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  1. RestinPeace

    Some observations

    It was worse. Alot of times, yardage doesn't=points in the pros, unlike college. It was that bad. Don't sugercoat the lack of talent.
  2. RestinPeace

    Dropped passes

    Anderson is the one that needs the most improvement. His throws are off the most. The denial is amazing.
  3. RestinPeace

    Some observations

    Please, the Browns d gave up 500 yards offense.
  4. RestinPeace

    Wimbley Inactive

    Veikune is being groomed for LILB. Damn your naive.
  5. RestinPeace

    Dropped passes

    LOL. It is always the WR's fault, even though Anderson threw a errant pass. You Andersonites crack me up. Give it up. Doesn't it seem DA has a TON of dropped balls compared to other QB's? I wonder why that is?
  6. RestinPeace

    BRING BACK BQ............PLEASE!!!!

    LOL. This team was already ruined. My advice is to stop posting.
  7. RestinPeace

    Dropped passes

    Nope, but a bunch were. Deal with that fact.
  8. RestinPeace

    Dropped passes

    Uh, Anderson's throws were off mark which caused the reciever to have to adjust, which of course, bounces off their hands. Got it now bud? Stop whining about a poor QB.
  9. RestinPeace

    BRING BACK BQ............PLEASE!!!!

    Andersonites/Quinnbots move on. Neither has a future here.
  10. RestinPeace

    BRING BACK BQ............PLEASE!!!!

    ROLF!!!!! It is more than his throws, it is the way he throws. The dude doesn't have it. He never did as a domer.
  11. RestinPeace

    BRING BACK BQ............PLEASE!!!!

    We also know what we have with Quinn. Ratty's turn.
  12. RestinPeace


    Classic Anderson. The dude just does not think.
  13. RestinPeace

    Wimbley, Jackson, and the Young DL Guys

    Right on course.
  14. RestinPeace

    Can we fire Daboll yet?

    Sorry man, but get off Deboll. What is he supposed to do with: 1.No QB 2.Misfits as Guards 3.young recievers 4.stopgap RB's and TE's. I mean, numero uno is big, but the whole offense is going to have infusions. It sucks but it is what it is. OC is the most meaningless cord. in football. Depends on talent.
  15. RestinPeace

    Browns defense needs talent

    Sadly, so does the Browns offense. Amazing how Phil left things so barren for a supposed "guru". I am not sure where Mangini will go to fill in the gaps, I suspect in the trenches and the middle of the field.