Injured - per NFL.com

    Sorry to say but he was the worst draft pick I've seen in awhile. Luckily it's not a position of need since we still have Harrison, Jennings, Hillis and Davis returning. Should have grabbed a reciever or lb there instead of RB...